Smart locks are becoming increasingly popular in hotels, households, businesses, and other places. However, the popularity of smart locks also comes with an increasing number of issues over time. That’s why we’ve put together this comprehensive guide to smart lock troubleshooting.

Many factors can lead to smart lock issues, including network issues (common with some networking locks), improper operation, and lock itself problems (common with some cheap door locks). Here, we’ll cover all the most common lock issues you may encounter while using your smart lock, and provide step-by-step instructions on how to diagnose and solve them. So if you ever find yourself stuck with a malfunctioning smart lock, you know where to turn!

Electronic part

  1. Reader

The main function of the smart lock reader is to identify the card contents. When the card data is the same as the lock data, the lock can be unlocked.

  1. Motor

The motor is a connected device that connects electronic and mechanical, and provides energy for smart locks. When using password/ card unlock, you will hear the sound of the motor turning. If the motor is faulty, the lock can’t work automatically.

  1. IoT module

It is an IoT part of smart door locks. Now the more commonly used network protocols include WiFi/ Bluetooth/ Zigbee/ Z-Ware.

WiFiHigh power consumption, it is suitable for transmitting large amounts of data.
BluetoothLow power consumption.
ZigbeeLow power consumption, low data rate, mainly used in the field of automatic control and remote control.
Z-WareA faith-based wireless communication technology, it is mostly used in remote monitoring.


  1. Circuit board

The circuit board is the electronic core component of the smart lock. All electronic smart devices rely on lines to transmit power and signals. The quality of the circuit board will directly affect the lock performance.

Mechanical part

  1. Lock body

The lock body is the core component of anti-theft smart lock, which mainly includes the main body, lock tongue, and lock cylinder. The main material of the lock body is stainless steel, but there is also iron.

  1. Battery box

The current mainstream smart lock battery slots are 4 batteries and 8 batteries. Due to the large power consumption of fully automatic smart locks, ordinary batteries cannot meet the power supply needs, but lithium batteries are, so most smart locks use them.

  1. Handle

The handle of the intelligent lock is for the convenience of opening and closing the door. The material of the handle is zinc alloy, stainless steel, etc., and the shapes are rich in long handles, round handles, automatic handles, and push-pull handles. Different handles can be purchased according to different needs.

  1. Lock knob

Almost all smart locks are equipped with.

smart lock troubleshooting 2
  1. Emergency key

Emergency key is one of the necessities of smart lock, which is mainly used as an emergency unlock under special circumstances.

  1. Lock panel

The panel of smart lock has a front panel and a rear panel. It not only protects the internal structure and electronic components of the smart lock, but also plays a role in decoration and beautification. The materials used for smart lock panels on the market include zinc alloy, stainless steel, aluminum alloy, plastic, etc.

Common Smart Lock Problems & Solutions

Problem 1: All cards cannot open the door.

Reason analysis:

  • The batteries are dead or installation mistakes.
  • The power cable of the lock body disconnected.
  • The electronic door lock is not authorized.


  • Check the battery and reinstall it.
  • Reconnect the cable.
  • Re-read the authorization card.

Problem 2:The master card can open the door, but the guest card can’t.

Reason analysis:

  • The buzzer beeps three times, but the motor makes no sound, due to the wrong setting of the room card (installation card).

  •  The buzzer beeps one time, but the motor makes no sound, due to the inconsistency between the lock body time and the computer time.


  • Reset the room card (installation card) for the entry door lock, and reset and issue the management card and new room card.

  • Reissue the time adjustment card in the computer to adjust the door lock time.


Problem 3: Both the master card and guest card cannot open the door, the indicator light is on, the motor in the lock has sound, and the handle is idling.

Reason analysis:

In this case, the motor is normal. The reason cause the lock cannot be unlocked is an incorrectly installed or faulty lock body.


  • Remove the lock body for inspection.
  • Check the user guide for instructions and reinstall the handle square bar.
  • Adjust the handle spring position.


Problem 4: The handle cannot return automatically.

Reason analysis:

  • If the door opening leaf is skewed or too small, the lock body will twist after the panel is installed, which results in the handle shaft not being smooth.
  • The handle shaft hole is too small, when turning the handle, the screw that fixes the handle of the security panel will touch the door leaf.
  • A skewed panel installation causes the handle square to be always under stress.


  • Correct the door opening leaf.
  • Enlarge the shaft hole of the handle.
  • Adjust the position of the panel.


Problem 5: Alarm after closing the door, and the red light flashes.

Reason analysis:

The lock tongue is not completely ejected from the lock, resulting in the lock being in false lock status.


Remind the guests to close the door firmly, let the deadbolt pop out, and fasten the buckle box.


Problem 6: The red light keeps flashing and an alarm after opening the door.

Reason analysis:

This situation is mostly due to the issue of battery power. The door lock needs batteries to maintain operation, and there will have a low battery alert after installation. When the battery power is low than 4.7v, the low power alarm will be triggered.


Regularly check the lock battery life and change the dead battery pack in time. If it is a rechargeable battery, you can charge the battery directly without the need to change the battery.


Problem 7: When the lock is opened, the sliding door is too heavy or too light.

Reason analysis:

The gap between the door frame near the lock and the door is not adjusted correctly. (the gap is too small will cause the door to be heavy when opening and closing. )


Adjust the gap between the deadbolt panel and the door frame patch, and keep the gap within 3-5 MM.

YGS Software Troubleshooting Tips

HTlock software issues:

Q: Local system display card reading mistake.


