With the development of the intelligent era, people are increasingly pursuing smart technology in everything, the same for door locks. Smart door lock gradually replaced traditional mechanical locks. Smart locks are popularly used, in addition to home locks, they can also use in many scenarios like apartments, hotels, offices, and stores.

The survey found that among the smart locks, smart lock for apartments is currently developing rapidly. Although the smart lock and the mechanical lock in the protection principle are the same, the smart lock has more information, intelligence, and network features.

Smart apartment lock has the function of networking, which can gateway to realizing centralized control by connecting the background smart door lock system. Compared with mechanical locks, the main advantage of smart apartment locks is that can manage centrally through the access control system in time.

Smart Lock Benefits to Apartment Residents:

When you feel that it is a hassle to carry keys, and it is easy to cause insecurity because of loss; When you are not at home and worry that thieves will visit your home; When your friends visit, but you are not at home exactly… For these cases, the importance of smart apartment lock is highlighted.

1. No longer worry about the key being lost or stolen.

The traditional way of unlocking is only key unlock, so there usually equipped with multiple keys, but when one of the keys is lost, it will pose an invisible threat to the safety of the entire house, so many people will choose to replace the door lock, which not only increases the cost of the occupants but also brings a lot of inconveniences.

The difference between smart locks and traditional locks is that the access formats are not only key unlock but also include: Fingerprint unlock, PIN entry, encrypted key card access, Bluetooth Unlock, APP unlock, etc., which makes the greatest convenience for renters and improves their sense of safety.

2. Decrease the apartment security concern, and no longer worry about personal space violated.

Locks for apartment buildings usually have access control management, effectively restrict the entry and exit of outsiders, and improve the safety factor. In addition, residents can log in to the smart home platforms through their mobile phones to change their passwords anytime, and can also view the unlocking records of the door locks, so the residents can know the lock status of the room even if they are not at home.

3. Allow remote unlocking to achieve freedom of unlocking.

When a friend or a service provider (such as an electrical repairman, a cleaner, etc.) needs to come to the apartment but there is nobody at home, the residents can set a temporary password for the people who need temporary access by the access control software.

If your phone is not at your side, you also can ask the property managers for help, they also can set a temporary password too, which not only prevent the entry of outsiders effectively but also avoid revealing the real password.

Smart Lock Benefits to Apartment Operators:

The apartment door lock not only gives a good user experience to tenants but also brings a lot of convenience to apartment operators. A mobile phone or a computer can control everything, helping the apartment to improve services, reduce costs, and improve management efficiency.

1. Even if the tenant change frequently, there is no need to worry about the safety of the door lock.

The population of branded apartments often has fairly strong mobility. Whenever the tenant changes, rental property managers always need to take back the keys from the old tenant and give the keys to the new tenant. There is also concern about whether the tenant will copy the key secretly, smart locks can avoid this concern, and improve their sense of safety.

When a tenant signs a lease, the administrator can send the door lock password to the tenant through the smart home platforms, and this password can regenerate every time.

2. Intelligence network, saving the costs of labor effectively.

Since the smart apartment lock has the function of networking, the operator can manage the door lock through the background directly, check the room in real-time, and know the number of rooms occupied and the number of vacant rooms in the apartment.

The apartment does not need to arrange for a person to check the room and the tenants no longer need to wait for the staff to open the door. The whole process is simple and fast, improving the user experience.

3. The systematic management mode effectively improves the management services.

When residents check in at the front desk, they can enter their fingerprints into the corresponding room through the system directly. In addition, the system automatically records the lease time and payment time. If the resident fails to pay the room fee on time, the system will automatically restrict their access rights, and the resident will not be able to enter the room.

Such an operation mode, for building managers, not only improves the management and service efficiency of residential operators but also upgrades the consumption pattern of commercial residences.

Here are some Hot Apartment Smart Lock Solutions

YGS8880 Wi-Fi Smart locks

YGS lock, a smart lock supplier with more than 20 years of industry experience. We provide high-quality products and excellent solutions for schools, apartments, office buildings, etc.

YGS apartment housekeeper management system for the apartment management provided powerful signal equipment, which far exceeds the product of its peers in terms of Zigbee transmission power.

YGS8880 wifi smart lock is one of the best-selling locks for in 2022, which has a simple but fashionable appearance. YGS8880 wifi connection lock’s appearance uses the design of a hyperboloid + parallel bevel. And use the advanced IMD film coating technology.

User-Friendly design makes the handle can 180°reversible, which reduces the difficulty of installation. Besides, it also has a safe and convenient patent anti-mistake door handle, effectively avoiding children or pets opening the door lock by mistake, a higher safety factor.

