Many people will find that many hotels install a hotel smart door lock system, the hotel smart door lock system is a kind of high-security solution and also has had a high utilization rate in recent years. Then, why do hotels need a hotel door lock system? What is the development trend of hotel smart lock systems? How to choose good hotel door lock system suppliers? We will introduce you one by one in this article.

Why do hotels need a hotel door lock system?

In this high-tech, high-efficiency, and highly competitive era, the material living level of people has gradually improved, and their spiritual life has become more colorful. People travel during the holidays to enjoy themselves and enrich their cultural life. Some even avoid the crowds during the day and take a spur-of-the-moment trip. All of these factors have contributed to the growth of the tourism industry.

Tourism is closely related to the hotel industry, so the growth of tourism is both an opportunity and a challenge. Traditional door lock management methods can no longer meet the needs of modern hotel management. The mechanical door lock era has passed.

With the increase in tourist numbers, a large amount of information and data need to be processed. The manual calculation of traditional locks is not only inefficient and error-prone but also easily increases the manpower, material resources, and time costs of hotel companies. Therefore, a complete hotel door lock management system is indispensable for today’s hotels.

What is the development trend of hotel smart lock systems?

In 1963, the Hilton Hotel in the United States installed an IBM minicomputer for hotel automation management, marking the beginning of modern information basic technology entering the hotel field. By the 1990s, hotel management systems had become part of the hotel business strategy.

In recent years, with the rapid development of advanced technology, network technology, and management technology, especially in Internet connection, the hotel lock management system has undergone tremendous changes in structure and thought.

An integral part of the hotel management system, the hotel electronic door lock system includes front desk reception, front desk cashier, catering management, one-card consumption management, electronic card door lock management system, and many other management components, which are constantly being developed and improved.

The number of hotel control system suppliers has also increased from less than 20 in 2008 to hundreds of thousands today. With more and more smart door lock suppliers offering one-stop hotel management platforms, the competition in this field is increasing rapidly.

 Due to COVID-19, travelers are restricted, and the hospitality industry has also been adversely affected. Contactless smart hotels are also quietly sprouting at this time. What is the contactless smart hotel? A contactless smart hotel means that no staff is allowed, and the entire check-in process can be completed by guests online.

NFC - Near field communication, mobile payment

This model effectively avoids cross-contact infection between people and people and things, which is popular among consumers.

So how can “contactless check-in” be achieved? The smart hotel management system can achieve all of this. It adopts a “soft and hard combination” system architecture and integrates self-check-in, smart access control, smart guest control, hotel robots, and hotel electronic locks, which create a one-stop smart hotel experience. The whole system adopts modularization, which can be integrated and deployed in a unified manner, or it can be deployed in locks.

One system completes operations such as room status management, business reporting, smart hotel control, etc., reducing back-and-forth switching between multiple systems, simplifying operation procedures, and reducing error rates.

What is the hotel lock system?

The smart lock management system is developed for the specific business of the hotel. It has many functions, generally including front desk reception, front desk cashier, room housekeeper, sales POS, etc functions.

On the one hand, the hotel key card entry system can realize centralized management and complete control of the hotel. And view the operation status of each department in the hotel efficiently and intuitively, which reduces the hotel operating cost and improves work efficiency.

Additionally, this system can provide customers with more convenient and efficient services via an Internet connection and provide a platform for the development of hotel e-commerce, making it a good economic and social investment.


If you want to know more about the hotel system, you can read this article:

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Hotel key card door entry systems

In recent years, hotel key card entry is one of the most common types of unlocking methods in hotels. The powerful hotel key card door entry systems  behind it bring a lot of convenience to the hotel.

How to choose hotel door lock system suppliers?

1. Analyze the budget

The hotel needs to determine how much budget to invest in the hotel lock system, and then choose the appropriate brand. Because the price of each brand in the guest control industry is different, you also need to know the competitive price in the market, rational use of limited resources to maximize benefits is the most correct choice.

2. Analyze the functional requirements and hotel style

In terms of functions, due to the hotel keyless entry system can realize many functions, such as electronic peephole, fingerprint unlocking, remote monitoring, elevator control, hotel robots, etc. So the hotel needs to know about its functional requirements clearly before communicating with the manufacturer so that the Manufacturers can clarify their needs and provide the most suitable hotel access control solution.

In terms of hotel business style, to make the hotel look more attractive to guests, it is very important to choose a matching style and types of locks, so the hotel also needs to spend more time choosing hotel room locks. And the matching door lock hole is important too, the hotel also needs to compare the lock body depending on the hole diagram from smart lock suppliers. To find the most suitable lock for their hotel.

3. Analyze the product quality

The cheap price and high quality of the electronic hotel lock system also need to be taken into consideration, as only high-quality systems can be used for a long time. A good-quality smart hotel lock system can reduce the number of replacements, which also saves part of the cost so that the hotel does not need to spend too much money on the replacement system. And the long service life is the important part and needs to be noticed by people.

