With the latest tech developments, the hotel keyless entry system is no longer just a fantasy, now not only are the major hotel brands allowing keyless, but small hotels can also use this technology, and the cost is not high. Keyless entry will become a major trend in the hotel industry.

As the “leader” in the smart door lock industry, YGS Lock has been focusing on the hotel’s one-card digital lock products and solutions since its foundation. To adapt to market changes, we continue to invest in innovation and manufacture products that meet the needs of the times.

Nowadays, YGS has its hotel management system (PMS hotel management system), which was developed by YGS independently, and services thousands of hotels. YGS is committed to creating a more user-friendly, more scientific “intelligent management system”. 

PMS hotel management system takes hotel management as a platform and integrates equipment management, room management, and user management. It can be easily controlled by a mobile phone or computer, which helps hotels improve user satisfaction, reduce costs and improve management efficiency.


What is hotel keyless entry system?

A keyless entry system is one of the ways to unlock. With this system, customers can enter their rooms without a real key. How can they open the hotel door? Usually, a hotel with mobile keyless entry technology connects with the hotel PMS system.

After a guest books a room, the hotel staff will enter the system background and input the corresponding guest information, and then the hotel guest will receive the message of booking successful, which means they can access the room by their phone, apple watch, or laptop.

What’s more, with the system key, the guest can open their room door lock, activate the elevator access, and access hotel common areas. The whole process does not need a physical key, which enhances the guest experience and helps reduce the plastic used in traditional key cards. And once the guest leaves the hotel, the phone key will automatically invalid.


Why does the hotel choose the hotel keyless entry system?

The convenience of keyless.

Hotel intelligent door lock design makes hotel room management more convenient. YGS hotel door lock system allows remote occupancy monitoring on a single platform, which can increase the efficiency of hotel operations and reduce operating costs.

Guests can go straight to their room, and no need to check in at the front desk, which also saves time for guests. There are many types of hotel keyless access, like mobile access, password access, remote authorized fingerprint access, etc. Some smart locks have unique voice instruction functions, so that users operate easier to understand, especially for the elderly and children when setting fingerprints and passwords.

The security of keyless.

The YGS hotel lock system can ensure the hotel has 100% control over its data, and the operation of front desk staff will not be affected by network failures or hacker attacks, which is additional security for the hotel data and customer resources.

The digital key mode is no risk of losing the key. Modern hotel smart locks also add mobile internet function, allowing guests to control the room door lock with their mobile phones. By setting a password with a button on a smartphone, you can check whether the room is locked or not and update the password. And the digital key is allowed to be changed remotely.

The creativity of keyless.

The keyless hotel entry system allows staff, guests, and rooms to connect by a platform, allow guests to keep track of the day’s visitors, and even allows remote access control. Moreover, hotel guests can obtain the digital key from their smart devices, which can obtain room keys, and also can access the common area of the hotel through the system control, such as taking the elevator, entering the hotel restaurant, spa facilities, gym, etc.


Examples of Keyless Hotel Entry With YGS System



DeRUCCI Hotel is a high-end business hotel with the theme of “customized healthy sleep.” Since developing the engineering business in 2020, it has been deeply engaged in the hotel field and high-end hotels and has carried out multi-faceted cooperation.

For the door lock, DeRUCCI Hotel chose YGS-9916, and YGS hotel management system, which provides integrated management for hotels (such as comprehensive room management, equipment management, room status management, etc.)

This system support multi-terminal login (multiple front desk card issuance) and support multi-system operation card issuance (Windows/Apple computer/Android, etc.), which provides contactless technology so that you can experience contactless unlocking.

Qingfeng Shangjiang Hotel

Qingfeng Shangjiang Hotel is next to the Feifeng Ladder, the new county town of Yunyang County. A comprehensive high-end business hotel and resort integrating conferences and entertainment.

It is a hospitality company dedicated to providing high-quality services to guests while paying more attention to the safety of the hotel. 

qingfeng shangjiang hotel

There are142 first-line river view rooms in it, all of which are equipped with YGS-9950 and the management platform of YGS Hotel Smart Lock. Scientific and standardized room management platform, and safe and reliable door lock equipment protect the property of every guest and reduce the security risk.

YGS hotel locks have decades of experience in the hospitality industry. Whether in hardware or software, YGS can provide reliable security technical guarantees for hotel operations.


Next to Liuzu Avenue, Xinxing County, there is a Zen-themed comprehensive cultural tourism town. The town covers shopping, entertainment, accommodation, experience, and other sectors.

Providing tourists with diversified and all-around play services, and regularly hold Zen-themed exhibitions and performances.

ABOUR is one of the important supporting facilities in the town. Nearly 1,000 rooms in ABOUR are equipped with YGS- A1 (also named YGS-8881). The hotel check-in, customer information entry, and issuing cards can be easily done in only a few seconds.

abour hotel

Mandolin Intelligent Hotel Jiangmen

Mandolin intelligent hotel is on the 21st floor of Hexing Square, the most prosperous downtown area of Jiangmen City, Guangdong province, which is the first automatic check-in smart hotel in Jiangmen City.As one of the long-term partners of YGS Smart Hotel project, the hotel is also enjoying the services of YGS. All locks of the hotel are equipped with YGS-9905 locks.

Guests can check in process self-service by their mobile devices, with no queuing, no verification, automatic docking public security system, the whole process of “cloud processing,” 30 seconds can finish check-in. Especially during the COVID period, it can achieve zero contact throughout the entire journey, effectively avoiding the spread of the virus and making people feel more secure when traveling.

Venus Resort & Restaurant

Venus Resort & Restaurant is a hotel company that owns, manages, and franchises hotels, resorts, and vacation properties, in many places in China that have branches. In Hubei Xinyi City’s Venas resort Hotel hid a mysterious place – Qi Chi hotel. Qi Chi hotel is a landscape villa area and is attached to Venus Resort.

In such a full of poetry and painting place, YGS lock is embedded in it, adding a touch of science and technology to the small but beautiful courtyard. The lock used by the hotel is YGS-9939. Although this lock is smaller than the traditional hotel lock, it has a powerful function, which can achieve intelligent management, and upgrade its service level — guest satisfaction and experience.


All in all, the hotel keyless entry system can not only reduce your costs but also attract more guests to choose your hotel. Regarding YGS systems, we work hard every day to upgrade the software as more humanized, more convenient, and more suitable for the most demanding properties. If you are interested in this system, please feel free to contact us. No matter your business size, location, or style, at YGS, we can give the best solution for your hotel.