Hotels are comprehensive service-oriented enterprises that provide accommodation, dining, entertainment, shopping, and other services. It serves as a living base for guests during travels, business trips, conferences, and other activities. For guests, the appeal of a hotel goes beyond comfortable accommodations and attentive services—it also lies in the safety measures the hotel has in place. Hotel safety devices directly determine hotel business success.

Here, we will explore some key security devices that every hotel should consider adopting. This will ensure the safety and peace of mind of both hotels and guests.


Hotel Lock Series: YGS-9916


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Compared to traditional mechanical locks, smart door locks offer higher security. Modern hotel smart door locks use key cards or smartphones for unlocking, eliminating the issues associated with traditional mechanical keys. Hotel key cards are managed by the hotel management software system. This allows for easy creation, deletion, and replacement of key cards without the concern of losing physical keys.

Furthermore, electronic smart locks incorporate more advanced security technologies, such as a five-tongue triple-action design and alloy-cast lock body, making the entire locking mechanism more robust, stable, and secure. With the advancement of high technology, even more advanced techniques will be applied to hotel door locks, continuously enhancing hotel security.

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To differentiate your hotel from others and attract more guests, you need a cutting-edge hotel door lock system. As smart door lock industry leaders in China, YGS offer state-of-the-art electronic locking solutions that cover popular RFID, Bluetooth, and ZigBee technologies in the market.

We also provide regular software updates and system maintenance services for our customers to ensure your hotel is always up-to-date. Please contact our team to learn more about our professional hotel door lock system and take your hotel forward!

Video Surveillance System

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Video surveillance systems are crucial for maintaining a safe hotel environment. It consists of security cameras, recording devices, manual image switches, and TV screens. It is typically installed at hotel entrances, elevators, guest room passages, and other sensitive areas to detect suspicious individuals and abnormal activities.

Once the cameras capture suspicious individuals, hotel staff can quickly identify and locate them, taking timely measures. Additionally, the presence of a video surveillance system acts as a psychological deterrent to criminals, reducing the likelihood of crime and ensuring hotel security.

Fire Safety Equipment

Fire safety is a critical aspect of hotel safety. To protect the lives and property of guests and employees, hotels must install comprehensive fire safety equipment throughout the premises.

These devices include smoke detectors, fire extinguishers, sprinkler systems, and emergency exit signs.

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Smoke detectors

Smoke detectors detect smoke abnormalities and sound alarms, alerting guests to potential fires and prompting them to evacuate safely. These detectors are typically installed in guest rooms, hallways, and public areas.

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Sprinkler systems

Sprinkler systems are designed to automatically activate and release water when a fire is detected, suppressing flames and preventing fire spread.

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Fire extinguishers

Fire extinguishers are essential for responding to small-scale fires. Hotels typically place them in easily accessible locations throughout the building, allowing hotel staff and hotel guests to use them immediately.

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Emergency exit signs

Emergency exit signs are necessary in any public space. These signs help individuals unfamiliar with the building’s layout quickly locate the correct escape routes, enhancing premises safety.

Furthermore, to ensure effective evacuation procedures during emergencies, regular inspections, maintenance, and fire safety training are also crucial measures. These measures ensure that hotels can effectively respond to fires and other emergency situations, maximizing employee and guest safety.

Emergency Lighting System

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As a public spaces, hotels need continuous lighting to ensure safety. The emergency lighting system in a hotel should cover a wide range of areas such as business premises, guest room corridors, evacuation staircases, fire elevators, electrical rooms, and control rooms. And it is generally installed on walls or ceilings.

The emergency lighting system should illuminate 0.5 lux to provide sufficient light for safe evacuation. Additionally, the system’s power supply should last for at least 20 minutes, ensuring continuous lighting during emergencies. This design provides enough time for the hotel to evacuate individuals safely.

The hotel management team should regularly inspect and maintain the emergency lighting system to ensure its proper operation. Backup power sources should be available to address potential power outages. Furthermore, hotel employees should receive training to familiarize themselves with the operation and use of the emergency lighting system. This will ensure they can quickly and effectively activate and guide evacuations during emergencies.

Lens Peephole

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The lens peephole is typically installed on doors as an auxiliary tool that provides guests with the ability to observe the external environment from inside their rooms. This device typically consists of an optical lens and an observation window, offering a clear field of view and a wide-angle observation range.

By using a lens peephole, guests can obtain important information without opening the door. This includes appearance, identity verification, and items carried by visitors. This functionality makes lens peepholes widely used in various types of buildings, such as hotels, apartments, and office spaces, to ensure both user safety and convenience.

Security Latch

For safety concerns, hotels should install security latches. Security latches are an important additional security feature in hotels to prevent unauthorized entry. It is usually installed on the interior side of the guest room near the door lock, providing an extra layer of protection.

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A security latch is a removable or fixed metal device that, when fixed to the door frame or edge, works in conjunction with the door lock to provide additional security.

When activated, the security latch can prevent the door from being further opened, even with a valid door lock key or card. This prevents intruders from easily gaining access to the guest room through simple door-prying methods.

Hotel security latches are typically made of sturdy metal materials with features such as pry resistance, impact resistance, and drill resistance to enhance their resistance to attacks.

Additionally, some security latches are equipped with security alarm systems that sound an alert when someone attempts to forcefully enter the guest room, notifying the occupants and those nearby of potential danger.

Security latches are an integral part of guest room safety, providing an additional level of security that allows guests to feel more at ease and secure within their rooms. Hotel management teams should ensure the proper operation of security latches through regular inspections and maintenance.

Prior to guest room usage, appropriate education and guidance should be provided to guests to familiarize them with the correct usage of security latches and reinforce their awareness of personal safety.

Electronic Hotel Safe Box

Electronic hotel safe boxes in hotel guest rooms enhance guest satisfaction and increase repeat business. During their travels, guests often carry a significant amount of cash, jewelry, digital devices, and other valuable items that require reliable security protection. By providing hotel safe boxes, hotels offer guests secure and reliable storage space. This reduces the risk of theft of their valuable belongings and allows them to enjoy their entire stay without worries.

Modern hotel safe boxes employ advanced technology and possess excellent security and confidentiality features. Guests can securely lock and unlock the safes through personal passwords, fingerprint recognition, or smart cards, among other unique authentication methods. This highly personalized and secure design enables guests to enjoy the confidentiality and convenience of storing their belongings.

As one of China’s leading smart lock suppliers, we also offer high-security safes to meet different needs. These safes are manufactured using durable materials and possess features such as pry resistance, impact resistance, and drill resistance. This provides comprehensive protection for guests’ valuable items. Contact us to obtain excellent safe solutions and enhance your hotel travel security!


Hotel Safe Box Series: YGS6001C

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Hotel Safe Box Series: YGS6001D


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Hotel Safe Box Series: YGS6001F


In an era where guest safety is of paramount importance, hotels must employ the latest security equipment to provide a safe environment. By investing in the above essential security measures, hotels can establish a strong reputation for prioritizing guest safety. They can also provide a comfortable and secure accommodation experience that leaves a lasting positive impression.

If you want your customers to feel more at ease and secure, you can also provide extra security for your hotel guests, such as optional portable door locks. These portable locks can offer an extra level of security for guests, allowing them to have a greater sense of safety during their stay.

As a result, guests can check in with peace of mind and have enhanced assurance regarding the safety of their personal belongings. By offering these additional services and security measures, you can meet the needs of your customers and strengthen the hotel’s safety image, ultimately improving guest satisfaction and loyalty.

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