In the digital age, technology has revolutionized various aspects of our lives, and the hospitality industry is no exception. One of the significant advancements in the hotel industry is the implementation of hotel keyless entry systems. This allows guests to unlock hotel room with phone, without keys even keycards. How do they do that? Following this article, you will get the best answer.

Here, we discuss the importance of keyless entry and provide detailed explanations of keyless entry solutions implementation. We aim to give you firsthand experience of the advantages of this technology. And help you gain a comprehensive understanding of how using your smartphone to unlock hotel rooms can transform your guest hotel experience.

Upgrade your hotel business, and revolutionize your hotel stay! Let’s get started!

“User information input – hotel operator authorization – user receiving SMS – user sending the remote unlock request – the door lock recognizing user permission to unlock.” This is the basic process of hotel mobile check-in. We can see there has a big difference from the traditional check-in process, which means you need to replace the entire traditional hotel access system to achieve mobile unlocking. Is it worth it?

Therefore, it is necessary for us to discuss “Is mobile unlocking a genuine need or just a redundancy?” here.

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In this smart era, smartphones have become essential in people’s lives. Combining hotel keys with smartphones not only eliminates the hassle of losing keys but also enhances overall hotel security. Here are the specific benefits of mobile unlocking to explain why it is a genuine need:

  • Convenience: With smartphone-supported locks, guests no longer need physical keys or key cards. They can simply use their smartphones, which are usually readily available, to unlock the hotel room.

  • Security: Traditional key cards and mechanical keys are prone to loss, theft, or duplication. Compared to traditional key card locks, smartphones utilize more advanced authentication methods. Only authorized individuals can access the mobile key, reducing unauthorized entry and improving overall hotel security.

  • Personalization and customization: Smartphone locks can integrate with smart hotel applications, allowing guests to personalize their stay. Through their smartphones, they can control smart devices in the hotel room, such as remote unlock, permission authorization, remote lighting control, and room temperature adjustment. This enhances the guest experience and makes their stay more comfortable and enjoyable.

  • High-technology staying: Smartphone locks facilitate contactless technology solutions. People can perform all hotel check-in operations on their phones without interacting with hotel staff or touch any public items. As a result, viruses and bacteria are less likely to spread, making the stay safer and more hygienic.

While mobile unlocking offers convenience, there are still some challenges to address:

  • High power consumption: Mobile check-in smart locks require real-time online connectivity. Compared to traditional hotel locks, they consume more power. Maintaining 24/7 online connectivity, along with features like 3D face recognition and video locks, significantly reduces smartphone battery life.

  • Security concerns: While mobile unlocking is convenient, security and accuracy should not be overlooked. Remote unlocking capabilities increase the risk of being compromised, potentially leading to security vulnerabilities.

Despite these limitations, mobile unlocking remains an inevitable trend in the future of the hotel industry. Traditional locks lack security, convenience, and high-tech features. Therefore, mobile unlocking is a genuine need rather than a redundancy.

How to unlock hotel room with phone?

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Before digital technology became widespread, you might wonder how your smartphone could unlock a hotel room. Now, if your hotel supports keyless entry, here are the steps to use your smartphone:

Step 1: Visit the hotel website or download the hotel app and create a personal account. Follow the hotel’s instructions or consult staff for assistance.

Step 2: Use your smartphone to check-in. Provide your personal information, such as name, telephone number, ID card number, chosen check-in date, hotel room selection, and duration of stay. Submit the order and pay.

Step 3: After your order is received, the hotel management software system will process it and arrange your room. Your account will be linked to the assigned hotel room.

Step 4: Drive to the hotel you booked and enjoy your stay.

Step 5: With online check-in service, you can go directly to your hotel room without checking in at the front desk. Before reaching your room, you may need to unlock the access hotel lock system or activate the elevator using your cell phone.

In most cases, open the hotel app on your smartphone, locate your order, and select the “unlock” button to open the door.

If you are unfamiliar with this process, you can visit the hotel front desk for guidance before heading to your room.

Types of mobile check-in technologies

Certainly, there are several methods for unlocking a room with a smartphone. These methods include NFC, Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, and QR code, depending on the mobile technology used in the smart hotel lock.

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NFC, near-field communication, is a wireless technology that evolved from RFID (radio frequency identification). It enables contactless communication and data exchange between compatible devices within a short distance.

NFC has the features of short distance and low energy consumption, making it widely used in consumption, access control, and other occasions. In hotels, guests register and complete the necessary operations on the hotel website to obtain an NFC hotel room key. By bringing their smartphone close to the lock’s reader, they can use near-field communication to identify and unlock the door.


Bluetooth is a common wireless communication technology found in smartphones that enables short-range data exchange between fixed and mobile devices.

Bluetooth smart locks communicate with smartphones through Bluetooth connections. But you need to ensure the Bluetooth in your phone is open and you are close to your room smart lock.

Once your phone is paired with the lock, you can control it through your smartphone by opening the hotel app and using the one-touch unlock feature.

YGS Lock Bluetooth hotel locks utilize Bluetooth technology to enable keyless entry and management. Guests can use their smartphones or authorized electronic keycards to unlock their hotel room doors, eliminating the need for traditional physical keys. This offers a more convenient and efficient experience for both guests and hotel staff.


Wi-Fi-enabled door unlocking systems utilize smartphone Wi-Fi to communicate with compatible smart locks. The lock and smartphone connect to the same Wi-Fi network, allowing remote control and access management.

