With the development of science and technology and society, the development of the hotel industry has become advanced and convenient. How does RFID hotel lock provides convenience in hotel management and meets customers’ various requirements? Please see below.

RFID hotel locks are a popular choice for hotels, aiming to improve security and facilitate the management of guests.


Easy Access

Why RFID door locks is widely used in hotels? These locks use radio frequency identification technology, and guests can enter the room by swiping the key card provided by the hotel.

To operate an RFID hotel lock, guests are usually provided with key cards when they check-in. At the front desk, the tenant’s identity information is recorded and converted into the card. The card contains an embedded RFID chip, which can communicate with the lock when swiping the card. Then, the lock will verify the information on the card and allow access to the room if it matches.


YGS-hotel door lock-9916


RFID hotel lock is a high-quality and reliable choice for hotels that want to strengthen security measures and provide a better experience for their guests.

Currently, most hotel locks are made of various alloys or stainless steel materials, with hard appearance and corrosion resistance. With many lock mortise to choose from, hotel door locks with higher safety factors can be customized according to the budget. 

RFID Hotel Lock-Providing Convenient Management in Hotel Construction
RFID Hotel Lock-Providing Convenient Management in Hotel Construction

As a professional manufacturer with more than 20 years of experience in producing smart door locks, YGS has established a nationwide sales network and successfully extended its footprint to more than 80 countries. YGS not only provides smart locks with stable and reliable quality, but also provides a three-year warranty. During the warranty period, any damaged parts will be paid by the factory to update the intact parts for customers.

YGS products are the best choice for consumers.

RFID Hotel Door Lock System

RFID hotel lock system has greatly changed the way hotels manage their security measures. Through RFID technology, provide guests with key cards containing unique codes.

Through this key card, customers can be allowed to take the hotel elevator and enter specific areas of the hotel, such as their rooms or designated public areas, And the key card can be inserted into the energy savings switch in the room to get power.

energy saving switch

These key cards can be easily programmed and activated by hotel staff, which makes it convenient for guests to enter and leave the room without the trouble of traditional keys. RFID systems can also easily monitor and track people entering and leaving specific areas, and provide enhanced security measures for guests and employees.

In addition, the RFID hotel lock system provides greater flexibility in managing guests’ access. When the key card is lost or stolen, hotel employees can easily stop using the key card without replacing the lock or key. This can not only save time and money but also prevent unauthorized access so that you can sit back and relax.

Generally speaking, an RFID hotel lock system provides a safe and effective way to manage the entry and exit of guests, while enhancing the overall experience of guests and employees. Hotels wishing to improve security measures should consider implementing RFID systems to simplify operations and ensure a safe environment for all.

For more detailed information about the RFID door lock system, hoping this post can help you. 

Why Choose Smart RFID Door Locks for Hotels?

Convenient Management

Regarding management, the very first thing is convenience. Integration with the Property Management System (PMS) allows seamless communication between reception operations and the RFID hotel door lock system, which simplifies the check-in process and enhances the overall customer experience. For hotel employees, the intelligent RFID hotel door lock allows employees to manage access control through the access control system easily.

RFID Hotel lock system

Enhance Security

In addition to providing secure access, for guests, these locks eliminate the need for traditional keys, which are easily lost or misplaced. They also provide additional security, because each key card is handed out through the reception and can be easily deactivated if it is lost or stolen. Staff can use the central system to easily set up new key cards for guests and change access levels according to different needs.

Excepting issuing key cards, tracking room entry logs, monitoring guest activity, and quickly disabling lost or stolen keys can also be controlled by the central system.

The remote access control function enables managers to monitor the status of room doors from a central location, thus reducing the need for physical inspection, improving efficiency, and saving human resources.

The data collector can provide detailed records of who entered each room and when thus increasing the security measures and responsibilities of the hotel. In case of financial loss of customers, it can also be tracked through the record of entering the room. This not only improves safety but also simplifies the operation of the hotel.

data collector description 2

Longer Service Life

Compared with the traditional mechanical door lock, RFID electronic door lock has a longer service life. RFID hotel door locks can identify targets and exchange data through the interaction between radio frequency signals and electronic tags. Customers can open the door only by swiping the key card on the RFID door lock, which not only reduces the wear of the key and bolt like the traditional door lock but is also fast and convenient.

Besides, it is suggested to add a door closer to prevent the door lock from being damaged by opening and closing the door vigorously, thus shortening the life of the door lock.

