On March 2, 2024, Zhongshan Xiaolan Town once again hosted an exhilarating event — the Xiaolan Town Charity Walk!

Since its inception in 1997, the Charity Walk has become a shining symbol of Xiaolan Town, uniting enthusiastic support and selfless dedication from all sectors of society.

This year’s Charity Walk focused on the theme of “Build a new primary school building beneficial to new students to Promote Quality and Balanced Education Development.”

2024 Xiaolan Town Charity Walk 0

The event featured 160 formations, 6 major intangible cultural heritage projects, and 53 distinctive performance teams.

From Xiaolan’s Hongquan to Majia Qiang in Shayong, Southern District, to Chao Shan ying ge wu, various intangible cultural heritage projects converged, providing the audience with a cultural visual feast.

2024 Xiaolan Town Charity Walk 1

As a well-known local manufacturer of smart locks in Xiaolan, YGS participated in this feast as scheduled. Despite the temperature dropping and light rain, our enthusiasm remained undeterred.

As the music played and the ceremonial cannons sounded on the platform, the 2024 Xiaolan Charity Walk officially commenced.

2024 Xiaolan Town Charity Walk 3

With the beat of the gongs and drums, the YGS team marched forward undaunted by the wind and rain, demonstrating resilience.

2024 Xiaolan Town Charity Walk 4

Love and warmth have always been our guiding principles.

In the future, YGS will continue to uphold the core values of “patriotism, integrity, innovation, sharing, and gratitude.”

Let’s all take action, lend a hand, contribute, and spread love to convey warmth and strength, walking hand-in-hand with love.

2024 Xiaolan Town Charity Walk 2 - YGS Team

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