In recent years, with the emergence of COVID, the hotel industry has undergone great changes from the client to the management. Smart lock for hotel become more and more popular.

How to minimize crowd gathering, how to form a package with smart tourism, and improve the guest experience? How to improve the management level, save operating costs, and enhance hotel brand influence? Here, the importance of hotel lock is highlighted.

Before choosing a hotel electronic door lock system provider, you should first clarify two requirements: what to use to unlock, and what to use to manage guests.

If it is a budget hotel, the traditional key access cards smart door lock is cheap and stable, which is undoubtedly the best choice. If it is a business hotel, the guests are older business people. They haven’t had the habit (time) of unlocking with their mobile phones, so it is still necessary to keep the card-based access function.

If it is a themed hotel or the guests are aimed at the younger generation, the more novel the unlocking method, the smarter of the hotel smart lock functions, and the easier it is to increase the repurchase rate.

Traditional hotels use computer software to manage door locks. With the innovation of door lock technology, more and more mobile phone solutions have matured. Now for small hotels (under 50 rooms), you can also choose to manage guests from your mobile phone. But for hotels with more rooms, if you don’t want to invest too much, can you also use a cloud database to manage them? Does this management method guarantee the security and stability of hotel data?


Today we’ve selected some of the industry’s most popular, functionally advanced brands to help you find the best hotel lock system solution for you.

#1 YGS9936BS bluetooth keyless access smart lock for hotel

YGS electronic locks system has made great improvements in improving the check-in experience, saving hotel costs, ensuring hotel data security, and system stable operation. Click here for more details.

Guests can unlock the electronic locks with mobile devices, password, remote authorized fingerprint, etc., and no longer need to wait in long queues at the hotel front desk. Through the connection with the hotel’s PMS system, the entire check-in process can be completed at the booking stage, and all of them are operated remotely, which reduces the chance of personnel contact and greatly improves the guest’s check-in experience.

While ensuring convenience and energy saving, we also took into account another important points: the security of hotel information and stable hotel operations. By adding a local server between the cloud and the user, the YGS hotel lock system can ensure that the hotel has 100% control over its own data, and the front desk operation will not be affected by network failures or hacker attacks. This is additional security for the hotel data and customer resource.

With the continuous development of smart hotels, many new changes have occurred in the hospitality industry, such as facial recognition technology, fingerprint or keypad locks, hotel robots, and smart devices for hotel guests. YGS is also adding these new devices to their local market to prepare more and more functions for the hospitality industry.

Click here for more details of this smart lock manufacturers.


#2 Salto BLUEnet Wireless electronic hotel lock system

Salto BLUEnet is also developed based on bluetooth technology. Different door locks are connected to the nodes (16 locks at most). And then nodes are connected to the gateway (7 gateways at most). Then gateways are connected to the main server.

Door lock installation is wireless. System deployment is also aimed to low cost and easy installation, while front desk has many remotely control functions, such as remotely check-in, check-out, or change guest rooms, remotely lock status update, remotely battery status update etc.

Hotel door locks system can be installed as independent system or deploy the SALTO Virtual Network (SVN) in hotels where online-controled is required. This system provides smart lock solutions with functions of mobile access, convenient operation, lower operator maintenance costs.



#3 Openkey Upgrade bluetooth-enabled locks module

Openkey was one of the first brands to introduce the concept of APP unlock into the hospitality industry. By introducing this solution, the cost of hotel cards will be greatly reduced, and the management of hotel staff will be more efficient. The front desk of the hotel no longer needs so many staff on duty, because the APP key has been sent to the customer in advance, and there will no longer be a long queue at the front desk.

From the very beginning of its establishment, Openkey has mainly promoted the module upgrade plan – without changing the whole lock, adding a small Bluetooth module can realize the function of network control. This is undoubtedly very tempting for hotel owners, because their initial investment is very small. If they don’t like it later, they can also remove the module and retain the functions of the old system. However, if you choose to continue to use it later, you need to pay an additional annual fee for the system.

In addition to the general remote control functions, the Openkey system has APP guest communications, payment of room rates through Apple Wallet, and hook-up functions with most hotel PMS.



#4 Onity DirectKey™ electric door lock system

Onity DirectKey™ mobile key access solution emphasizes the customizable features of the APP. You could use DirectKey™ APP, or customize your own APP, or integrate with a 3rd-party APP, they could provide a solution.

It is true that custom APPs helps enhance the hotel brand image. Guests can skip the normal long-queue, access their room, hotel elevator, and most hotel facilities  with their own phone, and enjoy the new cloud-based technology all the time.

Onity is a globally recognized hotel security system provider, with over 3 most classic designs of traditional card door locks. In 2021, the newly launched BLE locks Serene™ attracted many new hotels attention. The modern design, confidant-Modern lock data, BLE-enabled door locks function, together with the long-time established brand influence give a big boost of the BLE system image.

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5# VINGCARD (ASSA ABLOY) mobile access hotel door lock system

As a global leader of RFID lock supplier for over 40 years, VINGCARD is also one of the first card door locks brands to propose mobile phone unlocking solutions.

All of their old marketing RFID lock models (Classic, Signature, Essence, and Allure), can be upgraded to be a mobile phone unlocking solution by adding a bluetooth board (module).

Same as Onity, VINGCARD provides 3 different solutions for the hotel APP. You could customize your own APP by integrating with their Mobile Access Software Development kit (SDK). You could also use a third party APP or use a “Passbook” style APP for this solution. Let’s look forward to more reliable security different hotel lock brands bring to us in the near future.