Different from traditional deadbolt locks, hotel intelligent locks is a compound lock with security, convenience, and advanced technology. There are various smart locks in the modern market, two common types are non-wifi smart lock and wifi smart lock. Many people don’t know the difference between them, here is some basic knowledge about them, hope it can give you some useful tips.

What is the non-wifi smart lock?

Typically, a hotel management system can manage all the hotel door locks by a computer device, you may think that they are achieved this serious of operations by internet connection. But in fact, most hotels on the market currently use offline locks.

Non-wifi enable lock is the earliest hotel management door lock. This type of lock is an independent hotel lock and is an exchange process that relies on cards and a card issuer to transmit information artificially. Due to they are individual products that work individually, it is no need for wiring construction.

How do hotel door lock work? Briefly speaking: bind the door lock to the system hotel room first: set the authorization card, school time card, and room installation card. Then go to the corresponding door lock to swipe these cards in sequence: swipe the authorization card, installation card, and time card. After finishing the above operation, you should go back to the card issuer and swipe the installation card, and the door lock time proofreading and the door lock installation can be completed.

After the setting is completed, write the guest card, cleaning card, maintenance card, emergency card, master card, etc. on the system and use it together with the authorization card to complete the card issuance function. By the card, information can be transmitted so that the hotel door lock can be controlled and managed, which is also the working principle of non-wifi locks.

Differences between wifi smart lock and non-wifi smart lock.

Due to the different configurations and functions, the prices of non-wifi-enabled lock and wifi-enabled smart locks are quite different. If you’re just confusing which hotel lock is best for your hotel business, please read on.

1. Stability

In general, devices with fewer features will load faster than devices with more features. Although this Internet era has brought people a lot of conveniences, there are still many inconvenient factors. Many things will be lost their almost all uses once the internet is unconnected. Moreover, the wifi may also be stuck or disconnected, which affects not only the working mood but also the efficiency of the work.
In terms of smart locks, the wifi-enabled smart locks can still work even if they are disconnected from the internet, but generally speaking, the non-wifi intelligent locks are more stable than wifi intelligent locks.

2. Safety

Through the WiFi connection, people’s information can be transmitted online. Networked hotel locks can also be managed online without the need for a card every time, which can save a lot of time and improve hotel management efficiency. But due to it connecting wifi, which is easy for a skilled hacker to get into your network and steal your hotel information. Therefore, in contrast, intelligent locks without wifi are not easily susceptible to wifi hacking, and their security is higher.

3. Cost

Due to the higher technology of wi-fi network hotel locks, the cost of wifi locks will be higher than non-wifi locks.

4. Function

Offline hotel locks have relatively simple functions. On the contrary, wireless network hotel locks have many automatic functions, and their convenience and reliability are higher than those that are not connected to the internet. And it can realize keyless access, auto lock, remote alarm, remote operation, remote control access, and remote service, which with more humanization and convenience.

Here are some popular hotel smart locks cases:

YGS9902 Stainless steel split smart lock

YGS9902 adopted stainless steel split design, and the appearance is simple and elegant. There are wifi connectivity and non-wifi connectivity that can be chosen. Wifi-enabled ones allow smart phone unlock, which can enrich the guest check-in experience.

Non-wifi-enabled ones allow mechanical key and card unlock. Although there are fewer unlocking methods than networked ones, it is more convenient for hotel management. Allow customized logos, customized packaging, and graphic customization.


Smart lock features:

  • Thickened 304 stainless steel Texture, which is sturdy and durable.
  • Stainless steel technology on the surface, anti-rust and wear-resistant. 
  • Imported Mifare-1 chip with strong encryption.
  • 4 AA alkaline batteries. Battery life: Over 15000 cycles.
  • Large-capacity storage chip, which can store 1000 access log history.
  • Low battery power alarm and false lock alarm function.
  • Equipped with a mechanical key for opening the door in an emergency.

Cooperation cases:

Rizhao Huazhu·Tifu Inn

Tifu Inn perfectly combines unique urban luxury and elegance with the essence of traditional residential features. Here, you can not only feel the unique poetic feeling of Chinese aesthetics but also experience the romance of modernism. The inn is divided into three courtyards, with a total of 70 rooms, all guest room door locks are from YGS-9902 split hotel locks.

