About the master key in hotel, people from different angles hold different views. Hotel staff believe that it enhances efficiency in their work because they don’t need to carry multiple keys. However, hotel guests might have concerns because these keys can provide unrestricted access to guest rooms, potentially posing a security threat to their stay.

In reality, legitimate hotels often implement careful and highly strict management of master keys to ensure overall hotel safety. Here, we will thoroughly explore various aspects of master keys in hotel management, including their functions, roles, and management strategies.

Whether you are concerned about the security of master keys, looking for hotel key card solutions, or simply seeking more information, we will provide you with comprehensive answers to meet your needs. Now, let’s start by understanding the basics of hotel master keys! 

Hotel master key card, also named total card、King card、management card. It is a special key card with administrative privileges used to configure and manage hotel room locks.

Typically, a master key can unlock multiple doors, depending on the electronic lock system used by the hotel. Master keys can enhance the efficiency of hotel management because maintenance staff can access multiple rooms without carrying different keys.

master key in hotel

Hotel master keys can be programmed to allow access during specific times and in designated areas. This means that management can set different access permissions as needed. Once the hotel’s master key card’s access rights expire, the card automatically becomes invalid, providing the hotel with enhanced security.

What Can Hotel Master Keycards Do?

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1. Unlock Guest Room Door Locks: Hotel master keycards are primarily used to unlock the door locks of all guest rooms within the hotel. Hotel staff can easily use this master keycard to enter rooms for cleaning and maintenance. Furthermore, it can be programmed to ensure security and convenience as per the hotel’s requirements.

2. Access Employee Areas: In addition to guest rooms, the master keycard can also be configured to unlock all employee areas within the hotel, including staff lounges and supply rooms. This not only helps restrict unauthorized access to employee areas but also allows hotel staff quick access to these areas, avoiding key management issues.

3. Temporary Access Permissions: The master keycard can also serve as an emergency measure. For example, if a guest’s room card is damaged or left inside the room, hotel managers can use the master card after verifying the guest’s identity to unlock the door and meet the guest’s needs.

4. Unlock in Emergency Situations: In emergency situations such as fires, medical emergencies, or law enforcement requirements, the master keycard can be used to quickly unlock any guestroom door. To ensure necessary access.

What Are the Common Types of Hotel Master Keys?

In hotel management, master keys are primarily divided into two types: master mechanical keys and master keycards.

Master Mechanical Keys

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Some hotels use master mechanical keys, which can open multiple locks. But only if these locks provided master key PIN settings. These PINs are essential to ensure that the same key can open different locks. The working principle of master mechanical keys is shown in the following video:

However, compared to master keycards, mechanical keys have lower security because they cannot be programmed. If lost, they can potentially cause significant losses to the hotel.

Mechanical master keys are therefore typically kept secure in a hotel safe and only used by authorized personnel. Detailed records are maintained before usage to ensure key safety and prevent loss.

Master Keycards

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Most modern hotels use key card systems that can be programmed. Master hotel key cards can be categorized into total cards, building cards, and floor cards. Each type of card has different access permissions to different areas.

These cards can be remotely controlled and managed by the security system, ensuring security. Additionally, they have automatic expiration features, requiring reprogramming when access rights expire.

  • Total Card: Can open all door locks within the hotel.
  • Building Card: Can open all door locks within specific buildings.
  • Floor Card: Can open all door locks within specific floors.

For more information about hotel key cards, you can refer to the following article: 

how do hotel door lock work? feature image

How do hotel door locks work?

Today, we will discuss how do hotel door locks work. As we stated in the previous article, the hotel door lock is made up mainly of three parts: a smart lock, a card issuer, and an ic card. The intelligent hotel lock system can issue various IC cards, …

The workflow for the master card:

Step 1. Hotel management personnel log in to the hotel key card door lock system backend to create a master key. Select the keys to be created as shown in the picture and follow the steps inside to set and issue the card.

master key in hotel 5

Step 2. After the master key is created, bring it to the vicinity of the authorized door lock and test it by card-swiping unlock.

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Step 3. Once the door lock verifies the identity of the master key, it can unlock the door, allowing authorized personnel to enter.

Step 4. Each time the master key is used to unlock the door, the event is recorded in the system backend. This helps hotel management track who enters the rooms and when, enhancing security.

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What Are the Benefits of Using a Master Key in Hotels?

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Improved Management Efficiency: With hotel master keys, administrators can use a single key to unlock multiple hotel room locks.

This means that administrators do not need to go through the cumbersome process of creating individual key cards and carrying multiple hotel key cards simultaneously.

This helps expedite the process of entering rooms, thus enhancing the efficiency of hotel room maintenance and management.

Enhanced Security: Master key cards in hotels typically utilize advanced encryption technology to ensure the security of communication and card information. All room cards in the hotel, including master key cards, can be remotely controlled and managed through the system.

Admins can easily search, delete, change, or create master card permissions from the system. It could prevent unauthorized individuals from entering rooms and improve the security of the hotel.

Cost Reduction: One master key card can replace multiple guestroom keys. This reduces the hotel’s card costs, including card production and management.

Furthermore, reducing the demand for physical room cards also helps reduce the environmental footprint because a small number of cards can be reused multiple times.

More Convenient Customer Experience: In cases of special circumstances where it’s necessary to quickly unlock, such as accidental lockouts or lock malfunctions, hotel administrators can use a master key to swiftly resolve the issue.

