For hotel guests and managers alike, understanding hotel door lock technology is essential. Knowing how are hotel door locks powered is a crucial aspect of this technology. In this article, we will delve into the ins and outs of hotel door locks and their batteries, providing answers to all your queries.

We will explore the composition of hotel locks, the different power sources they use, their battery life, and maintenance requirements. So, get ready to learn more about this essential aspect of the hospitality industry!

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The hotel electronic lock panel is mainly divided into two parts, the front panel, and the back panel. Lock panel also can protect the internet electronic modules but also has a decorative function. Although the functionality of hotel key card door locks is similar, different designs can cater to different hotel styles, allowing the lock to blend in with the environment without looking out of place.

In the modern hotel industry, hotel electronic lock panels are typically made of materials such as zinc alloy, aluminum alloy, and stainless steel, which not only make the panel difficult to damage but also satisfy various design needs. 


Once a guest’s pin code is verified, they will need to press down on the smart lock handle to unlock their guest room door. The handle is the most direct way for guests to experience the lock. Therefore, the shape and rebound strength of the handle can significantly impact the overall guest experience. In the modern lock market, various options for handles are available, and different handle styles can also create different aesthetics and experiences. Choosing the right handle can be crucial to providing a positive guest experience.

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Lock body

The position of the handle and the design of the sensor head of different hotel locks will affect the type of lock mortise used. As the main component that needs to be embedded in the door, the material of the lock body is mainly stainless steel, which is more stable and durable.

However, some manufacturers may choose to use iron lock bodies to save costs, which lack of stable and are prone to damage. If you want to change your old lock without replacing your door, it is best to choose a lock body that matches the old hold to facilitate subsequent installation. And avoid situations such as secondary drilling or the panel being unable to cover the original hole position.

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Lock cylinder

Most electronic door locks are equipped with mechanical keys, which allow for emergency use to avoid being unable to unlock the door in case of power failure or malfunction. The lock cylinder is used to insert the key and achieve door unlocking by rotating it correctly.

Deadlocking knob

In order to prevent unauthorized individuals from using a card to unlock the door, most hotel key card locks not only have an anti-inserting lock tongue design but also have a deadlocking function. Some styles use a deadlocking knob for enhanced locking, while others support lifting the handle for deadlocking in pursuit of simplicity.

Battery Box

Currently, most hotels use electronic hotel locks to control access, so they all have battery box designs. Different locks have different battery requirements and positions. They are mainly located on the rear panel and the side of the lock body, and all of them require a screwdriver to remove the hotel door lock battery cover to prevent malicious damage.

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1. Rear panel: Most batteries are located at the upper end of the rear panel, fixed by screws, and can be removed and installed with a screwdriver.

2. Lock body: The lock body of some electronic locks is a long lock body, which contains the battery compartment. You need to remove the lock body guide plate side strip to find the battery box and change the battery.

Other accessories

In addition to the above parts, door locks also include many small components such as installation screws, screw sleeves, square rods, and door latch plates.

How Are Hotel Door Locks Powered?

Before addressing this issue, you need to understand if the smart hotel lock has a battery box design and where the battery box is located. As we mentioned earlier about the smart lock composition, the battery location of smart locks is mainly on the back panel or the side of the lock body. After finding the battery box, you also need to determine one thing, that is, what power supply method your lock uses.

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There are mainly three ways:

  1. Dry battery: The dry battery can be removed directly and replaced with a new one.
  2. Lithium battery: You can remove it and charge it directly using the same type of data cable. Manufacturers generally provide a charging cable.
  3. Centralized power supply: The method of centralized power supply is special and rare. It is generally used for managing dozens or hundreds of rooms, with a fixed DC power supply wired to each lock in each room. There is no need to find the battery cover in this case, as there is no battery design.

What to Do When Your Hotel Lock Battery Dies?

Emergency Mechanical Key for Opening Door

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Smart locks are usually equipped with an emergency mechanical key. If the smart lock runs out of battery and cannot be opened, you can use the emergency mechanical key to open it. The smart door lock keyhole is either in the middle-lower part or at the bottom of the front panel.

Temporary Charging through USB Port

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Smart locks generally have a USB port for charging. Many people carry chargers and power banks with them to charge their mobile devices. The charging port is usually located next to the mechanical keyhole, in the middle-lower part, or at the bottom of the front panel. Once you find it, you can use the power bank to charge the smart lock temporarily, and then you can open the door.

Call a professional locksmith for help

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If there is no mechanical key and it is not possible to open the lock through emergency charging, then you also can seek the help of a professional locksmith.

Friendly Reminder:

Since installing a smart door lock, most people choose not to carry a key. Because they are afraid of losing the key, or scratching other items if stored in their bag. To be prepared for emergencies, it is recommended that you keep an emergency key in your car, bag, or a trusted friend’s house. 

Why Smart Locks Run Out of Juice Quickly?

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Smart locks have become a popular hotel and home security option due to their convenience and ease of use. However, if your smart lock runs out of power quickly, it can be frustrating and even compromise your safety. Here, we’ll explore the common reasons for power drain in smart locks and how to avoid them, specifically with regard to popular hotel lock options.

One of the most common reasons for a quick battery drain is poor-quality smart locks. If the battery is depleted within a week, it’s a clear sign that there is a problem with the quality of the smart lock you are using. To avoid this situation, it’s recommended that you choose a smart lock that meets industry standards and is manufactured by a reputable hotel lock system supplier with a long manufacturing experience.

In addition to poor quality smart locks, there are several other reasons that can cause high power consumption. The main reasons are as follows:

1. Poor reliability of the mainboard: This problem is usually caused by insufficient rigorous environmental and aging testing before leaving the factory, resulting in failures and high power consumption. If the mainboard is unreliable, you may need to contact the manufacturer to replace it.

2. Incorrect installation: Damage or poor contact of the connection wires between the front and back panels can cause short circuits or poor contact, leading to higher power consumption. The battery compartment is located in the back panel, while the main working parts are in the front panel, connected by wires. If the installation is incorrect, you’ll need to fix the connection wires between the front and back panels.

3. Abnormal smart lock functions: This mainly reflects in whether the electronic unlocking methods are proper, such as passwords, fingerprints, smart card swipes, Bluetooth, smartphone control, and others, and whether there are any abnormal alarms or prompt sounds or light effects. If there are abnormal smart lock functions, you’ll need to check and adjust the electronic unlocking methods or alarms.

4. Poor battery quality: Poor battery quality can also result in fast battery depletion and even battery leakage, damaging the smart lock. Therefore, it’s recommended that you use alkaline dry batteries instead of carbon dry batteries. Although they are more expensive, they have higher capacity and are less prone to leakage.

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By avoiding these common pitfalls, you can ensure that your smart lock will operate reliably and keep you and your property safe.

How to Maintenance Your Hotel Room Locks?

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To ensure the long-term and stable use of hotel locks, daily maintenance of the locks cannot be ignored. Hotel managers need to take the following measures:

  1. Regularly maintain and check the working status of electronic hotel locks, and promptly replace aging parts.
  2. Maintain the appearance of the lock, generally by wiping the surface dust with a cotton cloth, without using corrosive cleaning agents.
  3. Limit the operation permissions of hotel staff to ensure that only authorized personnel can operate the hotel electronic lock.
  4. Check the battery level of the lock, and promptly replace the battery if there is a low battery power alert.
  5. Strengthen employee security awareness, increase their awareness of hotel security, and avoid internal destruction incidents.

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