Users can lock or unlock the door by sending commands through a dedicated mobile app or over the internet. Wi-Fi unlocking has a wider range compared to Bluetooth, but its security may be lower since anyone who knows your Wi-Fi password could potentially enter your room.

QR Code:

QR codes are two-dimensional barcodes capable of storing various types of information. QR code-based door unlocking involves using the smartphone’s camera to scan a specific QR code displayed near the door. The code contains access credentials or specific commands, and once successfully scanned and processed, the door opens.

How can a phone be used to unlock a hotel room?

In order to implement smartphone unlocking, several prerequisites need to be in place, including a complete set of equipment that allows mobile phone unlocking, a professional technical team, and service personnel. The specific requirements are as follows:

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  • Compatible door lock system: You need to choose and install a door lock system that supports smartphone unlocking. This may involve using Bluetooth, wireless, or other technologies to establish a connection and communication between the smartphone and the door lock. Select a reliable and proven brand or solution for the door lock to ensure compatibility with the doors of your hotel rooms.
  • Mobile application or software development: To facilitate communication between the smartphone and the hotel door lock, you need a dedicated hotel app or software. Within this app, you can access all the features related to mobile hotel key unlocking without switching pages, making it convenient, quick, and user-friendly. This includes remote unlocking of the door lock, access to door opening records, hotel service requests, real-time hotel notifications, and more.
  • Smart lock for smartphones: A hotel door lock that supports smartphone unlocking is essential for implementing this feature, as it directly handles the door opening operation. Ensure the correct installation of the smart door lock, as well as successful system software and smartphone configuration.
  • Supported smartphones: Smartphones serving as door keys also need to have specific features to connect with the hotel door lock, such as NFC-Enabled phone/ Bluetooth-Enabled phone. Today, most smartphones possess one or both of these features. Therefore, unlocking hotel rooms with a phone is easily achievable.
  • User support and training: To ensure smooth utilization of the smartphone unlocking feature, you may need to provide support and training for hotel guests. This can include providing clear guidance and instructions, ensuring they know how to download, install, and use the mobile application, as well as the correct steps to unlock the room door with their mobile devices.

Comparison with traditional hotel keycard system

Mobile key hotel systemTraditional keycard hotel system
Using WayUse a mobile application for remote unlock.Use plastic key cards for unlock, which usually requires card insertion or swiping.
Authorization MethodAuthorization can be done through the hotel application.Need hotel front desk check-in, to obtain authorized cards. Issuing cards through the hotel key card door lock system and hotel key card encoder.
ConvenienceJust need to have the mobile phone to open the door, no need to carry an extra key card.Need to carry the key card and ensure it is not damaged or lost.
SecurityProtected by encryption technology and can be remotely disabled or replaced. No physical key is required, providing higher security.Traditional key cards may be at risk of being copied or lost. If a user loses the key card, the hotel may need to replace the door lock and issue a new key card.
FlexibilityThe mobile phone can store keys for multiple locks, allowing easy switching of room keys. Guests can authorize others to enter the room. All operations can be done online, providing high flexibility.Key cards can be created, deleted, and rewritten, but these operations need to be done through the hotel lock system. This means you need to go to the front desk to operate them, making them somewhat cumbersome.
Technique requirementRequires corresponding technical support and devices, such as smart lock technology and the Bluetooth or NFC functionality of smartphones.The key card system appears to have simpler technical requirements. Only requiring the hotel room card to be present to access the room.
CostMobile smart lock technology requires real-time internet connection and has higher technical requirements, resulting in higher installation and maintenance costs.Compared to a digital key hotel system, the cost of a traditional key card system may be slightly lower.

How to use YGS hotel keyless entry system?

YGS Smart Control has been dedicated to researching smart door locks and solutions for the past 20 years. Through continuous innovation and development, YGS has launched 5G Smart Hotel Solution. This solution has been widely adopted in various establishments such as hotels, guesthouses, schools, and real estate.

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In the smart hotel solution, YGS smart control system adopts a local system and cloud system combination architecture. It integrates smart hardware such as smart door locks, hotel guest controls, and robots with its self-developed IoT system and PMS. Efficiently managing your hotel and making guest stays more worry-free and intelligent.

The following will use a hotel scenario as an example to simulate a guest’s check-in process and explain in detail how to use YGS keyless entry system.

Smart Check-In

When guests arrive at the hotel, they can proceed directly to the self-service check-in machine and complete the check-in process. Without queueing at the check-in desk. After completing the check-in procedures, they will receive a digital room key.

unlock hotel room with phone 6

In the elevator, the elevator controller recognizes the information on the digital room key and automatically selects the floor you want to reach.

unlock hotel room with phone 7

When you arrive at the door of your room, you can either use facial recognition or mobile phone remote unlock, which is very convenient.

unlock hotel room with phone 8

Personalized Experience

In the hotel application, you can find various online services, allowing you to quickly find the customer services you need. Through a mobile phone, you can make restaurant reservations, make one-touch front desk calls, request housekeeping services, file complaints, and more without waiting for an operator.

When you visit the hotel restaurant, simply scan your digital key to enjoy a delicious breakfast, without traditional breakfast vouchers.

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Smart Access Control

Through a cloud platform, smart hotels connect all electronics in rooms. This allows hotels and guests to control and adjust electronic devices inside their rooms. This enables smart check-ins and experiences for guests.

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