This eliminates the need for the time-consuming process of reissuing room cards, providing a more convenient customer experience.

Is There a Risk in Using Universal Cards? 

In hotel applications, master keys can potentially pose a security threat to the hotel. Because malicious individuals can use this card to open all door locks within the hotel. However, risk levels vary depending on the quality of the key card system and security management policies adopted by the hotel.

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Outdated key card systems might have software vulnerabilities, hackers can unlock all locks even without master cards. You may have heard of hackers using an invalid key card to successfully create a “master keycard” that could open millions of hotel rooms. This is undoubtedly a concerning situation because hackers can easily gain access to any room, potentially making off with valuables unnoticed.

How is this done? For more information, you can view:

hotel key card hack

The Dark Side of Hotel Secure: The Rise of Hotel Key Card Hack

With the help of advances in technology, hackers can use an invalid room card to create a “master key” that can open the entire hotel building. As soon as the news came out, everyone was shocked. Many hotels have moved to

Additionally, due to the limitations of older systems, the permissions associated with these keys are difficult to remove. To maintain hotel security, hotels must invest significant resources in replacing the entire old access system, resulting in substantial losses.

In contrast, modern hotel key card systems offer more security and management options. These systems allow for remote management of all cards programmed into the system, including master cards. This means that even if a key card is lost, hotel administrators can quickly revoke its permissions, preventing potential abuse.

Nevertheless, as key card systems evolve, hackers’ intrusion methods also evolve, which makes maintenance and regular updates of the system imperative. Specific update and maintenance procedures may vary depending on the smart lock manufacturer.

Can a Hotel Master Key Unlock All Door Locks?

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In general, a hotel master key can usually unlock the door locks of all hotel guestrooms. Staff can access guest rooms for cleaning, maintenance, and other purposes when needed.

However, master keys are typically highly confidential. It is only possessed by specific individuals within the hotel to ensure the safety and privacy of guest rooms.

Advanced hotel card key systems allow hotel management to create and manage master keys. And also having the ability to revoke and change universal key permissions at any time.

Therefore, different hotels may have different measures for managing and using master keys, all designed to streamline hotel management and enhance security.

Overall, master keys are primarily used for guest room management and maintenance. Hotel guests typically use their own mobile device electronic cards or regular key cards to access their rooms.

Is the Hotel Master Key a One-Time Use?

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Most hotel master keys are not disposable. Typically, these master keys are plastic cards embedded with a magnetic strip or chip that can be programmed to open multiple room doors.

Hotel staff can program a blank plastic card to become a universal master key that can open multiple door locks. If lost master key card, the hotel can delete or change the card’s permissions at any time.

Moreover, these cards usually have an expiration date, which means they cannot be used to open hotel doors after they expire. This reusable design reduces the risk of a master key card being lost or stolen.

Who Can Possess a Master Hotel Key?

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In most cases, a hotel master key is owned by the hotel owners. These owners include the general manager, owners, operations manager, and other senior management personnel of the hotel.

Master keys are typically used to access different areas of the hotel to ensure that they can enter guest rooms, public areas, and other hotel facilities for the daily operation and security of the hotel.

In most cases, these master keys are not given to normal staff members casually, but instead to management heads. The management heads have the responsibility to maintain the security and management access control of the hotel.

Distribution of Master Key Cards:

  • Emergency General Key: Hotels usually only create two emergency keys. They are typically stored in the valuable items safe at the front desk of hotel. The general manager keeps one, and the duty manager keeps the other.
  • Regular General Key: These are typically assigned to the deputy general manager (resident manager), the housekeeping director, the engineering director, the security personnel, and the duty manager.
  • Guest Room General Key: These are typically assigned to the front desk manager, the assistant housekeeper, the floor manager, room service attendants, and the duty engineer.
  • Floor General Key: These are typically assigned to the guest services manager, various supervisors in the housekeeping department, the laundry room supervisor, and housekeeping staff.

What to Do if a Master Key Is Damaged, Lost, or Stolen?

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If a master key is damaged, lost, or stolen, it may pose a threat to the hotel security. To avoid greater losses, we recommend taking the following steps immediately:

1. Notify the Security Department: Any damaged, lost, or stolen master card must be reported to the security department immediately. They will quickly initiate an investigation to ensure hotel security.

2. Deactivate Card Permissions: If your master key is a smart card, it should be immediately deactivated, whether it is found or not. You can cancel access permissions for the master keycard by accessing the hotel door lock system backend. This will prevent unauthorized individuals from using it to unlock any door locks within the hotel.

3. Reissue Masrer Cards: Follow the proper procedures to create new master keycards.

4. Take Preventative Measures: To reduce the likelihood of master keycards being lost or stolen in the future, appropriate preventative measures should be taken. This may include regular inspection and updating of master keys and software updates, as well as regular staff safety training.


Clearly, hotel master keys play a critical role in enhancing hotel operational efficiency and safeguarding guests and property. They provide streamlined operations, improved guest experiences, and adaptability to evolving security requirements. However, the distribution and use of master keys require precise control and security protocols.

While hotel master keys offer numerous benefits, they are not without risks, as hackers can exploit vulnerabilities. Staying vigilant, implementing advanced encryption, and regularly programming software updates are crucial in addressing these threats.

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