In this smart era, hotel access control systems are popular in hotels from big brands to smart hotels. Are the systems necessary for hotels? In my opinion, it is necessary. The hotel door access control system can make your hotel safer to a higher level and attract more guests. Here, we’ll break it down for you.


  1. Hotel access control systems brings great conveniences to hotel-related personnel. People only need to carry a smart card to access the hotel gate, enter the hotel room, take the hotel elevator, etc. And without a lot of the keys as before, which facilitates hotel access management.
  2. Keyless access systems for hotels (such as biotech access controllers) allow people to free their hands and not worry about forgetting to carry their mechanical keys, key cards, or passwords.


The hotel access control systems are stable and can work for a long time without being damaged. electronic hotel lock systems support multiple ways to access to hotel rooms, including passwords, swiping cards, and remote unlocking.


Effectively restrict unauthorized entry, create a comfortable and secure environment for the hotel guests, and improve guests safe.

In addition, smart access control can realize real-time monitoring, allowing hotel admins to know the access situation of each door in real-time. And can also remotely lock or unlock the hotel guest room locks in an emergency, realize abnormal alarms, and prevent tailgating, which makes the hotel more secure.

Easy to management

A hotel key card door entry system can realize unified management of all the digital access control in the hotel. And the system also supports multi-condition queries of passing records, data report printing, and other functions. The hotel admins can also view, set, and modify the cardholder’s unlocking authority at any time.


The hotel access control systems meet the needs of modern security management, are not easy to be eliminated by the market, and even have huge development potential.


The intelligent access controller has simple wiring, powerful functions, and low cost. Its economy meets the needs of the majority of hotels, so it has a high penetration rate.

Brand promotion

Installing a hotel access controller can improve the management level of the hotel, thereby improving the hotel’s image.

Types of hotel access control systems

Depend on unlocking ways can be divided into:

Card access control system

The card access control system mainly uses the method of card reading, or card reading + passwords to recognize the entry and exit permissions. This kind of system is easy to use and cheap and is one of the most used access control solutions in the current hotel industry. The type of card can be divided into contact cards and contactless cards.

The typical contact card is a magnetic card. Magnetic cards are the earliest access cards in the hospitality industry because they are inexpensive. However, it is vulnerable to wear and has a short lifespan. Due to its easy copying and low safety, the market has gradually eliminated it.

The typical contactless card is an RFID card. The RFID card allows contactless check-in hotel, which is convenient and safe. Not easy to damage, long service life. It can be connected to a computer and has unlocking records. The card is difficult to reproduce and has high security. But its cost is higher than the magnetic card.

Password hotel access control systems

Entering a password unlocks the password access control system. The system determines if the password is correct, and if it is, it will drive the electronic lock to open the door.

The system allows the user access to the hotel room door without a hotel key card. Hotel staff can set, change, and cancel the passwords at any time through the background system, which is more facilitate managing and saving the cost of physical keys.

hotel access control system 1

And the user can send the pin code to others, which facilitates the user. However, since it takes time for everyone to enter the password, if there is a large flow of people, there will be a need to queue, which will cause inconvenience. In addition, the passwords are prone to be forgotten and leaked, so the system security is poor. Therefore, the use of password access control has become less and less.

Among them, it can also be divided into ordinary type and disordered keyboard type (the numbers on the keyboard are not fixed and change automatically from time to time).

QR code identification access control system

With the QR code access control system, the user only needs to scan the QR code in the front of identification machine of the access control. This system is mainly used in schools. To facilitate the management of people access and enhance security to hotel check-in, the school registers the personnel entering and leaving the campus.

As soon as staff and parents upload their information, the QR access code campus access control system sends an SMS message with their QR access code. QR access codes can be forwarded and printed out, which is easy to use. For the school, system management helps to save time and labor costs, and makes the campus safer.

hotel access control system 2

Biometric Access Control System

hotel access control system 3

Biometric access control system controls access by recognizing the biometric features of the visitors, common types have fingerprint recognition, palm recognition, face recognition, finger vein recognition, etc. The advantages of the biometric access control system are as follows, no need to carry the hotel key, not easy to be copied, and high security.

