In today’s increasingly fierce market competition, hotels need to stand unbeatable, and customer satisfaction is crucial. Customer experiences are directly impacted by everything from the understanding of the hotel to the experience in the room and finally the check-out. How to improve guest experience in hotel? This article will introduce 12 simple and practical methods to help hotels improve customer experience and consequently increase guest satisfaction.

In the hotel industry, guest satisfaction is a key factor for the success of a hotel. High satisfaction is directly linked to customer loyalty, as satisfied guests are more likely to choose the same hotel for their future stays.

Moreover, they are more willing to share their positive accommodation experiences with others. They may voluntarily leave positive online reviews for the hotel on social media platforms. It will create a positive reputation for the hotel thus attracting more potential guests.

The impact of this positive feedback is not limited to online platforms but also to the guests’ social circles. Satisfied customers are generally more inclined to recommend the hotel to friends and family, further increasing the hotel’s visibility.

In addition, happy guests are more willing to spend extra money on services such as dining, spa services, room upgrades, bringing additional revenue to the hotel. In summary, hotel guest satisfaction affects not only the hotel’s day-to-day operations but also its long-term sustainability, profitability, and reputation.

12 Proven Strategies to Improve Guest Experience

1. Real-time Response and Support

how to improve guest experience in hotel 1

Timely response is a key factor influencing customer experience. Customers expect quick replies when seeking assistance, as delays can leave a negative impression.

With chatbot technology, hotels can achieve 24/7 real-time response, swiftly addressing customer concerns, providing information, and even handling simple service requests. Additionally, chatbots support seamless communication in multiple languages, enabling service for customers from various countries and expanding the hotel’s customer base.

When the chatbot cannot resolve an issue, the system can intelligently transfer to human support or offer alternative solutions, such as leaving contact information.

Furthermore, training staff ensures they can respond promptly, professionally, and courteously, leaving a positive impression on customers. Integrating real-time response and support allows hotels to establish an excellent service experience, offering more comprehensive and personalized services.

2. Digital Check-in Experience

how to improve guest experience in hotel 2

Despite we are living in a smart age, high-tech solutions are not fully widespread in the hospitality industry. Introducing a digital experience for your hotel not only creates a new accommodation experience for your guests but also contributes to the hotel’s competitiveness. A comprehensive digital check-in experience includes a feature-rich hotel application and contactless online check-in methods.

Through the hotel application, guests can conveniently browse hotel information, book rooms, view restaurant menus, and even pre-select preferred room layouts on their phones. Additionally, the application can integrate features such as virtual guides, real-time weather forecasts, and recommendations for local attractions.

Providing guests with more information to plan activities during their stay. Furthermore, it eases the front desk staff’s workload and enriches the guest’s experience, enhancing convenience and satisfaction.

Combining contactless online check-in methods, guests can independently complete the check-in process upon arrival, avoiding long queues at the front desk. It creates a more comfortable accommodation experience for guests who prefer a convenient, efficient lifestyle.

3. Excellent Customer Service

how to improve guest experience in hotel 3

In any scenario, the initial interaction holds crucial significance. In the hotel industry, this first impression can profoundly impact the entire hotel experience.

A friendly and smiling greeting not only conveys a high regard for customers but also sets the tone for their pleasant stay.

Emphasizing personal emotional management and customer emotional observation in employee training enables staff to keenly capture changes in guest emotions. And enhance guest comfort through sincere smiles and warm greetings.

Moreover, preparing a small surprise for upcoming guests, such as local snacks or beverages, can further enhance hotel guest satisfaction, leaving a positive and memorable first impression.

4. Clear Directions around the Hotel

how to improve guest experience in hotel 4

When providing hotel services, it’s essential to consider the characteristics of most accommodation customers, including travelers and business professionals. As these guests may not be familiar with the hotel surroundings, providing clear directions within the hotel will positively impact customer satisfaction and guest journey experiences.

Firstly, set up a leisure area in the hotel lobby, offering information about tourist attractions, regional maps, and cultural highlights to help guests better understand the local culture.

In terms of digitization, integrating attraction information features into the hotel app. So guests can easily explore information about the hotel’s surroundings and attractions.

Meanwhile, indicating the hotel’s location in these directions helps guests locate it quickly, minimizing lost time and inconveniences.

This series of measures aims to increase customer favorability towards hotel services, thereby enhancing their overall  travel enjoyment.

5. Personalized Stay Experience

how to improve guest experience in hotel 5

Utilize Internet of Things (IoT) technology to offer customers a personalized experience. This not only enhances user satisfaction but also elevates the hotel’s service standards.

Introduce advanced devices such as virtual concierge services, smart room control systems, personalized entertainment systems, and smart voice control systems, allowing guests to customize their stay environment based on personal preferences.

With these devices, guests can set lighting scenes, air conditioning temperatures, curtain movements, and video entertainment content in their rooms according to their preferences.

Additionally, they can control electronic devices in the room through voice commands/mobile devices achieving a high-tech, convenient accommodation experience without physical contact.

6. High-Quality Room Facilities

how to improve guest experience in hotel 6

Introducing advanced room technology and equipment to ensure the hotel’s high quality and modernity. Advanced room technology includes smart hotel locks, smart home devices, smart mattress technology, and more.

Among them, smart hotel locks serve as a key means to maintain hotel security, directly impacting the overall hotel guest experience. With advanced encryption technology, smart hotel locks ensure only authorized personnel have access to hotel rooms.

Simultaneously, online system hotel locks allow guests to lock or unlock doors anytime, anywhere through a mobile application. They also can seamlessly connect with other smart home devices, enabling guests to personalize room settings such as lighting, temperature, and music. This smart interconnected experience provides guests with unprecedented comfort and convenience.

