As the smart era approaches, people’s living standards and pursuit of high-quality living are constantly improving. For hotel guests, compared to the hotel room rates, they are more concerned about the “experience” of the hotel. Hotel smart room technology enhances the guest experience and provides an intuitive way for guests to feel “smart”. Combining the Internet of Things and artificial intelligence allows hotel guests to enjoy a more perfect and comfortable accommodation experience.

When discussing hotel smart room technology, topics such as “smart hotels” and the “smart era” are inevitably mentioned. In this brilliant technological time, increasingly smart hotels are appearing in people’s fields of vision, they are energy-saving, environmentally protected, novelty, and convenient, making them deeply engraved in people’s minds and deeply loved by them.

Hotel smart room technology relies on IoT technology, integrating intelligent light control, temperature management, exchange management, and information service management functions into a smart hotel management system. The connection of various software and hardware provides guests with information-based, intelligent, and personalized services, which not only improves customer satisfaction but also reduces hotel operating costs.

What Can You Get From Smart Hotel Technology?

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Lower Operational Costs

Artificial intelligence technology is expected to save 60% of hotel operational costs, according to survey statistics. The use of robots instead of manpower can greatly reduce labor costs for hotels and improve work efficiency. Artificial intelligence services and personalized check-in can help hotels create distinctive brands, improve service quality, and thus reduce costs.

More Positive Customer Reviews

Smart hotel room technology provides guests with more personalized functions, upgrading their staying experience. For example, guests can book a room on their phone and use their phone to directly open the room door upon arrival. Upon opening the door, the room automatically enters a welcome mode, turning on lighting, air conditioning, curtains, music, and other hotel room devices. Guests can also use the smart voice assistant in the room for voice interaction and control, making it convenient and fun. This enhances guest satisfaction and generates more positive reviews for the hotel by infusing their entire stay process with a sense of technology.

Simpler Hotel Management

Hotel managers can achieve intelligent management of hotel equipment and guest rooms by using a cloud-based guest control management platform. Using a clearer and more intuitive big data management platform, managers can easily collect hotel-related data such as occupancy rates and marketing data to make accurate marketing predictions for the future. In this way, hotels can not only improve their services to guests but also reduce complaints and enhance their reputation.

9 Cutting-Edge Smart Hotel Room Technologies You Can

Keyless Entry

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Keyless entry has become the norm in many advanced hotel designs. Contemporary smart locks used in hotels offer a variety of unlocking options, such as fingerprint scanning, facial recognition, password input, Bluetooth connectivity, and even the use of smart devices. In spite of not requiring a physical room card or key, there are still multiple ways to remotely unlock your room door. This smart technology offers guests a more convenient and secure way to access their rooms, while minimizing the risks of room cards getting lost or stolen.

Personalized Room Control

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Smart room technology allows guests to customize their room scenes. After check-in, the smart devices in the room will automatically execute according to the preset mode. And the system monitors environmental changes in real time and adjusts accordingly. Guests can also customize the scene mode through a smart panel or their smartphones, easily remotely controlling the smart hotel room devices and creating a new experience for hotel stays.

Intelligent Hotel Rooms Include:

  • Smart TV
  • Lighting System
  • Automatic Curtains
  • Smart Thermostat
  • Sound System
  • Robot Assistants
  • And more.
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8 Scene modes are available, providing your guests with a convenient and comfortable new experience. Innovative AI voice interaction mode, realizing convenient operation management while bringing new energy management upgrades to hotels.

AI Voice Assistant

Smart hotel rooms provide smart panels and AI voice assistants, allowing users to wake up by voice commands. It enables convenient voice control of electronic devices in the room, such as TVs, curtains, BGM, lighting, air conditioning, etc., providing guests with intelligent and convenient room management and experiences.

Infrared Sensor System

The infrared sensor system is based on the principle of infrared reflection. When someone enters the sensing range, the system sensor detects changes in the human body’s infrared spectrum and automatically turns on the power to activate the smart device. Similarly, when the user leaves the sensing range, the system automatically disconnects the power.