In addition, the lock’s sensitivity is also more important. By swiping a guest card on the sensor panel of the smart lock, the system can quickly identify and open the door, saving the guest time and improving the guest experience.

4. Analyze the strength of the manufacturer

On the one hand, it depends on whether the room intelligent control system manufacturer has a professional technical team and service team. The guest room intelligent control access system is an engineering project. It is a part of the hotel’s construction. For system products, the later technical services are very important. Choose a regular manufacturer with a complete R&D, production, and quality control system, which guarantees quality and service.

On the other hand, if the hotel needs to maintain the system in a very cumbersome way, it will waste time. So the smart hotel lock system design with easy maintenance will be more convenient and will be favored and chosen by people.


Here are some popular hotel door lock system suppliers in 2022

1. Salto


Salto is a smart lock system supplier focusing on developing and manufacturing advanced and reliable wireless electronic locks and smart solutions for access control. For nearly 20 years, Salto has been investing in innovation in systems research, including building stand-alone, cloud-based, and mobile applications, committed to providing people with a smoother, more comfortable, and safe everyday life.

Salto’s RFID door lock system allows use with various tech RFID cards and mobile keys and can be used in most commercial buildings, such as hotels, offices, and other commercial applications scenes. The system also has a series of management functions, including extending the stay time, canceling lost cards, intrusion alarms, remote door openings, and other functions, which are easy to operate and reduce maintenance costs for operators.

2. VingCard

VingCard is one of the most important subsidiaries of the ASSA ABLOY Group and is based in Moss, Norway. Their main products include VingCard series electronic door locks and Elsafe series safes.

ASSA ABLOY Global Solutions serves as hospitality’s leading provider of hotel lock system software solutions that make sure hotel guests and staff members are safe throughout every step of the hotel journey. Their advanced access management platform provides hoteliers with the tools they need to ensure a safe hotel environment.

Vingcard Vision system has an advanced touch screen available, which is more beautiful and efficient. Allow multiple platforms to issue cards simultaneously, flexible and convenient management. It also allows equipping other areas, such as elevators, parking lots, employee entrances, etc., enabling the management of the entire hotel from one platform.

VingCard lock


ONITY is a smart lock supplier specializing in intelligent hotel supplies, such as electronic key card locks, guest cards, smart card door lock systems, guest room energy management access control systems, etc. Its headquarter is located in Atlanta, USA, and its production plants are located in Spain and Mexico.

ONITY exhibition

Among them, Onity’s hotel door lock management system – OnPortal is a scalable solution with registration options and complete access management.

The OnPortal system is designed to provide the best efficiency, flexibility, and customer satisfaction based on front-office agents’ research and feedback on their daily work and challenges.

The system has flexibility that allows direct integration with Onity’s DirectKey mobile access system, which allows guests to use their mobile device as their hotel key, it can make guests feel more convenient and improve the guest experience.

And you can set up, maintain, and use your OnPortal system based on the lock system management software’s functionality, and you can upgrade your old hotel door lock hardware on a schedule that suits your needs.

4. YGS

Founded in 2000, Zhongshan YangGe Lock Industry Co., Ltd. is a high-tech original factory focusing on safer and more stable hotel key card locks and smart hotel system solutions. Since its establishment, YangGe has been adhering to the ingenious spirit and concentrating on making smart locks. Nowadays, YGS has its complete industry.

YGS Lock has long maintained a good cooperative relationship with well-known hotel brands across the country and even the world. It is compatible with the MICROS-Fidelio system, which establishes YGS’s leading position in the smart lock industry.

The YGS hotel lock management software has long been favored by hotel groups because of its stability and compatibility. According to incomplete statistics, there are more than 200,000 hotel lock projects worldwide. If you choose to purchase hotel locks and are looking for hotel lock system solutions, having more than 20 years old lock manufacturing experience YGS will be a good option.

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Q1: How long warranty do you provide?

A: we provide 3 years warranty for the whole system.

Q2: Do you provide more components to support our aftersales service?

A: Yes, we provide 1% component, which means 1 free PCB and mortise per each 100 locks order.

Q3: Could you translate the hotel lock system software into my language?

A: Yes, if you could translate the software language for us, we can make it. It is very easy. Take one or two days to finish.

Q4: Do you accept OEM order? Could you put my logo on lock?

A: Yes, we accept OEM order and could put laser logo or silk screen logo for you. MOQ is 100pcs. For less qty, a handling charge of US$60.00 is required for putting the logo.

Q5: What if I don't know how to operate your software?

A: We could send installation diagram and video to show you how to operate. If it still cannot solve the problem, we can remote control the installation by teamviewer.