During travels or business trips, ensuring the safety of personal valuables and sensitive documents is a crucial task. In this process, hotel safes play a vital role by providing travelers with secure and reliable storage space. However, to maximize the effectiveness of safes, it’s crucial to understand how to use hotel safe safely and maintain these devices properly.

In this article, we’ll explore key methods for safely using hotel safes, offering tips to help hoteliers and travelers make the most of this indispensable tool. We will detail different types of safes and focus on addressing common issues, enabling readers to swiftly and effectively respond to practical situations.

The use of hotel safes is critical for maintaining the safety, privacy, and comfort of hotel guests. Not only do they provide additional security for hotels, but they also contribute to enhancing the quality of hotel service and hotel management.

Allowing guests to securely store valuable items in their rooms facilitates hassle-free travel experiences. Items such as laptops, cash, jewelry, and cameras can be placed in the safe, depending on its size.

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Research indicates that rooms equipped with secure safes are more appealing to travelers. Hotel room safes typically feature sturdy metal constructions and advanced theft-proof locks, effectively safeguarding guests’ belongings.

Safes are usually fixed in specific locations within guest rooms, such as closets, bedside tables, or underbeds. Therefore, they are harder to tamper with and move, which makes them less likely to be stolen by criminals.


  1. Avoid placing flammable or explosive items inside the safe.
  2. Refrain from storing large amounts of cash and excessive jewelry in a single safe; distributing items for storage is safer.
  3. Important documents such as passports, IDs, and bank cards are best kept on your person to prevent loss.
  4. Do not disclose the safe’s password to others to safeguard personal belongings.

In summary, safes are crucial tools for enhancing the security of personal items, but they are not foolproof. Travelers should remain vigilant and strengthen their awareness of security measures.

How to Use a Hotel Safe – Step-by-Step Guide

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Before using the safe, please ensure the following:

  • Install the Safe: Secure your safe in a fixed position where it cannot be moved.
  • Electronic safes require battery installation. For the initial use, unlock the safe with the mechanical key, then locate the battery compartment and install new batteries.
  • Once all installations are ready, close the safe door.
  • Check the door opening function. It is important to note that key unlocking and password unlocking cannot be used simultaneously. Each should be used after the other. For example, if you use a key to open the safe, lock it back with the key before using the password to unlock it.

Mechanical Lock Type Safe

The mechanical lock safe is a type of safe that operates entirely manually, without the need for power or electronic components. It primarily uses mechanical combination locks and key locks.

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1. Mechanical Combination Lock: This lock operates based on the principle of rotating dials. Users unlock the safe by turning the dials to a predetermined number or letter combination, without the need for a key.

Changing the password is also straightforward: Users first turn the dial to the correct combination, then locate the designated area (marked with “reset” or “change”) for password modification. Pressing it enters the password modification mode, allowing users to set a new combination. Once set, press the password modification button to confirm the settings.

2. Key Lock: This is a common mechanical lock that uses a mechanical key to unlock the safe. For added security, safes typically come with two or more spare keys. Users simply insert the correct key and rotate it to open the safe.

For this type of safe, users must keep the keys safe, as losing them may result in being unable to open the safe.

Electronic Password Type Safe

The electronic password safe is among the most popular types of safes on the market. Users can unlock it by entering a preset numeric password.

It is mainly divided into two types: numeric password safes and touch screen password safes. They function similarly, with the main difference lying in the operation method and appearance design.

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Numeric Password Lock: Usually equipped with a physical numeric keypad, users input the preset password by pressing the numeric buttons on the keypad. This operation is similar to traditional phone keypads or computer keyboards.

Touch Screen Password Lock: It employs a modern touch screen interface without mechanical buttons. Users input the password directly by touching the numeric password on the screen.

Different manufacturers of hotel safes may have slight variations in operation, but the basic operation can be referenced from the respective user manuals. Below are common operations of electronic hotel safes. Take YGS Hotel Safe as an example.

A brief description of its common use:

Set Guest Password

Tips: Guest code is used by guests for opening and closing safety boxes.

  1. Close the door, input a 3-6 digit personal password on the keypad, and press “Lock” or “*#” to confirm. Then the motor rotates, automatically locking the door, and the LCDs “CLOSED.”
  2. The newly set password is saved and directly used for future openings.
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Guest Password Unlock
  1. Enter the correct password, the motor rotates, LCDs “OPENED,” and the door opens automatically.
  2. If the password is entered incorrectly, the LCDs “E-CODE”. You can use “*” or “clear” to delete the error and re-enter.
Modify Guest Code

Keep the door open, input a new 3-6 digit guest password. Then press “Lock” or “*#” to confirm, and the safe operation is completed.

Management Password Unlock ( Factory standard code for hotels is “000000”)

Tip: The management password is used by the hotel to open and close the safe.

Enter the 6-digit management password, the LCDs “OPENED,” and the door opens automatically.

