Hotel lock system software refers to a software or platform that can improve the efficiency of hotel management. It provides hotels with an all-in-one management platform based on information technology and systematic management principles. By reading this article, you will find all the information you need to know about hotel management system software! Let’s start it!

Traditional hotel management processes typically require significant human and material resources to complete various stages of guest check-in. However, the complexity of this process can lead to errors, thereby affecting the efficiency and occupancy rate of the hotel.

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To address these issues, the introduction of computer-assisted systems has become a viable solution. Hotel management system software is a solution that combines computer technology with hotel management. Its primary goal is simplifying hotel management tasks and providing secure access control for hotels.

A hotel lock management system generally consists of hotel locks, hotel lock system software, key card programmers, guest key cards, and hotel smart locks. Within the software system, you can perform all front desk procedures, including reservations, check-ins, check-outs, extensions, card issuance, card re-issuance, and cancel card, among other operations.

This system software replaces traditional mechanical keys with state-of-the-art electronic access methods, providing convenience and flexibility to guests. Through online management, hotels can enhance operations, streamline check-in and check-out processes, and provide a seamless guest experience.

Due to the development of smart hotels, modern hotel management software includes more comprehensive interfaces that can integrate many new hotel business operations.

These may include hotel catering management, financial report queries, room access control, front desk operation logs, VOD systems and monitoring, sales POS, and room attendants. These advanced functions make hotel management more intelligent and convenient, becoming a major trend in the hotel industry.

YGS Hotel Lock System Software Features

  • A simple and intuitive user interface design, clear understanding of the current status of each room.
  • Different color tones and icons, making it clearly display the current room status, facilitating identification and preventing errors.
  • Supports quick searching of target rooms based on “building,” “floor,” and “room type.”
  • Pending button, allowing real-time monitoring of the key permissions granting and deletion situation. Failed operations are highlighted with prompts on this button.
  • Comprehensive room status statistics, providing real-time and intuitive displays of the total number of rooms in different states. Clickable status icons allow for convenient management operations.
  • Users can define system functionality permissions for each position in accordance with their respective job descriptions. Supports multiple employee accounts simultaneously logging into the management platform from different devices.
  • The system records information about guests currently staying, door lock operations, and check-in/extension/check-out operations. All hotel records can be easily accessed, facilitating the resolution of hotel disputes.
  • Networked lock online management software, providing remote unlock function, enabling remote resolution of guest issues. Reduces hotel manual operational costs, improves hotel work efficiency, and easily enables contactless check-ins.

Hotel Lock System Software Operation

Hotel Key Card Encoder

Hotel key card encoder, also known as a card issuer/card reader/card writer, is an electronic device primarily used for programming cards. In other words, it acts as a transmitter, transferring the information entered by administrators in the system onto blank cards.

Through key card programming, hotel staff can assign specific permissions and access levels to guests. Guests can use the card to open specific doors before card expiration. Additionally, by using the key card programmer for identification, staff can view the card info and the unlocking records of the card.

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Blank Cards

Blank cards are cards that have not been programmed or authorized. They do not contain any information and cannot open any doors. In hotel door lock systems, they are used as personal access credentials for guests. Using the programmer, hotel staff can program specific access permissions into these blank cards, making them valid access cards. Popular hotel key card technologies in modern hotels are RFID cards and magnetic stripe cards.  

Hotel Smart Door Locks

Hotel smart door locks are one of the most frequently contacted security devices for hotel guests. They provide convenient and fast unlocking methods while offering the highest level of security access control, ensuring the safety of guests during their stay.

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Compared to other types of smart door locks, hotel smart door locks use a simpler and more user-friendly method of unlocking, primarily using card swiping. With just a touch, guests can easily open doors without the hassle of traditional mechanical operations, providing a more convenient experience.

Furthermore, hotel smart door locks possess various other smart features that enhance the guest’s accommodation experience. For example, they can integrate with the hotel PMS system, realizing seamless room access control.

Guests can effortlessly enter their rooms through a mobile application or electronic key card without having to wait in line for check-in. Additionally, hotel smart door locks can record guest entry and exit activities, providing effective security monitoring and management for the hotel.

Hotel Lock System Software

Hotel lock system software is a critical component that manages and controls the entire hotel door lock system. This software connects the electronic locks and other accessories, providing support for key card programming, access control, permission management, and usage record tracking.

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Smart Access Control System

Integrated with advanced authentication technology and modern security measures, smart access control systems provide efficient and reliable access restrictions to hotel interiors and rooms. For hotel buildings, a smart access control system is an effective solution for implementing security measures and managing important areas.

Hotels can enhance overall security and protect important resources by implementing strict management and inspection at entrances and exits when utilizing this system.

The system can also provide real-time access logs and records, facilitating monitoring and auditing of internal access activities, and further strengthening security management and risk control.

Hotel Data Collector

A hotel data collector is a portable device used for various operations in a hotel lock system, such as key card programming, permission allocation, and door lock status inquiries. It offers flexible mobility and usability, enabling hotel staff to perform necessary management tasks in different locations.

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Smart Elevator Access Control

Smart elevator access control system is an advanced technology specifically designed to manage elevator access permissions within the hotel. By utilizing smart elevator access control, hotels can effectively control access to specific areas or floors, ensuring that only authorized personnel can enter the corresponding areas.

