Are you wondering how to change batteries in door lock? In this article, you will get a complete guide about the lock battery, including the lock’s battery level checking, the lock battery types, a step-by-step guide to replacing your dead battery, etc.

In hotel, if the door lock stop working due to the battery running out, it will cause inconvenience to hotel guests. So the hotel admins need to ensure the door locks have enough power to work in advance. How to know the battery level of the hotel door lock? Here are two ways to check:

1. Most electronic locks on the market have a low battery warning. If the battery power is running low (usually less than 4.7V), there will be a red light flash and a “Didi-Didi-Didi” short drops alarm prompt when reading the keycard. At this time, the door lock can still be opened about 100 times.

Usually, the low battery signal is given months before the battery needs to be replaced, so you have a month-long to change the batteries. But to avoid any inconvenience, you’d best replace the batteries as soon as possible.

2. If you use a Bluetooth hotel lock management system with a gateway, the information about each battery level of locks will be automatically uploaded to the system, and you can check the battery level directly on the system.

How to change batteries in door lock? 1

What kind of battery does a hotel door lock use?

In recent years, smart homes have become popular, especially in hotel smart locks. Compared with traditional mechanical locks, smart locks have many advantages, such as keyless entry, ease to use, etc.

With the widely used smart locks, users will inevitably ignore some problems the locks brought. For example, the battery of the lock.

There are many types of batteries, including carbon-zinc batteries, alkaline batteries, lithium batteries, etc.

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Many people have a misconception that as long as the battery size is the same, it can be used to replace the old battery of the hotel smart lock. But in fact, not every type of battery is suitable for hotel locks. The battery in a smart lock lasts for half a year or even a year, and most people will not open the battery box to check the battery status during this period.

The longer the ordinary alkaline battery is used, the easier the liquid in the battery is leaked, which will not only corrode the intelligent door lock but also cause inconvenience to user access. Therefore, when choosing a battery for your hotel smart lock, be sure to buy a leak-proof battery so that it will not spoil the door lock.

Smart hotel door locks generally use 4 AA alkaline batteries or 4 AAA alkaline batteries, and there are also designed with 8 batteries. But it depends on the manufacturer, for example, some miniature locks use button batteries.

How to change the batteries in the door lock?


  • Phillip head screwdriver (Necessities)
  • Flathead screwdriver (Some locks may need )
  • Replacement batteries (Common types used in the hotel door lock is 4 AA alkaline batteries and 4 AAA alkaline batteries )
  • Battery replacement video (If you are not familiar with the battery replacement work, it will be helpful)
How to change batteries in door lock? 3
How to change batteries in door lock? 4


1. Verify the position of the battery box of the lock.

Different types of locks have different battery box positions. For example, the battery box in the split lock is usually hidden in the lock body, the battery box in the standard lock is usually in the back panel, etc. You can find them depending on the position of the push button.

How to change batteries in door lock? 5

2. Unfasten the screws and remove the battery compartment cover.

Unfasten the screws on the battery cover with the Phillips head screwdriver, and remove it.

3. Remove the dead batteries and insert the new batteries.

4. Reinstall the battery pack and battery cover.

Alternatives when the battery of the hotel door lock is dead.

Mechanical keys

Most hotel key card locks retain the function of traditional mechanical key unlock, and it is usually hidden behind a flap on the front. A mechanical lock allows you to open your hotel door in an emergency without needing a card, which is a good alternative if the hotel door lock battery is dead. It will be helpful when the computer is broken or the lock is in a state of misoperation.

How to change batteries in door lock? 6
How to change batteries in door lock? 7

MicroUSB power supply

Advanced hotel locks will equip with a MicroUSB interface. When the lock battery is dead, you can charge your lock temporarily using a USB cable by connecting your mobile device (e.g. mobile phone, mobile power bank) to your lock, this method can also be used to unlock.

Change the battery

The most direct method is to change the battery of the lock. Due to the battery box being inside the door, there has a premise that you have to finish your door lock battery replacement work inside the door.

How to change batteries in door lock? 8

Find a professional lock picker to open the lock

Unfortunately, you will not be able to find your mechanical keys, nor will you be able to find a data cable or mobile device to charge your lock. You can also hire a professional lock picker to open the lock for you.

People also ask:

(1) What is the typical battery life of a hotel door lock?

Since hotel door locks are frequently used in hotels, battery life is an important factor that affects the user experience and management of hotels.

The typical battery life of a hotel door lock is between 8 months and a year, usually can unlocking around 15000 times.

(2) What happens if the battery dies on the door lock?

If the battery dies on the door lock, you will not open the lock with key cards. Unless you change the battery, you can only use keys to unlock.

(3) Why does my hotel lock consume abnormally fast power?

Here are some reasons for your reference:

  • The reason for battery

Hotel door locks have a relatively higher requirement for the battery. Some low-end batteries or fake batteries on the market can easily cause hotel locks to consume power quickly. Moreover, inferior batteries will not only cause the problem of short use time of smart lock, but also cause leakage and damage to circuit boards.

  • The reason for the installation

Incorrect door lock installation may also lead to rapid battery consumption. For example, the connecting wires on the front and rear panels are damaged, which will cause short circuits or poor contacts, and also lead to high power consumption.

  • The reason for circuit board

The circuit board damaged or the connecting wire damaged will cause excessive power consumption of the function. This situation usually occurs after a period of the lock being used. And you can only find the dealer for replacement and maintenance.

  • The reason for the lock design

A manufacturer’s design problem will result in high battery power consumption. A typical problem is the power cord to be compressed and leak electricity, which generally cannot be replaced. Therefore, you’d best choose a manufacturer with more than ten years of experience, because the more experienced manufacturers are, the more secure the products have.

  • The reason for the lock function

It will also consume a lot of power if the lock has too many functions. Especially some additional features within the Bluetooth system like the electronic peephole, long-term Wi-Fi connection, and long-term lighting.

  • The reason for the far away from the gateway

Especially in Bluetooth systems, if you unlock the door always too far away from the gateway, it will lead to high power consumption.

  • The reason for the lock’s environment

As an example, the humidity level of the lock is above the permitted range and it lacks moisture-proofing treatment, which will cause the lock battery consumption quickly.

Door lock moisture-proofing treatment:


Common fault instructions for hotel locks

How to change batteries in door lock? 9


Now, you have a general learning about the hotel door lock battery replacement. If you have any other questions about battery replacement or about the hotel management system, pls feel free to contact us!

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