Most smart hotel rooms’ infrared sensor systems include three functions: bathroom body sensor, hallway body sensor, and room door body sensor. Guests can be sensed no matter where they are in the room, making intelligent sensing ubiquitous. It not only enhances service quality but also effectively lowers energy consumption.

Smart TV

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High-definition smart TVs provide access to streaming services, video-on-demand, and other entertainment options. Guests can also use voice commands to remote control the TV, watch the latest movies, listen to their favorite music, and learn more about the hotel’s surrounding entertainment services, making their stay less lonely.

Robot Assistants

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Hotels can use robots to deliver room service items, provide directions or perform other tasks. These room service robots can help reduce labor costs and provide guests with a unique and innovative hotel experience.

Hotel Brand Application Program

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Many branded hotels have created their own exclusive hotel apps to expand their business scope and create exclusive hotel brands. In the hotel’s app, people can quickly find the services they need and enjoy them. Room control, local recommendations, hotel ordering, one-click call to the front desk, self-service extension of stay, one-click call for cleaning, service complaints, and more can all be easily operated through the phone app, without the need to call the front desk and wait for a long time. This technology provides a more convenient and personalized way for guests to interact with the hotel brand.

High-Tech Security

Smart hotels use more advanced hotel security systems such as keyless entry, biometric scanning, and video surveillance. The combination of networked smart locks and hotel room management software systems allows for real-time upload of hotel lock information, including smart lock status (battery level, signal strength, etc.), unlocking records (whether it is mechanical key unlocking or digital key unlocking), and illegal intrusion alarms, making the security factor higher.

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Furthermore, compared to traditional hotel locks, modern hotel smart locks incorporate more advanced and comprehensive anti-illegal unlocking technology. This technology not only prevents unauthorized access but also provides peace of mind for guests during their stay.

Smart Check out

Compared to traditional hotel check-out where room inspection and check-out procedures are required at the front desk, the renovated smart hotel only requires check-out on the corresponding intelligent platform. The system will pop up all the consumption amounts during the stay, and after confirming the payment, guests can leave at any time without wasting time waiting in line at the front desk for check-out.

Hotel Smart Room Technology Appreciation 

Aloft Cupertino

Aloft Cupertino is a hotel that features high-tech amenities throughout its property. The hotel offers voice-activated guest rooms, robotic butlers that can deliver items to guests’ rooms, and a virtual concierge that guests can access via their smartphones.

Marriott International

Marriott International has launched its “Internet of Things” (IoT) Guestroom Lab at its headquarters in Maryland, which features a variety of smart technologies such as voice-activated rooms, smart mirrors that display news and weather, and showerheads that track water usage.

The Wynn Las Vegas

The Wynn Las Vegas is one of the most technologically advanced hotels in the world. The hotel features automated curtains and lighting, voice-activated rooms, and a personal assistant named “Alexa” in every room. The hotel also uses advanced analytics to monitor guests’ behavior and preferences, allowing them to provide personalized services and recommendations.

Upgrade To Smart Room Technology Now!

Smart room technology can benefit hotels by increasing guest satisfaction, improving efficiency and cost savings, providing a competitive advantage, and future-proofing properties. Features such as smart locks, smart lighting, and temperature control can provide a personalized and convenient experience for guests while also reducing energy consumption and expenses.

Upgrading to smart room technology can give hotels a competitive edge by differentiating them from competitors and attracting tech-savvy guests. Furthermore, investing in smart room technology can future-proof hotels by preparing them for upcoming trends and guest expectations. 

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Upgrade your hotel by starting with upgrading your locks! YGS is a leading smart lock supplier in the Chinese hotel industry. For the past 22 years, YGS has been focused on smart lock manufacturing, constantly innovating and designing for safety and stability, and committed to creating smarter and more controllable hotel locks. Our system has been successfully implemented in thousands of hotels and residential areas, both large and small. Contact us to get a customized integrated solution for your hotel.

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