In recent years, hotel key card entry is one of the most common types of unlocking methods in hotels. The powerful hotel key card door entry systems behind it bring a lot of convenience to the hotel.

As a smart lock supplier, YGS has more than twenty years of experience in the smart lock industry. At present, YGS has a relatively complete hotel keyless entry system. And will continue to invest in hotel lock research and innovation in the future, committing to providing more better solutions for the hotel industry.

In this article, we introduce to you in detail what is the key card system, the general composition, and the usage of the YGS hotel system. Hope that reading this article will make you more sure of your demand for the keycard entry system.

The hotel intelligent management system is the product of the perfect combination of the latest technology and modern hotel management ideas. It is also a keyless entry system in the hospitality industry, suitable for hotel businesses, and also suitable for offices buildings, apartments, schools, and other types of buildings. Through the intelligent network, the software and hardware of the hotel door lock system are connected, and a computer can control the entire backstage. Making the whole operation more efficient and easy, it also provides guests with a more humane check-in experience.

The standard device of the YGS-99V hotel key card door entry systems includes:

  • Computer
  • Hotel management system software

There are two systems you can choose from: online and offline. (Click here to view more directly)

  • Card issuer

YGS-M157 card issuer is the main product for hotel, campus, and office door lock systems, which is a card reader, use to read and write card data.

  • MF1 Card

Mifare card series proximity card smart card door lock is a high-tech product launched by our company. As a door key,  MF1 Card is controlled intelligently by a microcomputer. It is safe, reliable, and with advanced card technology, flexible and convenient operation, and management.




YGS-9916 hotel rfid swipe card electronic digital handle aluminium security door lock


YGS-9939 stainless steel European standard hotel room keyless door smart lock


YGS-9953  Rfid card MF1 opening security digital smart battery hotel lock

Optional devices:

  • Elevator Controller

YGS-MF1 elevator controller is specially developed for the matching of hotel door locks. It can use the card issued by the hotel smart lock management system to control electric mortise locks, magnetic locks, etc., effectively limiting the access to elevator, and improving safety management.

  • Data collector

The Data Collector is an intelligent management tool for hotel smart locks launched to make hotel management more efficient. The Data collector uses an advanced 32-bit low-power microprocessor, which improves the stability of the system while ensuring the completion of functions.

The main functions include: an expert diagnosis system, door lock clock correction, viewing door opening records, check-out operations, etc.

  • Access Control System

YGS-M157 access control system is developed for the matching of hotel locks. It can directly use the card issued by the hotel lock management software to control electric mortise locks, magnetic locks, etc., which facilitates the hotel to reduce security threats.

  • Rfid power switch

The Rfid power switch is a device used to control the power consumption of hotel guest rooms, with room number and time control. To make the hotel electricity control more intelligent and more energy-saving.

  • S70 data card

The S70 data card is mainly used to read the unlocking record. Only need to swipe the card on the door lock, and then you can read the unlocking record on the system through the card issuer. The card can read the latest 380 door opening records. And it can also be used as a door key.


System Architecture

Benefits of the hotel key card access systems:

hotel guest

For the Guests:

  1. Many places in the hotel need to swipe a card to enter, which effectively restricts the entry of people besides hotel staff and hotel guests. That can improve guest experience, and make them feel more comfortable and secure.
  2. With an access card, you can reach any designated area in the hotel, making the entire check-in process more convenient.
  3. The Bluetooth system also supports online check-out and renewal procedures, providing guests with more humanized check-in enjoyment.
hotel front desk

For the Hotels:

  1. You can see the occupancy status, cleaning status, repair status, opening record, etc. of all rooms on the system directly, which can help the hotel to analyze and process the complex information and data in the process of operation in a timely and accurate manner, and makes the management of the entire hotel more easily and more efficiently.
  2. Support Windows XP, win7, win8, win10, and other Microsoft operating systems, and can interconnect with third-party hotel management software, which makes hotel management more convenient.
  3. You can directly set the card you want to set or recycle the card by the system, no need to worry about the card being confused or lose.

Use detail of the hotel key card door entry systems:

After the hotel system software is installed on your computer, you need to set up the manager, the type of room, the number of rooms, the locks corresponding to the rooms, etc first.

After all the procedures are set up, if a guest check-in, you can directly select the room where the hotel guest will stay on the system, then enter the guest’s information and check-in time, and then randomly take out an empty card and place it on the card issuer to issue card. The card can also be authorized on the hotel check-in system to enter the relevant public areas in the hotel.

After check-in, hotel guests can enter their room and related places in the hotel by swiping the card during the check-in time period, such as taking the elevator, entering the swimming pool, restaurant, gym, etc. However, when exceeding the check-in valid time, the card will unwork automatically, and the guest will be unable to enter the relevant areas in the hotel. If the guest wants to stay for a few more days, he can directly renew the stay at the hotel front desk.

Two main hotel key card door entry systems of smart lock supplier YGS:

YGS-99V hotel management system functions

Mifare card series smart card door lock is a high-tech product launched by YGS. The smart door lock uses a stable and widely used smart card (Mifare) as the door access key. With the microcomputer inside, the lock is multifunctional, safe, reliable, and easy to operate. It is suitable for hotels, resorts, government departments, modern office buildings, residents, schools, etc.

 Product main features:

  1. No need for external cabling and the network, simply assemble and use. No need for cabling, or network, easy to install.
  2. The electronic door lock has its unlocking record(black box), which can save nearly 1000pcs unlocking records.
  3. The lock case is ANSI international standard lockcase, safe and reliable.
  4. Low power consumption design: 4pcs AA batteries are durable for one year under normal conditions. 
  5. Advanced technology: contactless microwave detection technology allows card detection even if the card is put in a black wallet.
  6. The contact door locks are designed to prevent short circuits, which prolongs the service life of the battery;
  7. Professional management system: the lock has sound and light indications for different operation statuses.


HTLock hotel management system functions (Bluetooth system)


The HTLock system is an intelligent management key card access control system for personnel access management in hotels, apartments, campuses, offices, and other scenarios. The system can manage the devices include: smart door locks, hotel access control, Elevator Controller, smart gateways, card issuers, network fingerprint collectors, Rfid power switches, and other equipment.

Product main features:

  1. The system adds the function of networking basis of the function of the 99V system;
  2. The system supports multiple operators to log in to the system in the meantime, and also supports different operators managing different quantities of hotel rooms, and corresponding menu management authority, which is more flexible for managing different employee roles.
  3. The system also supports free connecting of PMS, guest control system self-service check-in machine, etc devices.
  4. Even if the external network is disconnected, the local area network can work, and the business will not be interrupted. 


5. The system has an optional product: gateway; the Bluetooth system with gateway adds the following functions:
  • The unlocking record is uploaded in real-time, and the unlocking record can be viewed directly on the system or a mobile device.
  • Allow smartphones to check out, renew, and other procedures online.
  • No need to manually check the time, the time of the door lock is automatically synchronized with the actual time.
  • If the card is lost, it can automatically report the lost card.
  • The door lock status information is reported in real-time, and the status of the door lock can be directly viewed on the system.
  • The power information of the door lock is updated in real-time and can view through the mobile device directly.
  • The hotel front desk can realize remote unlocking.
Different of them:
  • The HTlock system allows the mobile phone Bluetooth unlock, and only needs authorization on the system, the guest can open the lock through the mobile app or WeChat mini program.
  • The 99V system is mainly equipped with an offline swipe card lock, the Bluetooth system is mainly equipped with a networked card and password lock. Offline Swipe card lock access method: keycard, mechanical key; Online card and password lock access method: key card, mechanical key, password, fingerprint, mobile devices.