Many people will choose to stay in the hotel for short or long business trips. So the safety of the hotel is closely related to us. In this article, you will learn about some measures to secure hotel door and make your stay more secure. 

Prevent strayed

Unfortunately, the careless hotel staff issues your room card to another guest, resulting in someone entering your room. To prevent this situation, you’d best lock your room from the inside with other tools.

Ensure privacy

Housekeepers and other hotel employees with authorization cards can enter your room. Secure your hotel room door not only can prevent theft, but also can avoid unexpected interruptions.

Prevent theft

Every hotel guest doesn’t want anything to get lost while they are there. So the best way is to set multiple protection in your hotel room to prevent theft. Make sure your hotel door is locked, and put your valuables in a safe place and lock them up.

Ensure your safety

Some bad guys will not only take your property but even hurt you. You never know what will happen in the next second. So no matter what, taking secure hotel door measures is more beneficial than harmful.

Is the hotel lock secure?

Have you ever wondered: Is the hotel lock secure? The answer is not sure, it depends on what kind of locks the hotel uses. There are a variety of hotel locks on the market, different brands with different qualities. If the hotel doors are equipped with good-quality locks, there is no doubt that you will be safe here.

A good quality lock will have the following feature:

  • Use a hidden lock cylinder, which increases the difficulty of technical unlocking.
  • Use an encryption chip for anti-duplication, which is highly secure.
  • Anti-manipulation handle with free rotation, avoid forcing the opening lever.
  • Equip with a non-hole dust-proof motor, rapid reaction, and long service life.
  • Adopt five lock tongue linkage structure, which can be refusing to open the door illegally.

With more than 20 years of experience in hotel lock manufacturing, YGS can provide your hotel with a reliable Bluetooth/RFID hotel management system.

From hardware to software, our hotel system is stable, high-quality, fully functional, and can be connected with other guest control systems, which ensures the safety of your hotel while making the hotel environment more intelligent.


How to ensure your hotel room is safe?

Before checking in:

Choose a hotel with access control systems

When you’re deciding where to stay, it’s best to choose hotels with access control systems. In this type of hotel, only people with hotel room cards can take the hotel elevators, and access the hotel room, thus keeping intruders out of the hotel.

Online booking

Online booking is the best way to avoid the leakage of personal information. When you check in using your phone, only you and the hotel know your personal information, so strangers cannot overhear it.

Check the hotel reviews online

When you book a hotel online, you can view the hotel reviews from past guests. Their feedback can give you an initial impression of the hotel. In the meantime, you can also learn about the hotel safety factor. For example, are there surveillance cameras? Has there been an incident of theft? And so on.

Avoid choosing the first-floor room

The first floor is the lowest safety factor floor in a hotel (except in case of fire), because the first floor is the most flow of people, and the guests living here are most likely to be targeted by thieves.

Check the hotel security doors and exits

There are many incidents of disasters such as hotel fires and earthquakes. It is best to know the safe passage in advance, so that we can leave quickly if danger occurs.

After access to the room:

secure hotel door 1

Check hiding place

The first thing when you get into a hotel room is that check the hiding place in your room, to avoid someone hiding in your room. Especially in closets, the bottom of the bed, behind curtains, etc.

Check the lock in your room

You should ensure that all locks in your room, including the hotel door lock, the hotel safe box lock, the cabinet lock, and so on, will function normally during your stay.

Check the peepholes on the room door

Although the peepholes are convenient for guests to know the situation outside, it also gives convenience to criminals. Therefore, it is best to block it from the inside, such as using a sticking tape or bandage on it.

Using safety tools

Using safety tools can double-secure your hotel door. There are many safety tools on the market, and most of them are cheap but allow you to live in a hotel with peace of mind. It is easy to load and unload in the room, effectively preventing the door from being opened from the outside.

Be careful of pinhole proof camera

You never know what the last guest left behind, so for your safe of privacy, you need to check your room for pinhole proof camera. Testing method: turn on your phone’s camera and scan every corner of the room, if there have red dots, which means there have pinhole cameras.

The best tools to make your hotel room more secure.

Scenario 1: lock your room door from inside

Movable furniture in a room

You can use tools like hangers, desk chairs, and so on, which are ready-made tools that can use to hold the door. Although they can’t prevent someone from breaking into your room, they can make your hotel door more than a layer of security.

Install security latches

Install security latches for your hotel can improve your hotel’s safety and attract more guests to check in. Commonly seen security latches are: chain locks, “U” bar locks, and hotel security latches. Installing them at a relatively high position on your door can prevent children or pets from unlocking them by mistake, which makes your guests feel more at ease and secure in your hotel room.

Even though both of them seem secure, they can be easily bypassed. Here’s what we found:

  • Hotel security latch 

Despite its purpose to prevent doors from being propped open, it can often be bypassed with only a sign or a headphone.

  • Chain lock

A door with a chain lock is better than nothing. Although they are easy to unlock by a rubber band, or a little bit of brute force, or tools like scissors.

secure hotel door 3
  • U bar lock 

Sometimes just using paper can bypass them. Just do as the video do, the “U” bar lock can be opened easily.

For additional security during your stay, you may need to prepare other tools, keep reading for more:

Use a portable lock

It is a very handy device for travel, it’s small enough to carry in a handbag or pocket. And easy to use, with no need to nail or screw anything. But you should note that most of them are only suitable for the doors opening inside.

secure hotel door 5

Use a door wedge

Door wedge is a tool that can hold doors in any position, movable and removable, with no mounting. You just need to put the thin end under the door jam and fix it so that can prevent intruders opened. While the door wedge can be installed on any surface, it works best on floors with wooden surfaces. You can also purchase an alarm-equipped door wedge for extra security.

Use a door stop alarm

The door stop alarm is an upgraded version of the ordinary door wedge, once someone breaks in illegally, the door stopper alarm will sound the first time, will scare away the bad guys and help wake you up, and give you time to find help. It is a great helper for you when you are traveling for business or living alone.

Use a door jammer

The door jammer uses the displacement of force to barricade the door open. It is easy to install and carry. It only takes a few seconds to install and remove, and it is small enough to put into your package.

Use a motion detection alarm

Motion detection alarms also rely on their sound to scare away someone trying to break into your room. The difference is that this device protects not only the door of the room, but also can protect windows, the hotel safe box, and anywhere you want to protect. You can also adjust its detection range according to your needs.

secure hotel door 8

There will be a higher cost associated with the motion detector alarm, but it will also be a safer option than other security tools.

(Noted: most of the above tools are only effective to the door that opens inwards.)

Scenario 2: lock your room door from outside

Ensure your door is locked

Some careless guests go out when the door is not shut tightly, which is undoubtedly a good time for the bad guys. To avoid this, you need to make sure the door is locked before you leave.

Explain the situation to the hotel manager

If you need to go out in an emergency, but your children or pets are in the room, you don’t want them to go out. You need to lock the room from outside at this time. You can explain your situation to reception, they will help you lock your room from outside.

Put a “please do not disturb” sign on your door

When you go out, it is a good idea to hang the “ please do not disturb” sign outside the room, so that outsiders can feel that there is someone in the room.

secure hotel door 9


Your hotel security awareness can determine whether your entire trip is enjoyable. Everyone wants their belongings to be safe when staying at a hotel. However, you can’t control what happens next, but you can prepare ahead of time to minimize the damage. Hoping this article can give you some useful tips, and escort for your next trip.

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