In the modern hotel industry, almost all hotels use a hotel key card access system, entering a hotel room by swiping a hotel key card becomes a common thing for people. But you wonder what if your hotel room card is lost or didn’t work, or you forgot your key card in your room? Etc. So the topic of “how to unlock hotel room without card” appeared. If you are interested in it, please keep reading blew.

The role of the hotel room key card is the same as the traditional hotel room key, which is used to unlock the hotel door lock. Traditional keys unlock by mechanically actuated. The room card has a built-in RFID chip or magnetic strip. When we pass the room card through the card reader, the electromagnetic wave emitted by the card reader will read the card information. The door will only be opened when the information is correct. Depending on the lock, you can access it by swipe card, or insert card.

The hotel key card is one of the important accessories of the entire hotel management system. A good hotel lock system can quickly identify the key card information and unlock it within one second if the information is correct.

Why did you need to know how to unlock hotel room without card?

1. For unexpected needs

  • The hotel room key card is forget in the room

There is a kind of pain is when you go out one morning full of energy, but in the next second realize you forgot your room card. You might choose to continue to go out at this time, come back and think about how to enter the room, but you may be upset about it all day long. And you can choose immediately to find a way to get into the room and bring the key card out. At this point, you need to know how to open the hotel door without a key card.

  • The hotel room key card is lost

Items such as hotel room key cards, which are not too small or not too big, are easy to lose if you are a little careless. For example, when you are shopping or running, you might put the hotel room key card into the pocket of your clothes, because it’s convenient. But if your pocket is relatively large or the depth is relatively shallow, your key card can easily fall out when careless. And you would not realize it until you’re looking for it. Then, how to unlock hotel room without card becomes a problem you need to think about it.

  • The room card is broken

The room card is also a kind of card, it will be damaged if not stored properly. Imagine that you just came back from outside, at this time, you are so tired that forgetting to take out the room card from your pocket, and then lie down on the sofa. When you remember it, your card might be pressed to the point of bending or even broken, so that lost its original function. In another case, some hotels use magnetic stripe cards as room cards. If you always place the card with your mobile device or other magnetic objects, it will become demagnetized and cannot be unlocked.

2. Prevent thieves

When we check into a hotel, we would like to believe that as long as the door is locked, our luggage and ourselves both are safe. But unfortunately, the truth is often the opposite, thieves always have many ways to get into our rooms. Therefore, the proper understanding of some techniques to open the hotel door without a room card will help us prevent thieves and strengthen anti-theft awareness.

The ways to unlock your hotel door:

Smartphone unlock

With the advent of the Internet era and the rapid development of wireless communication technology, smart homes are increasingly favored by people.

At the same time, the Bluetooth access control system has also attracted more consumers’ attention.

Bluetooth access control system is a new type of hotel access management system, which allows hotel guests to open the door with a mobile device, and is more convenient and safer.

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You can also use a digital key to access all public areas of the hotel, including the swimming pool, gaming hall, elevator, restaurant, etc.

But whether it can unlock with a mobile phone depends on whether the hotel you are staying in has a Bluetooth unlocking system. Generally, you can find it online when you book a hotel, or you can call directly for a consultation.


– How to unlock your hotel door lock with a smartphone? (Operate steps)

  • Step 1: Download and open the corresponding hotel APP (like Wishome) or WeChat mini program on your mobile phone.
  • Step 2: Turn on Bluetooth and location on your phone
  • Step 3: Authorize your software to use Bluetooth and obtain positioning (If the authorization isn’t complete).
  • Step 4: Come to your hotel room.
  • Step 5: Click the button “One-click unlock”

– Things should pay attention to when unlocking with Bluetooth on your phone:

  1. Don’t be too far from the hotel room door lock when using Bluetooth.
  2. Due to mobile phone signal and network reasons, the Bluetooth unlocking function may be affected.
  3. This function only applies to hotels that have installed a Bluetooth system. Please consult the hotel staff for details.

But it doesn’t matter if the hotel does not have this function, you can also enter your room in other ways, please see below for more details.

Call to hotel front desk

Calling the hotel front desk should be the first method that most people think of, and it is also the most effective and direct method. In this case, the hotel staff will help you report the loss of your original room card on the system, make it invalid, and issue a new room card for you. If your card is found by others or stolen, the hotel staff can also inquire about some relevant information through its unlock record.

But if it is so unfortunate that the hotel staff is not there and no one answers the phone, you can only find other access methods.

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By a card or a paper

You can refer to the unlocking video on the Internet to open your door through a piece of paper or a card (such as a simple credit card, or other plastic cards). Although it may not be successful, the premise is not to open the wrong door, otherwise, you will be considered a thief.

Some reference is as follows, you can also open your Youtube to search more video about unlocking without room card.

Find unlocked doors or windows

You can observe the internal structure of the hotel. If the hotel rooms are adjacent to each other and have balconies or windows, you can find the doors or windows that are close to your room and have no locked doors or windows. When no one is there, find the window near your room, run over and climb through. This method has certain risks and insecurity.

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Destroy the lock cylinder, forcibly unlock

You can find (like borrow) an electric drill to destroy the lock cylinder, the door will open naturally, and then replace the new lock cylinder. This is expensive, and hotels don’t like people destroying their property, you will be responsible for the cost.

By lock picking set

Open the lock through the lock-picking set, which should be prepared in advance, as you might not be able to find it for a while when you need it. This method is the simplest and the most minor damage to the lock body. Usually, you can use one of the tools inside to open it, but it can be time-consuming and laborious to use the first time. Using this method, you must also ensure that you are entering your room, after all, breaking into someone else’s room is against the law.

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