In recent years, mobile check-in technology has been rapidly popularized in the travel industry. Especially in the hotel industry, hotel mobile check in technology allows guests to choose traditional check-in or contactless check-in, which can make your hotel more intelligent and attractive.

Here, we will introduce more about hotel mobile check-in, hoping can help you decide whether to install this technology for your hotels.

Hotel mobile check-in is a contactless technology that uses smart technology and IoT to provide users with a self-check-in experience. Users can book online through a mobile app, official website, WeChat small program, and more.

With online check-in, users can also achieve Bluetooth room cards, smart guest room control, mobile dining, and more new functions. It means that users can finish the entire online check-in process with a phone.

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The benefits of using mobile check-in.

For hotels:


Save management costs. Mobile check-in means more self-service, which also means hotels will use more smart robots to replace human beings. In this way, hotel management will be more relaxed, and it can reduce labor costs and save management costs.


Save front desk staff time. Hotels with self-service technology, hotel receptionists can not only be limited to the front desk service, they can shift more attention to other places. Especially on holidays, and with a large flow of travelers times, mobile check-in helps hotel reception no longer traffic, and saves time for guests and staff.


More attentive services. Mobile check-in makes hotel management easier. Hotel front desk agents have a lot of time to focus on serving guests, which can provide more precise services for each guest, and help guests learn more about the hotel.


Keeping customer satisfaction. Studies and research have found that the longer the wait at the front desk, the less satisfied guests are with the hotel. It will cause the guests to choose other hotels, thus making the hotel lose part of its customer base. Using mobile check-in technology can solve this problem ingeniously. 


Promote your hotel brand. With the hotel app, hotels can preview the guests’ check-in requirements and arrange rooms for them in advance, which improves guest satisfaction with the hotel. In addition, hotels can connect with guests by hotel app, push hotel-related information to guests, and promote their hotel brand.

For guests:


Skip the line. By using a mobile device to check-in, guests can use their mobile phone to book a room and skip any line at the front desk, which can help them save time and enjoy their stay more. Common seen hotel mobile check-in ways include hotel app, WeChat small program, self-check-in machine, website link, etc.


More freedom. With mobile check-in services, guests can select a room based on their hobbies. And they can set a suitable stay environment like comfortable lighting, ideal temperature, favorite TV channel, etc via the app. In addition, they can choose whether contact hotel staff. This hotel environment gives them more freedom and enjoyment.


Privacy protection. Mobile check-in can perfectly avoid front desk check-in errors and personnel information leakage. The self-check-in uses higher security verification, making guests’ privacy more secure.


Without key cards. With mobile hotel check-in, guests can enter their rooms without using a physical key, which is a type of keyless entry technology. They can unlock the elevator and open the room door directly through their phone. They are no longer worried about losing or forgetting their room keys.

Is there any downside to hotel mobile check-in?

Every coin has two sides, and mobile hotel check-in is no exception. Even though it brings many benefits for us, it also has some downsides, likes:


Low phone battery. A dead phone is not a good thing for those use mobile check-in solutions, which means, you won’t be able to unlock your door lock. At this time, you still need to go to the hotel front desk to get a key. But before you get the key, you have to prove your identity to the front desk, which is undoubtedly a waste of time and a troublesome process.


Poor network. Whether it is your mobile phone or the hotel door locks signal is not good, or there is no Internet, it will cause you can not enter your room, which will be a bad experience.


The hotel has a power outage. In the event of a power outage, the mobile check-in hotels will come to standstill, and the door locks in the hotel will only be accessible with traditional keys or key cards, which will cause front desk traffic and even confusion, which result that nobody wants.


A new hotel management system is required. Mobile check-in mainly relies on artificial intelligence and computer systems to work, which means higher costs. This solution is not a good choice for a small hotel.


Less interaction between people. The biggest feature of using mobile check-in is contactless, but in fact, this is also its shortcoming. Due to the lack of contact, the interaction between the hotel and the guests will be reduced, so many human services are missing, which may also lead to lower guest satisfaction.

What can you do with a mobile key?

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Choice your favorite screen

Digital check-in allows using your favorite screen to check in, such as Smartphone, apple watch, iPad, etc.

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Ready to booking

Preview the hotel environment and the hotel services, and leave your staying requirement on the hotel platform such as app, hotel official website, check-in link.

hotel mobile check in 4

Book a room

Decide what hotel you will stay in, and choose a room. And then check-in: register your details like name, contact details, ID card number, check-in time, check-out time, etc.

hotel mobile check in 5

Online payment

After the booking process is done, you need to pay the bills. Binding your bank card and finishing payment.

hotel mobile check in 6

Arrive at the hotel

Go straight to your room without going to the reception desk. And unlock your door with a digital key. You can also access the hotel parking lot, swimming pool, hotel restaurant, etc.

hotel mobile check in 7

Connect to your room

By connecting your smartphone to your guest room, you can control the lighting, temperature, curtains, TV, and more in your guest room.

hotel mobile check in 8

Enjoy your staying

With the hotel app, you can also search nearby attractions, check the weather, check the travel mode, browse your hotel menu and order food, and so on.

hotel mobile check in 9

Check out online

If you download the hotel app, you can check out online and bypass the front desk, which is a quick and contactless way to mobile check-out.

How can achieve mobile hotel check-in?

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If you are interested in mobile hotel check-in services, the following steps will help you to achieve them.

Step 1: Install a hotel door lock system that allows mobile check-in.

If you already have hotel door lock systems, but it doesn’t support this function (typical example: offline locks), you may need to upgrade your systems. To achieve mobile check-in, you can reference our Bluetooth hotel lock system.

Step 2: Create an app just for your hotel.

This will make your hotel look advanced and convenient. Guests only need to use one program to access all hotel functions. 

Step 3: Make your hotel mobile check-in system online.

This means that your guests can access all the functions in the hotel through the hotel program, without having to re-enter the website and log in every time.

Step 4: Promote your hotel mobile check-in services.

So that can let more customers know it and choose your hotel. And by downloading your hotel app before arriving, they can enjoy more mobile services and thus rate your hotel higher.

People also ask

When checking in at a hotel, do I need to download a mobile app?

There is no requirement, you can choose whether to download the hotel app. If not the app, you can also use other online booking platforms to check in, typically through the hotel website, WeChat small program, travel software, etc.

But you can get more mobile guest services if you download the app. For example:

  • You can browse the hotel service directly, and get the services here, such as ordering food, asking for room cleaning service, and controlling your room devices.
  • You can also create an exclusive account, you can get more welfare from the hotel, and manage your account via the app.
  • Since the app can save your logging record, you won’t need to re-enter your information every time, which is convenient.

Can hotel mobile check-in be trusted?

Of course, as long as the hotel you choose is reputable and use advanced digital solution, your privacy is safe here. With the advanced digital check-in services, the possibility of human error will be reduced. And most mobile checks on the market use higher security verification processes (such as biometric recognition), so make your account harder to crack and more secure.

Does the mobile check-in need networking?

Yes, mobile check-in needs networking. Only by internet connection, your real-time data can be received by the hotel.

How do I know if my hotel allows mobile check-in?

You can get answers by asking the front desk staff. Another way is to use your mobile phone to enter the online platform of the hotel, so that you can check whether the hotel has these functions.

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