YGS899 is a digital door lock includes: fingerprint, password, card, mechanical key, APP, 5-in-one-solution high tech product, provides comprehensive unlocking solution and experience for every members of your family.


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Glass Door Lock Installation 



YGS899 is a fingerprint lock with voice-guided feature, which makes operation very easy and quick. It uses the mechanical anti-theft mortise with one latch and multi security deadbolts, that allows users to lock the door from both indoor and outdoor. Meanwhile, YGS899 has various approaches to open the door, such as with fingerprint, password, card and key. In urgent situation, you could use mechanical key or USB to unlock. All in all, YGS899 presents the advanced electromechanical technology, which provides high home security and great convenience.




1. TTlock APP version is available to choose.
2. FPC fingerprint enables unlocking within 1sec.
3. Touch screen keypad makes unlocking comfortable.
4. Compatible with glass door with frame or without frame.
5. Hook latch or dual bars locking mechanism are optional.
6. Access by APP, M1 Card, Fingerprint, Pass code, or Wristband.
7. 4pcs AAA batteries are durable for over 10000 cycles (over one year).
8.  Back-up USB external power supply interface, in case the power is dead.



Technical Specifications

MaterialAluminum alloy
Available colorBlack
Applicated Door Thickness8-12mm glass door
Power6V(Alkaline AA battery x4)
Battery Life Time5000-6000 times
Emergency PowerMicro-USB
Operating temperature-15-55*C
Fingerprint SensorSemiconductor
Password6-10 digits
User capacity150(PW)+120(FP)+200(CARD)+APP
+Remote control (OPTIONAL)