But it costs more. And some biometric technology has high requirements for users, such as (fingerprints cannot be scratched or wet; hair cannot block eyes, etc.)

Access control systems in hotels

Whether hotel staff or hotel guests, both of them want themselves and their belongings can be guaranteed safety here. The hotel is responsible for providing guests with a safe and comfortable stay, so the hotel will install many secure hotel door access control systems.

Especially in:

  • Guest rooms
  • Hotel reception
  • Hotel financial area
  • Staff lounge
  • Storage rooms
  • Center control room
  • And more

Specific electronic access control solutions for hotel business are as follows:

Hotel parking access control solution

The hotel parking solution is mainly used to restrict the vehicles coming and going to the hotel and generally appears in large hotels with parking lots.

Using automatic barrier machines has replaced hotel guards in managing parking lot access control as smart technology has grown.

When the system detects the entry and exit of vehicles through electronic sensors, it will automatically identify whether the entry and exit conditions are met. If the conditions are met, it will control the barrier to allow vehicles to pass. Installing this system can strengthen the hotel’s security layer and improve its brand image.

hotel access control system 4

Hotel main gate access control

hotel access control system 5

Compared with other doors in the hotel, the entrance and exit management of the hotel entry gate is relatively less strict. Most hotel entry gates do not set access control, which mainly facilitates the entry of guests who are ready to check-in.

To make their hotels more secure, some hotels set up checkpoints at their gates, requiring guests to register their information or swipe their ID cards as they enter. The system may inconvenience guests, but it can effectively record hotel personnel entering and leaving and reduce the security risk of the hotel.

Especially in covid-19, this hotel gate solution can reduce the risk of the disease spreading.

Hotel elevator access control system

Hotel elevator access control system is one of the most widely used access security systems in the hotel industry at present. This system can strengthen the blocking of non-hotel-related personnel from entering the hotel.

The system allows them to work with other systems, so that hotel guests can activate the hotel elevator with an access card to access the relevant floor of their room. Increasing hotel safety and restricting people’s activities on the hotel floor. Installing smart elevator controllers is the most intelligent decision to assist hotel business growth.

Elevator access control system 3

Hotel room access solution

A hotel room is primarily secured by hotel door locks, which can directly and effectively cut off the disturbance of outsiders and ensure a private stay. In the meantime, the safety of the hotel room can directly affect the customer satisfaction and determine the guest repurchase rate. 

hotel access control system 6

There are thousands of hotel locks on the market, but each quality varies. Different from traditional locks, modern electronic locks manage by a hotel key card door entry system, allows multiple unlock method including key card, digital key, fingerprints, etc, which makes guests and hoteliers more convenient.

A good smart lock can effectively prevent prying and theft, which can greatly improve the security of hotel rooms.

Hotel safe box access control

Hotel safety boxes are usually placed in hotel rooms so that guests can put their valuables inside, which is equivalent to adding a layer of security.

It usually appears in business hotels and conference hotels. The safe box unlocking methods on the market include password unlocks, fingerprint unlocks, card unlocks, and so on.

hotel access control system 7

Turnstile Access Control

Turnstile access control is commonly installed at the exit of hotel saunas, gyms, restaurants, etc. Large multi-functional hotels usually install this device, which can effectively limit the access of people with unauthorized. And can make the hotel service more accurate, thus making the hotel guests stay more comfortable and happy.

hotel access control system 8

Emergency Exit Access Control

hotel access control systems 9

Emergency exit access control is mainly installed in the hotel emergency exit, which can help hotel guests and staff escape quickly, easily, and safely when an emergency occurs.

The door can be easily opened by pushing the push bar. The exit device is an excellent security solution for hotels, and can be used on most types of doors, including wood, metal, and glass.

Cabinet Lock Access Control

Cabinet locks are mostly used in sauna rooms in hotels. When the guests are enjoying the sauna service, they have no time to take care of their valuables (such as mobile phones, wallets, etc.). If placing them into a corner or on the hands, there is an inconvenience and easy to lose, and it will make the guests play is not at ease and unhappy.

