The hotel energy saving switch is specially designed for the hotel business, is one of the optional items of the hotel key card door lock system, and is also suitable for apartments, schools, offices, and other scenes. By reading this article, you will get a complete guide to power switches, to determine if the power switch is necessary for your hotel.

The hotel energy-saving switch is a simple energy-saving solution for hotels. You might think it would be more economical not to buy this, but using energy-saving switches will save more for your hotel. Let’s analyze it together.

Reason 1: Switching benefit.

Due to the integration of the system, hotel power-saving switches and door locks can share a card. When the guest moves the card from the key card power switch, the room power will be automatically cut off.

In this way, all electronic equipment in the room is closed when the guest leaves the room and takes the key card. Effectively avoid the situation of power waste, and achieve the effect of power saving and emission reduction.

Reason 2: Make your guest room safer.

If guests leave their room without turning off the electrical appliances of the room, the waiters do not notice this situation. The electric appliances in the room will continue to operate for a long time, which will cause the heating of the electrical appliances. If the electrical appliances are too hot, they will burn out, and even cause the fire disaster.

Reason 3: Bring economic benefits to the hotel.

Install the electrical essential card switch will bring economic benefits to your hotel, here will show you an example:

Suppose your hotel room has the following electrical appliances:

Left and right bedside lamp: 25~40w*2
Mirror Headlight: 20w
Floor lamp: 25~40w
TV: 120w
Table lamp: 25~40w
Gallery light: 25w
Split air conditioning: 1000w
Total power: 1300w = 1.3kw

If your hotel has 100 rooms, and the electricity unit is USD 0.1 per kWh. With the energy power saving, each room only needs to save 1 hour of electricity per day on average, and the hotel can save electricity cost for: 1.3kw×100 rooms×1 hour/day×365days×USD 0.1/kWh of electricity=USD 4745 per year.

Reason 4: Avoid your room being sold secretly.

We have have a specific energy saving switch, which can help you monitor power consumption of each room. If this room is not sold out, but it did cause a lot of power consumption, you bet the room might be sold out by some staffs. 

Reason 5: help you remind guest to checkout as soon as possible. 

If your hotel always have checkout delay, you could activate the time control function. The switch will turn off the room power supply after checkout time reaches. And if guest keeps staying in the room, they cannot use the electric appliance inside. And you could reconnect the power supply for them remotely if they extend their stay again.

YGS hotel energy-saving switch

We have 6 different types of energy saving switches: no verification, verify card type, verify system encryption code verify encryption code and room number, verify encryption code, and check-in time verfy room number and check-in time. Hotels can choose one of them according to different requirements.


  • Share same card of door lock to save energy
  • Blue LED light displays the switch status
  • Inflaming PC material with ivory high-class color
  • 15 seconds time delay avoids the hurry of check-out.


  • Dimensions:86(L)X86(W)X35(H)mm
  • Working voltage:190-240VAC
  • Max Current: ≤30A
  • Card Style: Mifare 1 Card
hotel energy saving switch 1
hotel energy saving switch 2

What is an energy saving switch for hotel rooms?

hotel energy saving switch 3

Hotel energy-saving switch is a power-saving product designed for hotel businesses, which can control all power of fixed lighting and switch sockets in the room, helping hotels achieve better energy savings.

Special cards are used in most hotels to grant access to electricity. Only inserting the matching hotel room card can get the room power, which achieves the same hotel room key card to open the door and get power.

Furthermore, hotel power-saving switch is suitable for all kinds of star hotels, motels, budget hotels, apartments, office buildings, and other places.

How does an electricity energy-saving switch work?

When the guest check-ins or the employee enters, they will insert the door opening card into the energy-saving switch installed on the door side wall, and the main power in the room will be connected. Then, you can use the electrical equipment in the room, such as lighting, air conditioning, and TV.

When they leave the room, they will take out the card from the key card switch, and the room power will be cut down automatically in 15 seconds. If you want to power it on again, simply insert the hotel room card again.

hotel energy saving switch 4

Types of hotel energy saving switches and their development history.

According to the different access card types used by the hotel lock, the power switch can be divided into: mechanical power switch, magnetic card power switch, IC card power switch, low-frequency card power switch, high-frequency card power switch, verify room number power switch, verify check-in time power switch.

Mechanical power switch

The mechanical power switch is an early energy-saving switch, by inserting the key plate, the room power will be connected. In this way, as soon as the guest leaves the room and pulls out the key plate, the power connection will be disconnected and the electricity will be turned off.

Nonetheless, this type of power switch cannot achieve real energy savings and electric device safety. Because hotel guests familiar with this principle can use other items similar to key plates to insert switches to get room power. So the mechanical power switch has been eliminated from the modern market.

hotel energy saving switch 5

Magnetic card power switch

With the advent of the magnetic hotel lock, only need a magnetic card can open the door and get electricity, so the magnetic card power switch was born. The principle of magnetic card power switch is to control the on-off of the infrared rays by inserting the magnetic card. The power switch of this principle is also called general power switch. There still have a few hotels use it.

IC card power switch

IC card power switch gets power mainly by contact IC card. Specifically, mainly by checking the chip pins of the IC card, to judge whether there is a card inserted and whether is an IC card to output the power on and off. The current market share is also relatively small.

Low-frequency card power switch

Low-frequency card power switch is mainly suitable for 125KHz contactless proximity cards, such as EM, TEMIC, IT, and other proximity cards. It mainly checks whether the frequency of the card is in line with 125KHz to control room electricity. It has a large market share.

High-frequency card power switch

It is mainly suitable for 13.56MHz high-frequency identification cards, such as Mifare s70, s50, etc. This type of switch gets power by identifying whether the ID of such cards meets the standard. It is the most used in the current market.

hotel energy saving switch 6
hotel energy saving switch 7

Verify room number power switch

This kind of switch gets power by reading the room address in the door opening card, if the card address is the room, the power will be on. It is one of the special switches for special cards. A few hotels use it.

Verify check-in time power switch

It is also one of the special switches for special cards. By reading the room address and the time data in the door opening card and compare whether it is the card within the valid time of the room to control the power supply. A few hotels use it.

Bluetooth Energy Saving Switch

Bluetooth energy saving switch is a smart switch, which can be an energy saving switch and gateway at the same time.
It has much more functions than normal hotel energy saving switches: remote connect/disconnect power supply, upload power supply connecting time, SMS reminder of abnormal situations, etc. It can also act as a Bluetooth gateway, connecting the lock with the main server, providing much more online control functions than before, and saving much more labor force expense for hotel users.

How to install a hotel energy-saving switch?

Installation steps:

hotel energy saving switch 8
  1. Turn off the main power switch
  2. Fasten the cassette
  3. Open the switch panel
  4. Observe the line and complete the wiring (refer to the wiring diagram and video for details)
  5. Put the switch into the bottom box and fix it with screws
  6. Put on the cover and panel

Wiring Video:

Wiring diagram:

hotel energy saving switch 9
hotel energy saving switch 10


  1. Please do not squeeze the wires into the relay behind the switch when installing. Otherwise, the switch is unable to power off.
  2. Cassettes usually need to buy separately, please use a bottom box that meets the national standard, and its depth is required to be ≥ 45mm.
  3. The electronic card cannot be bent or deformed beyond the standard, so as not to break the internet circuit in the card and affect the card reading.
  4. To make your hotel guest room more beautiful, you’d best choose a power switch that styles and colors to match your room design.
  5. Consider the total power of the electrical appliances in your room before purchasing a power switch, and make sure its load power is greater than the total power of electrical appliances.

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