Non-wifi smart lock

YGS9916 hotel room management software hotel door lock

YGS9916 is a classic hotel lock made of high-strength alloy material design. Equipped with a hotel management system independently developed by YGS, which can comprehensively provide functions such as hotel room management, property management, equipment management, PMS docking, etc.

Allow connect wi-fi bridges and there have Bluetooth options. The locks with Bluetooth have many remote functions such as remote control, smartphone app access, remote check the hotel room locks status, etc.

Non-wifi smart lock

Smart lock features:

  • High-strength alloy material, the surface is treated by spraying, which has a long service life.
  • Encryption chip, high-security system, and can store 1000 unlocking records.
  • No hole dustproof motor design, which can quickly reset in 0.25 seconds.
  • False lock alarm function.
  • Classic and durable appearance, which gain appearance patent: ZL201330134679.X
  • Hotel management software support multi-terminal login(Windows/Apple computer/Android, etc.) and multiple front desk card issuances.
  • Provide a contact-free unlocking experience.

Cooperation cases:

Longji Yunshu hotel

Among the various hotels, there is a hotel hidden in the mountains and plains. Along the rugged stone road in the mountains, we came to this hotel called “Longji Yunshu”. There are 5 floors in the hotel, each floor equipped with large and small guest rooms, and each guest room is equipped with a YGS-9916 hotel lock.

Non-wifi smart lock
Non-wifi smart lock

YGS9905 RFID card electronic door lock

YGS9905 uses a hidden panel design. Only the card induction area and the handle are reserved on the door. It is exquisite and compact and can match any modern and simple architectural style.

Smart lock features:

  • The handle is made of high-strength alloy, which is sturdy and durable.
  • Simple and generous shape, comfortable grip.
  • Magnetic card induction can be customized and changed, with high adaptability.
  • Netherlands Philips Mifare-1 chip with strong encryption.
  • 4 AA alkaline batteries can open more than 15,000 times.
  • Built-in alarm design. It will automatically alarm if the lock status is not locked.

Cooperation cases:

Mingyue Lake Future Hotel

As an important part of the hotel intelligent management system, hotel locks are also one of the basic equipment for building smart hotels. Mingyue Lake Future Hotel committed to building a smart hotel, and this project still adopts the YGS-9905 smart lock of YGS Lock.

Non-wifi smart lock

YGS9951 Hotel smart lock

The surface of YGS9951 is made of aluminum profile, which has very high corrosion resistance. And the lock with this material has strong plasticity, and its details are exquisite. In terms of functions, this lock also can equip wifi network function, with built-in wifi, the hotel can manage all the room door locks by computer/tablet computer/smart phones devices.

Smart lock features:

  • Imported chips, with strong encryption and high security.
  • 4 AA batteries, can normally open more than 15,000 times.
  • Large-capacity chip, which can store 1000 unlocking records.
  • It has the functions of low voltage alarm and false lock early warning.
  • Imported motor, quick response of 0.25 seconds to reset.

Cooperation cases:

Xiangjiang Wenhua Hotel

Jiangxi Ganzhou Xiangjiang Wenhua Hotel is a 5-star hotel located in the core business district of Ganzhou, adjacent to major transportation hubs and historical sites. It is an ideal place for business or leisure travelers. The hotel has a total of 288 smart rooms of various types such as luxury suites. The door lock used by the Xiangjiang Wenhua Hotel is from Yangge hotel lock YGS-9951.

Non-wifi smart lock
Non-wifi smart lock

YGS9939 stylish design keyless smart lock

Different from the large panel design of the traditional lock, YGS9939 is extra “petite and charming”. Although its body is small, its function is powerful. This is a kind of hotel lock that allows network, which is an important part of smart home equipment.

By networking, you can grant access to guests via set a pin code and sending it to your guest by your smart devices, so that you can achieve unlock for your guest remotely. Of course, if you don’t want so many features and want to make hotel management more concise, this hotel lock also allows non-wifi and connects with the key card hotel management system.


Smart lock features:

  • Made of a 2mm thick 304 stainless steel plate, which is sturdy and durable.
  • The surface is stainless steel wire drawing, and the color is as long as new.
  • Mifare-1 chip from Philips in the Netherlands, with high security.
  • 4 AA batteries, which can open more than 15,000 times.
  • There will be a sound and light prompt if the battery status is lower than 4.7V.
  • Anti-violence, anti-compression handle structure, firm and durable.
  • When the oblique tongue does not enter the door lock state, it will automatically alarm.