In modern elevator access control technology, card reading and remote control via mobile devices are the most popular methods. Users simply need to carry the programmed access credentials and scan them on the elevator control reader to complete identification and gain access. The introduction of this device greatly enhances hotel security and management efficiency.

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Smart Power Switch

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A smart power switch is an energy-efficient management device used to control the power supply in hotel rooms. It is typically installed on the wall near the door lock inside the guest room. Once the authorized card is inserted, the power switch automatically recognizes the card information and supplies power. Removing the card will disconnect the power. Unauthorized entry cards will not be able to access room power.

Using a smart room power switch, hotels can intelligently manage power supply based on guest occupancy and room requirements. Thereby saving energy and ensuring a safe and convenient electric environment for their guests. It simplifies hotel staff management tasks and effectively reduces maintenance costs for the hotel.

Frequently Asked Questions

How to program a hotel key card?

Once you have a complete hotel lock system in place, programming room keys becomes straightforward. First, you need to connect the computer with the hotel lock system management software to the programmer using a data cable. Then, hotel front desk operation staff enter the necessary information into the system and transfer it to the key card through the card encoder. The card programming will be finished.

The system has a perfect hotel key card solution, which allows you to set up various card types, and the specific steps may vary slightly. For example, building cards, floor cards, guest cards, time cards, and more. For more detailed programming instructions, please refer to the following article: The Ultimate Guide to hotel key card programmer.

Is the hotel lock management software free?

The availability and pricing of hotel lock management software vary depending on the vendor or provider. Some lock software solutions may offer a limited free version, while others may require a subscription or one-time purchase.

YGS provides a free hotel lock system installation package and offers complete installation procedures, as well as operational guidelines and manuals for the hotel lock system. If you encounter difficulties during the installation process, our professional after-sales service team is available to assist you.

Can I customize my hotel lock system software?

The customization options for hotel room door lock system software depend on the specific vendor or provider. Some software solutions may offer customization features that allow you to customize the software to your specific needs. However, the extent of customization may vary, so it is recommended to consult the software provider for detailed information about customization options.

YGS hotel lock system offers customization services, providing personalized solutions for the hotel industry. Regarding the system, YGS allows customization of system language, system interface, mechanical key management plans, and more. In terms of hotel smart locks, YGS allows customized logos, handle shapes, guest card surfaces, and more. It offers great flexibility and scalability to ensure that the lock system perfectly matches the hotel’s decor style and design elements.

Could the hotel lock system be integrated with a PMS system?

Yes, many modern hotel door lock systems can be integrated with a Property Management System (PMS). This integration enables seamless communication between the lock system and PMS, allowing for remote check-in/check-out, keyless entry, real-time room status updates, and more.

What types of locks and hardware are compatible with the software?

The compatibility of hotel lock system software depends on the specific software provider and the technology they support. So, it’s recommended to check with the system supplier or consult their documentation to determine the details. Here are some common types of locks and hardware that are often compatible with hotel lock system software for your reference:

  • Magnetic Stripe Card Locks: These locks use magnetic stripe cards to grant access to hotel rooms. System software can encode these cards by card encoder. Magnetic card lock requires card holders to insert the card into the door lock to unlock.
  • RFID Card Locks: Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) is a kind of contactless technology in the hotel field. RFID card door locks that use contactless cards or key fobs to unlock doors. The software manages the encoding and authorization of these cards.
  • Bluetooth/NFC Locks: These locks utilize Bluetooth or Near Field Communication (NFC) technology to connect with guests’ smartphones or key fobs. The mobile app hotel lock management software of these locks can establish access rights and manage them remotely.
  • Biometric Locks: Biometric locks use fingerprint, iris, or facial recognition technology for access control. The software integrates with the biometric hardware to manage user profiles and grant access.
  • Keypad/Code Locks: These locks require users to input a unique code or PIN to unlock the door. The software manages the assignment and control of these codes.
  • Electronic Door Locks: Electronic locks may come in various forms, such as motorized deadbolts or electromagnetic locks. The software can interface with these locks to control their locking/unlocking mechanisms.
  • Wi-Fi or Networked Locks: Some locks connect directly to the hotel’s Wi-Fi network or a wired network. The software communicates with these locks over the network to manage access permissions.

Expansion – Smart Hotel Implement 

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To realize a smart hotel, you can incorporate various advanced lock technologies and systems to enhance hotel guest experiences, improve operational efficiency, and streamline processes. Some key components of a smart hotel can include:

  • Keyless entry systems: Implementing keyless entry systems using RFID or mobile access technology for guests to access their rooms.
  • Automated check-in/out: Offering self-check-in/out kiosks or mobile check-in options to reduce waiting times.
  • IoT in hotels: Integrating Internet of Things (IoT) devices to control room features like lighting, temperature, and entertainment systems through a centralized management system.
  • Guest mobile apps: Providing a mobile app that allows guests to control room features, request services, and access hotel amenities.
  • Energy management systems: Utilizing smart sensors and energy-efficient devices to monitor and manage energy consumption in rooms and common areas.
  • Personalization: Utilizing guest data and artificial intelligence to personalize guest experiences and tailor services based on individual preferences.
  • Analytics and automation: Implementing data analytics and automation tools to optimize operations, improve revenue management, and enhance guest satisfaction.

It’s important to note that the implementation of a smart hotel requires careful planning, investment in technology infrastructure, and collaboration with reputable vendors or system integrators.

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