The security of guests and their belongings is a top priority for any hotel. That’s why many hotels invest in advanced access control systems to ensure that only authorized personnel and guests can enter specific areas within the hotel. One such system is the Mifare hotel lock system, which uses smart card technology to provide secure and convenient access control.

This Mifare Hotel Lock System Guide covers system introduction, detailed configuration, related product details, and other detailed information to help you more in-depth understanding of the Mifare hotel lock system, so that make an informed decision about the security of your hotel and its guests.

The Mifare hotel lock system is a contactless smart card-based RFID technology used to control access to hotel rooms. It operates by using a keycard with an embedded microchip that communicates with a door lock reader via radio frequency signals.

The system is designed to enhance hotel security and provide guests with a convenient and reliable way to access their rooms. The Mifare hotel key card door lock entry system not only can provide safe/convenient/high-effective management for hotel guest room door but also have various management functions such as hotel elevators management, passage access management, hotel guest room energy-saving management, providing hotels an all-round, efficient solution to achieve a high level of smart security and management level.

Furthermore, the system can be customized to fit the unique needs of each hotel and is easy to integrate with other hotel systems. It is widely used in hotels around the world as a modern and secure way to manage room access.

Mifare Hotel Lock System Configuration

Mifare hotel lock system 1

Computer Configuration Recommendation

TypeDesktop computers/ laptop computers (recommended brand)
CPUIntel 9 Core i5-9100 Processor (reference)
Video CardGTX1660 8G Exclusive Display (Reference)
Memory8GB 2666MHz DDR4 (Reference)
Hard disk256G solid state + Mechanical Hard disk 500G (reference) 7200rpm
CD-ROMDVD Burning CD-ROM Drive (recommended)
KeyboardWired keyboard or mouse (recommended)
Operating systemMicrosoft Windows 7 X32, X64, Windows 10 X64 (all available)
PortFour USB ports (recommended)
Monitor1920X1080 resolution (reference)

Mifare Hotel Locks

Mifare hotel locks are a type of smart door lock that use RFID (Radio Frequency Identification) technology, which allows for contactless communication between a card or key fob and a reader.

This type of lock is popular in the hospitality industry and can be easily managed in conjunction with a hotel management system to control access permissions for hotel staff and guests, thereby improving the overall security of the hotel.

Furthermore, compared to traditional mechanical locks, modern smart locks come in a variety of styles and offer a range of features. A suitable hotel lock can not only protect your property but also add aesthetic value to your residence. 

Mifare hotel lock system 2

Mifare Cards

※ The Mifare-1 encryption card from Philips, has high security and is globally unique. 

※ The door can be easily opened by simply sensing in front of the lock. And the reading distance can reach up to 10-50MM.

※ The coil is sealed inside the card and is not easily affected by external factors, thus increasing the lifespan of the card.

※ The hotel’s exquisite promotional design can be printed on the card, making it convenient for advertising.

※ Mifare cards can be divided into high-frequency and low-frequency card types according to different frequencies, and their applications vary.

※ The card has a large storage capacity and is divided into 16 independent zones, each with its own password, and can be applied to different systems. Users can set different passwords and access conditions for different applications, and each partition is independently managed.

Mifare Card Encoder

The primary function of the card encoder is to read and write card information, which is an important part of system management.

※ USB line connection; Power supply directly from computer inner USB.

※ Double encryption technology ensures that the card encoder can only issue hotel key cards that have passed authentication.

※ Put the card on the hotel key card encoder and proceed the card issuing order, while card issuing; It will check out automatically, only have to put the card on the encoder; After card issuing, confirm again to avoid issuing a wrong card to improve the working efficiency.

Mifare Card Hotel Lock System Software

Mifare hotel lock system 3

※ System user permission management function.

※ Guest room area setting function.

※ Special-purpose rooms management function.

※ Auto database backup.

※ Room status table function.

※ Door lock software operation log recording function.

※ Channel management function.

※ Query function.

※ Client multi-work point setting function.

※ Supports integration with third-party hotel lock management software.

※ Management card issuing: Master card, building card, floor card, guest card.

Hotel Energy-Saving Switch System

Mifare hotel lock system 4

Hotel entry-saving switch is a device used to control electricity in hotel rooms, with room number and time control. This makes hotel electricity control more intelligent and energy-efficient. There are three main specifications for power switches on the market:

Universal power-saving switch: uses a transformer power supply method, which has high reliability, long service life, photoelectric control, and delay function.

