When you stay in a hotel, will you feel it can not provide a sufficient sense of safety? How can individuals increase their sense of security when staying in hotels? Here are some practical solutions for hotel door safety lock.

Smart Door Locks-First Layer Protection of Your Room.


The first essential protection is the hotel door locks which are made of high-grade metal installed on the room door. This type of anti-theft lock ensures that only authorized individuals can enter the room, providing essential security for guests. Smart door locks also can be remotely controlled through mobile phone apps, allowing guests to easily lock and open doors without physical keys.

This YGS-9905 hotel smart lock recently cooperated with White Swan Hotel – one of the most famous chain five-star hotels in China, it has received nearly 200 heads of state and government from more than 40 countries, including Queen Elizabeth II. The innovative and simple hidden split design gives the smart door lock a sense of technology and exquisiteness. At present, YGS has completed the delivery of hotel locks in the White Swan Hotel Zhanjiang. Read more about this hotel project case.


How to Give You a Sense of Safety and Security?

Anti-Thief Lock-Extra Layer of Personal Security.


Although most hotels have safety door locks and keys, it is always a good idea to take extra precautions to protect yourself and your belongings. One way to improve the security of hotel room doors is to use an extra lock, such as portable door locks or padlocks. These devices are easy to carry and use and also can provide additional protection against unnecessary entry. Most portable locks are made of stainless steel, which makes the locks difficult to rust and easy to maintain.

How does the portable door lock work?

There are two most common portable door locks recommended to frequent travelers: strike-plate latching and door stopper jams.

Strike-Plate Latching

Latch lock a portable lock is a lock that uses holes in the door frame and is usually covered by latch plates. A portable lock with a deadbolt lock has a metal bend or hook, which is put into the hole under the lock tongue. When pressure is applied to the door, the metal will prevent the door from being opened.

How to Give You a Sense of Safety and Security?

Door Stopper Jammers

Portable door jammers are devices that enhance the safety of doors through pressure. These portable plugs usually consist of metal or heavy plastic rods, which can be adjusted to suit the position between the crack of doors and the floor. The greater the pressure on the door, the more the jammer is forced to go underground to resist.

Slide the metal part of the lock onto the door crack in the hotel room door. If necessary, adjust the length of the lock to ensure that it is close to the door frame. After correct positioning, rotate the locking device to fix the portable lock in place.

After installing it, try to open the door from the outside to test whether the strike-plate latching or door jammer works. Portable locks should prevent entry and provide you with extra security. When not in use, store the portable door lock in a safe place, such as your luggage or personal belongings.


Additional Protection Methods-Peace of Mind Will

Chain Lock

The door of a hotel room is usually equipped with a chain lock. When entering the room, check the condition of the chain lock to ensure that it is firmly connected to the door and door frame. Slide the chain lock onto the door handle to ensure that it is correctly aligned with the locking tab on the door frame.

When using the chain lock, don’t open the door completely to talk to people or receive items through a small opening. When not in use, whenever you are in a hotel room, remember to use the chain lock to increase personal safety. But there are still risks.


How to Give You a Sense of Safety and Security?
How to Give You a Sense of Safety and Security?<br />

Hotel Safe Box

When staying in a hotel, it is also important to take good care of valuables. Use a hotel safe box (if provided), or consider using a portable travel safe to protect your belongings. When you go out to explore or relax in your room, it will reassure you that your valuables are safe and give you an extra layer of protection.

Finally, always pay attention to your surroundings and report any suspicious activities to the hotel staff immediately. By being vigilant and taking active measures to protect yourself and your belongings, you can ensure a safe and pleasant stay in any hotel.

If you are looking for a reliable and effective smart door lock for your hotel, consider browsing the selection available at YGS. With a large range of safety smart door locks, you can rest assured that your room is well-protected and enjoy peace of mind throughout your travels.

Explore YGS to find the perfect safety smart door lock for your needs and you will find some excellent products you want.

how to use hotel safe? 8


Every hotel will prepare hangers for customers to hang clothes or else. That will be the easiest thing to find for you to prevent to strangers who want to break in.

First of all, it is recommended to place clothes hangers in the “U” bar. Ensure that one end of the hanger is firmly fixed on the bolt to prevent it from moving. Then, fix the other end of the door handle. If the distance between the door handle and the latch is large, it is recommended to use two hooks at the same time. 

To use the portable door lock, just connect it to the door handle of the hotel room. This can prevent anyone from entering the room, even if they have a key. Portable door locks are light and compact, so you can easily put your luggage in, which makes you feel more at ease when traveling.

How to Give You a Sense of Safety and Security?

In addition to using portable door locks, be sure to carry your room key with you, and don’t disclose your room number to strangers. If you have any concerns about the safety of hotel rooms, please feel free to contact the front desk for help.

Taking these simple precautions, you can feel safer during your stay in the hotel and know that your room is protected. This may help you get extra peace and protection.

By following these tips and using the correct hotel door safety lock, you can ensure that your room is safe enough. Please remember and take precautions to protect yourself and your belongings when traveling. With the correct security measures, you can relax and enjoy your stay without worrying about unauthorized access to your room. First of all, a reliable smart door lock can make you feel at ease. Then, you can buy a portable door lock when you start a new trip. This is an extra layer of security.

How to Give You a Sense of Safety and Security?

Remember, you must be cautious when traveling, take preventive measures, and protect yourself. If you have any concerns about the safety of hotel rooms, please feel free to contact the front desk for help.

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