YGS-9909 Installation 



※ Advanced split-type induction card lock design seamlessly incorporates the PCB board and battery box into the lock body.

※ Customizable handle design for a varied appearance.

※ Utilizes the Mifare-1 chip from the Dutch company PHILIPS, ensuring robust encryption and high-security performance. Enables hotel one-card functionality.

※ Stores up to 1000 unlocking records with a high-capacity storage chip (mechanical key unlocking records not included).

※ Audible and visual alerts activate when the battery drops below 4.7V during unlocking. The lock can still be operable for approximately 100 times.

※ Features a backup mechanical key with a Class-C lock core, providing emergency access in case of power failure.

※ False lock alarm: Automatically triggers an alarm if the latch fails to fully engage the locked position.

※ Free handle design with an explosion-proof, pressure-resistant structure for robust and durable performance.


Technical Specifications

Material Zinc alloy
Finish Electroplating + oil sealing
Power supply 4 AAA alkaline batteries
Battery life Over 15000 times
Static current< 40 uA
Dynamic current<150 mA
Storage temperature-20- + 70℃
Storage humidity10-98% RH
Working temperature-25- + 70℃
Working humidity15-95% RH
Card reading distance0-5cm
Reading & writing time<0.1s
Date keepingStore the last 1000 unlocking records
Applicable chipMifare 1 (13.56Mhz)
Reading & writing wayNon-touched closer induction
Unlocking wayCards/Emergency mechanical key