Special power-saving switch: built-in MCPU and card reader device, can effectively control power consumption using cards issued by the hotel, and other cards, papers, etc. cannot be used, truly saving electricity.

Network power-saving switch: while saving power for the hotel, it can transmit the data information in the door opening card to the hotel’s smart control system background management software through the interface in a timely manner. Hotel staff can learn about the status and condition of the room in real-time through this software.

Hotel Elevator Control System

Mifare hotel lock system 5

The hotel elevator controller is mainly used to control the elevator floor switch, which can be activated directly by using the room card issued by the hotel lock system management software. This effectively restricts the entry and exit of non-hotel-related personnel, thereby improving hotel safety.

※ Supports Mifare cards.

※ Long reading and writing distance. (up to 10-50mm)

※ Directly uses hotel door lock cards without the need for secondary card issuance.

※ Supports three control modes: no control, floor control, and floor + time control.

※ Support public floor access and can be open only during the specified time periods.

Hotel Access Control System

Mifare hotel lock system 6

※ Supports Mifare cards.

※ Long read and write card distance. (up to 10-50mm)

※ Direct use of hotel door lock cards, no need for secondary card issuance.

※ Can control electric plug locks, magnetic locks, etc.

※ Has an input signal for an open-door button.

※ Can output the card number in Wiegand 26 format, making it easy to connect with traditional access control systems.

※ Has an open-door record that can be queried.


Hotel Handheld Device

The hotel handheld device is a type of data extractor, which has more powerful functions, making hotel installation and use more convenient. There are two versions of the handheld device, the regular version, and the special version.

Mifare hotel lock system 7

※ One-stop solution for guest room installation, no need to make installation cards, simplifying your guest room installation steps.

※ Quick and accurate time calibration function, making it easy to get rid of the problem of inaccurate time calibration.

※ Unique expert diagnostic function, facilitating system diagnosis and maintenance.

※ Convenient to view various card information. (only supports hotel Mifare card locks.)

※ Supports the production of guest cards. (emergency use only, only supports hotel Mifare card locks, a feature of the special version.)

※ Easy to export door opening records, making guest room management clearer.

※ Quick check-out operation, making check-out more convenient.

※ Supports door lock firmware upgrades, allowing you to change the functionality of the door lock without dismantling the lock or circuit board.


Why choose the Mifare hotel lock system?

Mifare hotel lock system 8

Due to several reasons, Mifare hotel lock systems have become a popular choice for hotel security and access control:

Security: Mifare technology offers a high level of security through its advanced encryption and authentication mechanisms. Mifare cards are difficult to clone or replicate, which helps prevent unauthorized access.

Compatibility: Mifare technology is highly compatible, making it widely used in various access control applications such as building management systems, elevator access control systems, and other systems.

Convenient: Mifare hotel lock systems provide high convenience to hotel guests because of their one-card functionality. Specifically, guests can use one card to enter hotel rooms, pay for hotel services, and use other hotel facilities.

Flexibility: Mifare hotel lock systems can be customized to meet specific requirements of the hotel. For example, the system can be programmed to restrict access to certain areas, set time-limited access, and configure access levels for different employees.

Ease of use: Mifare hotel lock systems are easy to install and maintain, and are also very user-friendly for hotel staff and guests. Users only need to hold their room card close to the reader to unlock the door lock.

Mifare Hotel Lock Series 

Classic straight-panel design hotel smart lock: YGS-9962

Stainless steel double-layer composite structure, which is durable and strong. Rugged appearance design gives a sense of reliability to users. The surface of the door lock is treated with stainless steel wire drawing or spraying process, and the color can be chosen according to the hotel’s style. It is not easy to change color or peel off and has a long service life.

Stylish straight panel design hotel smart lock: YGS-9959

Super-thin panel design that is high-end and elegant. It is made of aluminum alloy and steel plate composite material, which is strong and durable. The surface is covered with tempered glass, which is extraordinary and has a strong sense of technology. The free-handle structure design is comfortable to hold, explosion-proof, and more durable.

Classic slim design hotel smart lock: YGS-9939

Made of stainless steel casting, with a surface treated with stainless steel wire drawing that does not rust or change color. The slender appearance is very popular among foreign customers. It uses encrypted chips for sensitive recognition, with strong encryption and high-security performance. And hole-free dust-proof click design, with fast response and long service life.