Modify Management Code
  1. Keep the door open, double-tap the “*” or “clear” on the keypad, and the LCDs “PROG.”
  2. Wait for “PROG” to disappear, input the management password “000000,” and the LCDs “NEW.”
  3. Within 15 seconds, input a new six-digit password.
  4. LCDs “AGAIN,” input the same password again within fifteen seconds.
  5. If “DONE” is displayed, the setting is successful; if “ERROR” is displayed, it fails.
Password Lock Error

After four consecutive incorrect inputs, the safe will enter a 15-minute lockout period.

Hotel Safes Usage – People Also Ask

1. What Should I Do if the Safe Runs out of Power and Won’t Open?

1. Use the spare key to open the safe: First, open the key cover on the panel, insert the spare key, and rotate it 90 degrees to open the door. Then open the battery compartment cover on the back of the safe and replace the batteries. (Note: Keep the space key in a secure place outside the box.)

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2. Contact the after-sales service phone number provided by the safe manufacturer for professional assistance. For free maintenance during the warranty period, it is recommended to purchase products from well-known brands with comprehensive after-sales service. (This usually applies when the spare key is lost.)

2. What Does “Undervoltage” Mean for the Safe?

“Undervoltage” for the safe usually indicates insufficient battery power, causing it to malfunction. When you enter the password, the display shows “OPEN,” but the safe does not open, indicating low battery.

If the battery indicator isn’t full on the display, or red and green lights simultaneously, it means the battery is low. In this case, you need to follow the tip above to open the safe and replace the batteries. (When replacing the batteries, make sure they are correctly connected without looseness or oxidation.)

3. What if I Forget the Safe Password?

  1. Use the emergency key to open the safe forcefully, then follow the instructions to reset the password as per the manual.
  2. Contact the technical department of the safe’s seller or manufacturer for assistance. Some safes can be reset to the original password.
  3. If the above methods fail, you can contact a legitimate locksmith company (registered with the police) for help.

4. Where Is the Emergency Keyhole of the Safe Located?

The emergency keyhole of the safe is usually located on the panel or side of the safe. This location may vary depending on the manufacturer and model of the safe. Typically, the emergency keyhole is covered by a small lid that you can gently open to find it.

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5. How Do I Reset the Hotel Safe?

Different types and brands of safes have different reset methods, so please refer to the user manual provided by the supplier. Generally, hotel safes will have a reset button or specific operation method.

  • Reset button: To reset the safe, first, unlock it using either the password or the mechanical key. Then, locate the reset button, which is typically found inside or on the side of the safe. Press and hold the reset button with your finger or a tool until you hear a confirmation sound or see the indicator light flashing.
  • Factory reset password: Some safes offer a restore factory password. Allowing reset the hotel safe easily and quickly by entering the factory code (e.g., “123”) or following the instructions provided in the manual. After completing this step, the safe door will open, and the initialization process will be finished.

After successfully resetting the safe, it will typically prompt you to set a new password for security. Be sure to choose a password that is both secure and easy to remember, and remember to keep it safe.

What Should Be Considered When Choosing A Hotel Safe?

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When selecting a suitable hotel safe, several key factors need to be considered to ensure the security of guests’ valuables:

  1. Size and Capacity: Before choosing a safe, consider the types and quantities of items to be stored to ensure that the safe’s size is appropriate. If installed inside a wardrobe, it should not exceed the depth of the wardrobe (usually around 60 centimeters).
  2. Material and Durability: Safes are typically made of steel plates. When purchasing, opt for materials that are sturdy, durable, and not easily pried open or drilled through.
  3. Door Gap: Smaller door gaps enhance security. It is recommended to keep the gap within 0.3 millimeters to prevent prying.
  4. Types of Locks: Safe locks come in two types: mechanical and electronic. Traditional mechanical locks are easy to pick, while electronic locks offer more features, such as fingerprint recognition or multiple passwords, providing higher security. The choice of lock type should be based on hotel business and hotel types.
  5. Weight-bearing Capacity of Installation Position: If the safe is placed on a bookshelf or desk, ensure that the position has sufficient weight-bearing capacity to prevent deformation or damage over time.

Hotel Safes Maintenance Tips

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(Image Source from: safemark.com)

  • Regular Cleaning: Regularly clean the inside and outside surfaces of the safe. Maintain a tidy appearance by wiping dust and dirt with a soft, dry cloth.
  • Avoid Liquids and Chemicals: Avoid using liquids or chemicals around the safe to prevent accidental spills that could cause corrosion or damage.
  • Check Locks Regularly: Periodically inspect the locking mechanism of the safe to ensure that the lock, keypad, or keyhole is free from obstructions or damage.
  • Replace Batteries Regularly: If the safe utilizes an electronic lock, replace the batteries regularly to ensure smooth operation. Batteries should be replaced every 6 to 12 months. Remove the batteries if the safe will not be in use for a long time.
  • Avoid Overloading: Avoid overloading the safe to prevent damage to the locks or internal structure. Always follow the manufacturer’s recommended load guidelines.
  • Regular Security Checks: Check the structural integrity of the safe annually to ensure it does not have cracks or other issues that could compromise its security.
  • Regular Testing: Periodically test the locking mechanism of the safe, including password or key locks, to ensure smooth opening and closing.
  • Consider Environmental Conditions: Place the safe in a dry, well-ventilated environment away from direct sunlight and moisture to prevent rust or corrosion.

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