Low Battery Indication

RFID hotel locks are usually equipped with a low battery indication function to remind employees and guests when the battery is low. When the battery is low, the lock may beep or display flashing lights to indicate that it needs to be replaced. 

Hotel employees need to check the battery status of each RFID hotel door lock regularly and replace it in time to avoid any interruption of access control. By paying attention to the low battery indication and replacing the battery in time when necessary, the hotel can ensure that its RFID door lock continues to run smoothly and safely for the convenience of guests.

By using YGS Online Hospitality software and the status of battery can be checked anytime.


online monitor battery status

Privacy Function

The function is also essential when choosing RFID hotel locks.

The privacy function of RFID hotel lock allows guests to prevent any unnecessary entry into the room. To activate the privacy function, the guest only needs to press the privacy button or unlock the room.

Once the key card is activated, the RFID lock will prevent any key card or access code from opening the door from the outside. This allows guests to control who can enter their rooms during their stay, which can make them feel safe.

Hotel staff should inform guests how to use the privacy function when checking in, and provide any necessary instructions for using the function. Please turn off the privacy function before checking out so that the hotel staff can clean and maintain it

system function

Hotel Decoration Style

The decoration style must keep pace with the times to build an advanced hotel. It is necessary to refer to the current popular hotel decoration style first, and then improve the style in combination with the hotel’s positioning.

Selection of Hotel Door Locks

The appearance of the lock should complement the overall design theme of your room and public areas. In fact, whether you want to build a modern hotel, an antique hotel, or a hotel with a unique style, it is a good choice to install intelligent RFID door locks.

First, there are many choices for the appearance of RFID hotel door locks. Also, for hotel management, RFID hotel door locks are really time-saving and labor-saving to use and convenient to manage.

different decoration style-door locks
different decoration style-door locks
different decoration style-door locks

Fashion or Classic or Modern

If the hotel design is biased toward modern fashion style, you can choose a simple and fashionable RFID door lock. These locks usually have simple lines, smooth surfaces, and a touchscreen display, which is convenient for guests to use.

On the other hand, if the hotel has a more traditional or older design style, choosing a more classic and gorgeous RFID door lock would be better. These locks may feature brass or bronze finishes, complicated details, and keyhole to add decoration charm.

In addition to beauty, the function is also the key to choosing RFID hotel locks. Make sure to choose a lock that is convenient for both guests and staff. Functions such as keyless entry, automatic locking mechanism, and remote monitoring function can enhance the tourist experience and improve security measures.


YGS-Hotel Door lock serise
YGS-Hotel Door lock serise

Hotel Staff Requirements

Although the operation of RFID hotel lock is simple and convenient, it is still necessary to train employees to understand the operation process to better serve customers and make the hotel operation smoother.

Training and Education

Hotel staff should receive appropriate training on how to use and manage RFID hotel locks and systems. This includes knowing how to issue key cards, monitoring guest activities, disabling lost or stolen keys, replacing batteries, activating privacy functions, and integrating with PMS.


Customer service skills

employees should have excellent customer service skills when helping customers solve any problems related to RFID locks. They should be able to explain how locks work, solve any problems, and ensure that guests feel safe and reliable during their stay.
Attention to detail: It is very important for employees to pay attention to detail when managing an RFID door lock system. This includes accurately recording which key cards are allocated to each room, monitoring the audit trail of any suspicious activity, and replacing the battery in time if necessary.


hotel staff training

Communication skills

Effective communication is the key to ensuring that guests know how to use the privacy function of the RFID lock and any other functions of the system. Staff should be able to clearly explain the instructions and provide assistance as needed.


Cooperation with other departments

Hotel employees should cooperate with other departments (such as the Housekeeping Department and Maintenance Department) to ensure that the RFID door lock system always works normally. This includes coordinating access for cleaning and maintenance purposes.


Not only RFID hotel locks but also Bluetooth door locks are very common among hotels. Same as RFID door lock, Bluetooth hotel lock can remotely monitor the door lock and unlock it with a mobile APP, which is convenient for managers, meets the needs of modern hotels, and provides customers with a good experience of staying in the hotel. 

Bluetooth unlock-9936

Generally speaking, RFID hotel lock is a reliable and convenient solution, which is suitable for hotels that want to strengthen security measures and provide a better experience for their guests. With simple operation and advanced functions, these locks are becoming more and more popular in the hotel industry.

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