Split-style design hotel smart lock: YGS-9905

Split-style design is becoming more popular among hoteliers in 2023. It breaks away from traditional thick panel design, and innovatively hides the induction reader inside the door, providing more possibilities for designers to operate.

With the deepening of technology research and development, split-style hotel electronic locks can also be matched with different styles of handles according to the hotel’s decoration style needs, supporting personalized design.

People Also Ask

What are high-frequency cards and low-frequency cards? And how to choose them?

The high and low frequencies of hotel door lock cards refer to the frequency range of the radio frequency technology used by the lock.

※ High-frequency locks refer to locks with a frequency of 13.56 MHz.

※ Low-frequency locks refer to locks with a frequency of 125 kHz or lower.

The main difference between high-frequency and low-frequency locks lies in communication speed and data processing capabilities.

High-frequency locks have fast communication speed and strong data processing capabilities, supporting more complex encryption algorithms. They use dynamic password technology, which provides higher security.

Low-frequency locks have slower communication speeds and relatively weaker data processing capabilities. They have lower prices and are suitable for places that do not have high requirements for security.

In the market, non-contact low-frequency cards are called T57 cards with a frequency of 125KHz, which are readable and writable induction cards with a fixed card number, consisting of two zones, seven data blocks, and one password block, but can only perform a single function.

Non-contact high-frequency cards are called M1 cards with a frequency of 13.65KHz, which are readable and writable induction cards with a fixed number, divided into 16 sectors, each with 3 blocks, and have data confidentiality functions. Each sector can be independently managed and can perform multiple functions such as door locks, consumption, parking, attendance, and so on, commonly known as one-card cards.

How to choose between the two? In the application of hotel door locks, we usually recommend our clients chosen according to actual needs. For instance, High-frequency locks are generally chosen for high-end hotels or places with high-security requirements, while low-frequency locks are chosen for some mid-to-low-end hotels or apartments, and other places with low requirements for lock security.

How do you install a Mifare hotel lock system?

Installing a hotel Mifare card lock system can be a complex process and it is recommended that you consult the manufacturer’s installation manual for specific instructions. However, here are some general steps that may be involved in the installation process:

Mifare hotel lock system 13

1. Determine the number and location of locks needed: Before beginning the installation process, you will need to decide how many locks are needed and where they will be located.

2. Install the lock hardware: The lock hardware should be installed according to the manufacturer’s instructions. This may involve drilling holes in the door and frame, attaching the lock mechanism, and wiring the lock to a power source.

3. Program the hotel door lock system: Once the hardware is installed, the lock system will need to be programmed. This involves smart lock binding, new room creation, access permission settings, and more.

4. Test the lock system: After the lock system is programmed, it should be tested to ensure that it is working properly. This may involve testing the key/card access, verifying that the lock logs user activity, and checking that any alerts or notifications are functioning correctly.

5. Train staff: Training staff is the most important step because guest room management and customer services are their main job. This may involve training on how to issue keys/cards, troubleshoot any issues that arise, and how to manage the lock system from a centralized location.

It is important to note that the installation process may vary depending on the specific model and manufacturer of the Mifare hotel lock system. It is recommended that you consult the manufacturer’s installation manual for detailed instructions. Additionally, if you are not familiar with installing electronic lock systems, it may be helpful to consult with a professional locksmith or security system installer to ensure that the installation is done correctly.


Click the following article for step-by-step installation methods:

How to install hotel door lock?


Can a Mifare hotel lock system be integrated with other hotel systems, such as the property management system (PMS)?

Yes, it is possible to integrate a Mifare hotel lock system with other hotel systems such as the property management system (PMS). Many hotel lock systems, including Mifare, are designed to be open and flexible, allowing them to communicate with other systems through various interfaces.

One common interface for integrating a hotel lock system with a PMS is through the use of a hotel lock system API (Application Programming Interface). The API provides a set of programming instructions that allow the hotel lock system to communicate with the PMS in a standardized and secure way. This integration enables seamless communication between the two systems, allowing the PMS to automatically update room statuses, access guest stay information, and generate reports based on keycard usage.

However, the exact process of integrating a Mifare hotel lock system with a PMS may vary depending on the specific systems being used and the integration requirements. It is recommended to consult with a professional system integrator or the manufacturer of the hotel lock system and the PMS to ensure a smooth and successful integration.

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