  • Pick up the card and place it again.

  • If it still read the card error, please contact the supplier to deal with it.

Q: When swiping the locally made authorization card/clearance card on the door lock, an error is reported.


  • Door lock firmware does not support the function of offline card issues.

  • The door lock hasn’t swiped the authorization card, please contact the supplier to deal with it.

Q: The installation card made in the local system shows “authentication failed”.


  • One of the 1-5 sectors of the card is encrypted by someone else resulting in the system cannot be used. Please contact the supplier to deal with it.

Q: The generated finger/card key cannot unlock the lock.


  • Check if the start time of the key card is within the valid time.

  • The key lock time is wrong, please adjust the gateway time or card time to the door lock.

  • Check whether the card is replaced by other keys. (judge by the start time of the card. )

Q: The gateway cannot search for the door lock.


  • Reconnect the power for the gateway.
  • Check the online and offline status of the gateway.
  • Check whether the door lock is powered on.
  • Check whether the gateway 433 antenna or Bluetooth antenna is installed properly.
  • Search again after swiping the “Cancel network card” on the door lock.

Q: The gateway can search for the door lock with Bluetooth, but cannot bind successfully.


  • Put the door lock close to the gateway and bind again.

  • Check for signal interference. For example, there may cause signal interference if the lock is close to the computer power supply.

  • Research the door lock and then bind.

Q: HTlock app is not working.


  • For some reason, the app closes or crashes, you can try to restart it and re-login it.

  • If it still not working, maybe there is some error in your phone, such as your personal phone getting overloaded, you can try to restart it.

  • Connect is offline, check your Internet connection.

Q: The app cannot access the lock.


  • Ensure your app has the latest version and that your internet has been connected.

  • Check if your Bluetooth or wi-fi signal is normal and your phone is close to the lock.

Q: Your smart app cannot remotely unlock.


  • Your battery power level is too low, so it can’t work.

  • Your battery installation error. Please try to reinstall your batteries.

  • Make sure you have the latest version of the HTlock application. If not, please finish your software update.

  • Check if your internet access is normal.

  • Check if your app has been connected to your lock.

Q: HTlock cannot connect with Bluetooth


  • Make sure that your lock is within range of the device you are trying to connect it to.

  • Check that Bluetooth connectivity is turned on and available on both the lock and the connecting device.

  • Maybe it is a pairing process issue. Ensure that the lock is properly paired with the connecting device and that the correct device is selected in the Bluetooth settings.

  • Other devices or appliances that use the same frequency as Bluetooth can cause interference and prevent the lock from connecting.

  • If none of the above solutions work, there may be a hardware issue with the lock or the network hardware.

Q: Why can’t I log in to my app account after resetting my password?


  • Try again your new password.
  • Check if your email address is correct.
  • Check your phone number on the account matches where we sent text messages when setting up new locks.
  • Ensure your mobile internet is normal.

YGS-99V Software issues:

To facilitate problem diagnosis, the door lock uses buzzer prompts and lock flash for various situations where the door cannot be opened. Below prompt information table for your reference.

smart lock troubleshooting 3

Smart Lock Maintenance Tips for Long-Lasting Performance

Pay attention to whether the door lock has a low battery alert in daily life, and change the dead battery in time. Or you can open the battery box regularly to check whether there is any moisture. If you use a networked lock, mobile devices (such as mobile phones, laptops, iPads) can check the battery level of door locks.

Regularly check whether the handle is loose or stuck, and check whether the screws are loose or need to add lubricated with oil.

The hotel lock generally uses card unlock, and mechanical key unlock is used less. For the case where you have a stuck key when using key unlock, you can add some pencil powder to achieve lubrication.

Regularly check the gap between the lock body and the striker plate. If any problem is found, adjust it in time to ensure the smooth unlocking of the hotel door lock.

Do not use corrosive cleaners or steel wool to wipe the smart lock.

Do not use locks “violently”. And do not hang heavy objects on the door lock.

Look for professional installation, repair, and maintenance practitioners.


What should I do if I lost my hotel room card?

If the card is lost, you need to report the lost card in the system. At the same time, you need to make a cancel card in the system and swipe it on the door lock, the lost card will be invalid.

What should I do if I find the lost card again?

After your lost card has been found, you need to create a recover card in the system and swipe it on the lock.

What should I do when the hotel door lock is normally open?

You need to confirm the triggering of the normally open mode.

  • If it is touch the emergency card, you need to swipe it again to recover.

  • If the battery drain, the motor cannot be reset, you need to finish the battery replacement.

  • If the motor fails, you need to change the motor.

  • If the line is broken due to installation issues, and you need to replace the wire.

Why does the hotel door lock system need to be backed up frequently?

Regularly updating the backup can ensure the timeliness and integrity of the data. For example, if there is an unexpected situation that causes the computer or the system needs to be replaced. With backup data, you don’t need to reset the system and door locks, which helps you save plenty of time.

Why the canceled card cannot be searched in the software?

A card has been canceled. Why you cannot search for it from the software when the card is needed to recover?

After card was canceled, the software may have been reinstalled, and database hasn’t been restored. Then canceled card cannot be tracked.

Solution: Cancel the card again from the new system (No need to read it on the lock). Make a recovering card, and read it on the door lock device. Then the card can be recovered.

What kind of alarm it is for low power?

When power is low, reading guest cards won’t make lock alarm in case of frightening customers. Reading other cards makes the lock alarm when the door is closed.

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