Regarding access types, YGS8880 allows keyless entry like Bluetooth App, M1 Card, Fingerprint, Passcode, and Wristband. And TUYA & HXJOT App versions are available to choose. (Click here to view more detail)

About its power supply, its average battery life is Over 10000 times normal open( about 1-year battery life). However, the type of lock determines the battery life. If the battery power is running low, an automatic battery notifications alert is activated via a red light when unlocking. And this signal is given months before the battery needs to be replaced.

Yale Assure Smart Locks

As one of the largest door locks manufacturers, YALE Door Locks has more than 180 years of history. In this changing world, this brand still is trusted by millions of people, the essential factor is that they never give up innovation, from the leader in mechanical lock engineering to innovative connection smart locks and families.

Today I would like to recommend Yale Assure Lock Touchscreen, a keyless lock with a sleek touchscreen deadbolt. With this lock, you will never worry about carrying around or losing keys again.

You also do not have to worry about forgetting to close the door, because the lock has an optional setting that Assure Lock can automatically Lock behind You.


Yale Assure Lock Touchscreen with Wi-Fi and Bluetoo

If you want to access for family members/friends/or someone else, you can create a unique access code to share access with people you trust or use a smartphone APP(like SmartThings)to grant access to guests. And you can delete codes anytime if you need to.

Regarding the access types, you can unlock them by entering your pin code, or using your smartphone. Then how to unlock it with a smartphone? Please read on.

Because this lock features Z-Wave technology and seamlessly integrates into 50+ home automation and security systems, which allow remote access. You can lock and unlock your door from anywhere anytime by adding the lock to a compatible home automation system like Z-Wave smart home or alarm systems (i.e. SmartThings, Wink, Honeywell, Ring Alarm, and more.)

About its power supply, its average battery life is approx. 1 year. And there will have battery notifications when the battery is lower than 20%.

August Wi-Fi Smart Lock

If you like portable door locks, I think August Wi-Fi Smart Lock is a good choice, which has a handleless design and small appearance.

Especially after being modified to make it simple installation and quick installation, just needs to install on the inside of your door without replacing your existing deadbolt. The entire installation takes less than 10 minutes, you don’t even need a professional installer.

While they look small, they are smart enough to allow work with Google Assistant, Apple HomeKit, Amazon Alexa, Amazon key, and other home automation technologies. And this lock can built-in wifi and Bluetooth, you can open the door anytime and anywhere, and realize remote access. 



When you approach the lock, you don’t even need to take out your phone or Apple Watch, as long as your device is close to the door lock, it will automatically open the door.

About access types, you can access your apartment by smartphone, original key, august keypad, or Apple watch. With this lock, you can control and manage your smart door lock with the August app on any iOS or Android smartphone, or with your Apple watch.

About its power supply, the approximate battery life is  3-6 months with August WiFi Smart Lock.

Danalock V3 Smart Lock

Danalock V3 Smart Lock

Danalock is a Danish-based company that provides smart locks, keyboards, and smart gateways.

Danalock V3 is a wireless intelligent apartment lock with a sleek design. The lock is compatible with any standard door and is easy to install.

Several types of cylindrical latches can be used with it, including oval lock Scandi cylinders, drop-shaped Euro cylinders, and US deadbolts.


  • Its singular function, and lack of diversity.

Danalock also provides users with auto unlock upon arrival and flexible access control. When you are close to the door lock, the smart lock system will detect your arrival and automatically unlock or lock the door for you, or you can turn the lock a few degrees and the motor will operate automatically.

Danalock has an adaptable access control solution, its products utilize well-known communication technologies, which make it compatible home automation systems like Bluetooth smart home automation, Z-Wave devices, Smartthings, Alarm.com, Homey, and more smart home automation systems.

So you can achieve remote access by a smartphone. Access for people who you trust by creating an unlimited number of digital keys. From the phone, you can also see who has used the lock in the app and choose permanent or temporary access to set the access level for each user. About its power supply, its average battery life is approx. 1 year. 

Latch M lock


LATCH is a company focused on access devices that work for every door in any building, which global headquarters is in New York City. Latch M is the mortise lock built for every door by a latch. From apartment doors to comfortable Spaces, this smart home device is easy to install and requires no additional infrastructure.

About access types: mainly divided into the key and keyless entry. Users can unlock the latch M by IOS App, android app, apple watch, entry keypad, or keycard.

Latch M has a Jumpstart™ feature, so it can be unlocked even if the battery is dead during the using time period by compatible power-sharing from a smartphone or external battery. If the battery power is running row, there will have passive monitoring and active notifications via LatchOS.


Compared with traditional mechanical locks, the emergence of electronic locks simplifies the previously complicated locking process, improves people’s lock experience, attracts the consumes’ attention, and rapidly increases the market penetration rate.

Among them, the rapid rise of short-term rental apartments and brand apartments has driven the substantial growth of smart door locks in the B-end market, which drives the growth of the whole industrial chain of smart door locks. Smart locks will become the mainstream of the future door lock industry. If you’re planning on changing your locks, hoping this article can provide you with a reference value.