With cabinet lock access control, people can put their valuables into the cabinet, and only need to hang the key on their body to play without any upset. With this device, guests can have a better staying experience.

hotel access control system 10

Hotel Energy Smart Control

Hotel energy smart control is mainly used to control the power supply of the hotel wholeroom, usually installed on the wall near the guest room door. This product works with electronic/RFID cards. After a guest comes to the room, only needs to put the room card into the hotel power switch to obtain the room power.

If the guest leaves the hotel room, about seven or eight seconds after pulling out the room card, the room power will automatically turn off. The device helps energy saving in the hotel’s rooms and also prevents guests from forgetting where they put their cards in the room.

hotel access control system 11

Hotel Room Devices Smart Control

hotel access control system 12

The system is mainly integrated with other guest control systems to create a fully intelligent room. Allows users to remotely control all smart devices in the room with one device, including TV, automatic curtains, lights, air conditioners, etc.

With this device, hotel guests can enjoy a fully intelligent check-in, increasing the guest experience and favorability of the hotel.

How to choose a hotel access control system?

Choosing the best hotel access control solution is as important as choosing the best hotel door lock system. Before choosing, we need to clarify our needs and goals, so that we can more accurately find the hotel access control system that suits our hotel. The demand for access controllers reflects in the target customer group and hotel brand positioning.

For instance, if it is a contactless hotel, they need more configurations. So they need to find a supplier that not only can provide keyless entry solutions, but also support conjunction with other customer control systems.

In addition, there are some points to consider as follows:

1. Product quality

The first criterion for us to choose a hotel access control system is the quality of the product, mainly based on stable, reliable operation and low failure rate.

2. Product function

In terms of function, it is not the more the better, but the one that fits the business and is easy to use. Therefore, when choosing the function of the product, the hotels need to choose according to their business.

3. Product price

A hotel company’s budget is also a key consideration when deciding whether to purchase the product. The factors that determine the price of a product are mainly quality, quantity, logistics, exchange rate, supply, demand, etc.

People want to choose a cost-effective access control system, which requires users to carefully compare and identify. This is a very labor-intensive and time-consuming process, but constructing a safe and smart hotel cannot be done without it.

4. Security

Safety also is one of the important factors in deciding whether purchase a product or not, if product safety is not guaranteed, it will bring more trouble to users. Software is the same as hardware, and newly written software takes time to test, and the security and stability of software and hardware are paramount, so the use of time-tested products is the best.

5. Suppliers

Generally speaking, the suppliers with more than ten years of production, and research and development have been improved and perfected through multiple generations, and their quality is relatively stable and reliable. For more information on how to choose a suitable smart lock supplier, you can follow this article:


For more information about choosing a good hotel room door lock supplier, please check this article: Hotel Door Lock System Suppliers–Choosing Guide, hope it can give some useful tips for you.

hotel access control system 13

Which access solutions are best for hotels?

Hotel access solutions are one of the most used services when guests stay at a hotel. They need to use such a “hotel key” to use the elevator, enter the hotel room, or the hotel premises. The hotel needs to choose the hotel access method in combination with the type of hotel business and the guests’ needs. Here are some most used solutions:

TypeDescriptionBest uses
IntegratedUnlock by card reading. This kind of card has a magnetic strip on it, and the door can open by inserting it into the card slot of the electronic door lock according to the direction indicated by the card.The system is stable and easy to use and supports offline work. Suitable for hotels with low budgets and small sizes.
ClassicIt is an upgraded version of the integrated system. This kind of card has a built-in security chip. RFID reader adopts the wireless contact method, and the door can be opened through card induction. The system has two types of offline and online options.The system is simple and easy to operate and has a long service life. Suitable for hotels with a medium budget, who want to upgrade their hotel management system.
MobileA system needs to be networking. Allow guests to remote unlock, unlocking by a smart device.Hotels that wish guests can enjoy contactless-check-in.
BiotechA system incorporates biotechnology into the hotel system. Guests can open the door relying on their biological characteristics, such as fingerprint unlock, face recognition unlock, and finger vein unlocks.Suitable for hotels with a high budget, and higher security.


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