7. Free and High-Speed WiFi Connectivity

how to improve guest experience in hotel 7

In this digital age, smartphones have become essential devices in people’s daily lives. During travel and business trips, guests may also carry various electronic devices such as laptops, iPads, etc. To fully utilize the functionality of these devices, maintaining a reliable network connection is crucial.

Therefore, investing in high-speed and stable network infrastructure is essential. Offering free and user-friendly WiFi services in each room and hotel area ensures that guests can enjoy network services to meet various business and leisure needs.

8. Smart Hotel Management System

how to improve guest experience in hotel 8

Smart hotel management systems provide a comprehensive and professional management solution for the hotel industry, enhancing the hotel guest experience.

Firstly, through systematic data integration and in-depth analysis, hotel management can monitor the occupancy status of all rooms in real-time. This enables optimized resource allocation and improves hotel operational efficiency. Additionally, remote monitoring of hotel room locks ensures the safety of guest stays.

In terms of financial management, smart hotel management systems can easily generate hotel bills with a single click. This feature effectively reduces the workload at the front desk and provides customers with a more efficient checkout experience.

Furthermore, the smart hotel system enables intelligent monitoring and remote management of various devices. It helps hotels promptly identify and resolve equipment issues, ensuring guest comfort during their stay.

The system also allows comprehensive management of customer information, including recording personalized needs and guest preference analysis. As a result, hotels can offer guests more personalized services, enhancing overall satisfaction.

9. Convenient Contactless Checkout Process

how to improve guest experience in hotel 9

Contactless checkout is a modern hotel service method. This can be achieved through the introduction of self-service check-in/out machines or hotel mobile platforms.

Guests can self-service check-in/out machines by approaching them directly, presenting identification or hotel room cards, and completing the checkout on their own.

The hotel mobile platform allows guests to complete checkout procedures on their mobile devices, which include generating guest bills, making online payments, and one-click checkout.

These contactless methods avoid guests waiting in long queues at the hotel reception, which significantly improves the efficiency of the entire checkout process, thus saving valuable time for guests.

Because of contactless, the direct contact between guests and hotel staff is reduced, thus lowering the risk of bacterial transmission and enhancing safety and hygiene standards.

10. Stay Updated and Seek Feedback

how to improve guest experience in hotel 10

To maintain customer loyalty and garner more positive reviews, hotels need to actively update and pay attention to customer feedback. Firstly, develop a technology update plan to ensure that hotel equipment and services remain at the forefront of the industry.

Regular industry research is needed to stay informed about new technologies and trends, introducing and updating equipment such as smart lock hotel systems, smart room control systems, online reservation and billing systems, and robotics.

Secondly, establish diverse feedback channels, including online surveys, email, social media, and customer service hotlines. Hotels can promptly collect customer feedback, understand customer needs and dissatisfaction, and make adjustments and improvements quickly.

Overall, through these measures, hotels can continuously improve service levels, strengthen customer experience, and build closer customer relationships.

11. Social Media Interaction

how to improve guest experience in hotel 11

In this era of online media, people generally have social media accounts. Through these platforms, users can gain access to the latest information in various fields, learn about the lifestyles of individuals, and assess specific locations based on their opinions.

Establishing a special account on social media for the hotel has various benefits, including increasing brand awareness and building positive customer relationships. To achieve this goal, here are some key measures:

  • Respond promptly to customer comments on social media, including positive reviews, criticisms, and questions. Thank customers for positive reviews, sincerely apologize for negative comments, and promise improvement. This demonstrates the hotel’s concern for customer feedback and increases trust.
  • Encourage customers to share photos, experiences, and stories about the hotel on social media. Encourage them to share by offering small gifts or discounts. Sharing this content can increase brand exposure and showcase the hotel’s unique charm.
  • Keep social media accounts active by sharing interesting content such as local attractions, events, behind-the-scenes glimpses of the hotel, etc. This helps maintain engagement and makes customers feel that the hotel is a lively place.
  • Create a social media community for the hotel, where customers can interact and share experiences. This helps build a loyal customer base who can become staunch supporters of the hotel.

12. Maintain Cleanliness and Equipment Maintenance

how to improve guest experience in hotel 12

For cost control and environmental sustainability, most hotel supplies are recyclable. Therefore, establishing detailed cleaning and hotel maintenance plans is crucial to ensure hotel hygiene and equipment stability, directly impacting the customer experience.

Cleaning tasks should comprehensively cover all hotel rooms, public areas, and facilities. For guest rooms, regularly replacing bed linens (such as sheets and duvet covers) and bathroom supplies (such as towels, toothbrushes, and combs) is essential.

For public areas, establish detailed cleaning plans to ensure overall cleanliness. Generally, the floor and equipment surfaces should be free from visible dirt and dust. High-traffic areas may require more frequent cleaning.

Simultaneously, establish an equipment maintenance plan and train a professional maintenance team. Regularly inspect and update guest room equipment to prevent issues during operation, reducing the impact on the customer experience.

All equipment maintenance should be well-documented to help predict future maintenance needs and ensure a comprehensive understanding of equipment health. This not only contributes to improving customer experience but also helps effectively manage equipment lifespan and performance.


In summary, regardless of the innovation adopted, the key is to create unforgettable impressions to encourage repeat patronage. After all, satisfying and surpassing guest expectations has always been the golden rule in the hotel industry. Hotels can achieve long-term sustainability and profitability by implementing the 12 suggestions above, establishing an enduring reputation in the competitive market.

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