Smart door locks are becoming more and more popular in home security, and one of the most advanced choices is fingerprint door lock. With this advanced technology, you can open the door with a single press of your fingers, which provides a high degree of security and convenience.

Wi-Fi Bridge Fingerprint Door Locks and Your Safety

Now gradually entering the Internet of Things (IoT) era, almost anything can be remotely controlled and monitored with mobile electronic devices as long as it is connected to wifi. Compared with other advanced door-opening technologies, being able to link with wifi seems to be the most basic function of smart door locks.

There are simple fingerprint-unlocking door locks or multifunctional door locks on the market. But if your fingerprint lock has additional functions such as mobile application integration, you may need to connect it to a Wi-Fi network. This will allow you to remotely control and monitor your smart door lock from anywhere using your smartphone or other smart devices.

remote access-temporary code

Configuration settings

The fingerprint door lock is connected to the Wi-Fi network, and any setting or preference can be configured through the provided application or software. This may include setting up user profiles, creating access codes, or receiving notifications on smartphone


Test remote access

After completing the setup process, test the remote access by using the mobile application on the smartphone to try to unlock and lock the door. Make sure that you can successfully control the opening and closing of the fingerprint door lock anywhere connected to the Internet.

In order to add a layer of protection to your safety and privacy, such as bedrooms, offices, or other private places, it is recommended to install fingerprint locks to prevent others from entering and leaving at will.


How Fingerprint Door Locks Ease Your Life?

The design of the fingerprint door lock takes user-friendliness into consideration and provides a safe and convenient way to enter your property without the trouble of a traditional key system.

A simple fingerprint door lock actually contains many advanced technologies to ensure the privacy and safety of users’ homes or offices. The fingerprint door lock is easy to use. With the fingerprint lock, you don’t have to carry the key or remember the password with you. Just put your finger on the scanner, and you can quickly and easily open the door lock, which is very convenient for both children and the elderly.

fingerprint ease life


Register fingerprints

The first thing you need to do is register your fingerprints in the system. Registering fingerprints in the door lock system is usually a simple process, which can be completed in just a few steps. Put your finger on the sensor several times according to the manufacturer’s instructions to register your fingerprint to ensure accurate reading.

After registration, you can easily add or delete users as needed. A lot of smart fingerprint locks have a voice guidance feature, which makes it easier for users to operate.


Customizable Functions & Styles

Nowadays, there are many choices for door locks on the market. Many fingerprint door locks provide customizable functions, such as limited access, user-specific access codes, remote monitoring functions, etc., to increase the convenience of users and the security of their private places. Some fingerprint locks have additional functions, such as a keyboard, Bluetooth connection, remote access, and compatibility with smart home systems. Some advanced home smart locks have the function of fake passwords to prevent your password from being peeped at.


Not only the function but also the user can decide the most suitable door lock. According to the owner’s safety requirements and aesthetic preferences, cooperates with the decoration style whether for commercial office or home. 

Touchscreen Technology-One-Press Unlock

There is no need for other keys, key cards, or mobile phones, and the fingerprint door lock can be easily opened with only one finger. As soon as you put your finger on the touch screen, it will recognize whether this fingerprint matches the recorded one.

One-press unlocking is a convenient function, which can quickly and easily unlock the fingerprint door lock with a touch. This fingerprint door lock with a voice-guided feature can collect 500 fingerprints, which is a large user capacity. In addition, this lock has four unlocking ways, which can solve most cases where the door can’t be opened due to unexpected circumstances, compared with the door lock with only a single unlocking way.

YGS 8880 2
YGS-8880-unlock with one grip

Activate one-button unlocking

Once your fingerprint is successfully registered, please activate the one-button unlocking function in the settings of your fingerprint door lock. This may require selecting the one-button unlock option and setting any preferences for this feature. However, most fingerprint door locks are the default one-button unlocking function. Users don’t need to set them themselves, so they need to study the instructions carefully or consult the seller.

After activating the one-button unlocking function and running normally, only authorized personnel with fingerprints can enter. After that, you can enjoy the convenience of quick unlocking with a touch of your finger.

Biometric Recognition Technology

Fingerprint authentication provides a high degree of security because it is unique to everyone. This means that only authorized users who have registered their fingerprints can enter the door. Biometric technology in fingerprint door locks verifies the identity of an individual by scanning and analyzing his unique physical characteristics.

When setting the fingerprint door lock, the user needs to register the fingerprint in the system. This process involves putting their fingers on the scanner several times to capture detailed images of fingerprints. Once the fingerprints are successfully collected, these data are safely stored in the memory of the door lock system.

finger recognition in smart door locks 6

When users try to open the door, they will put their fingers on the scanner again. Then, the system compares the newly scanned fingerprint with the stored data to verify whether it matches. If the scanned fingerprint matches one of the registered fingerprints, it is allowed to enter and the door is automatically unlocked.

High-end fingerprint door locks usually have additional security functions, such as anti-fraud technology, to prevent unauthorized access using fake fingerprints or replicas.

Please remember to keep the fingerprint scanner clean to ensure accurate reading, and clean it regularly with a soft dry cloth for daily door lock maintenance. In addition, if there is water or sweat on your hands, unlocking with fingerprints will also lead to scanning failure and failure to open the door.

door lock maintenance

In addition, there are many locks with biometric functions on the market, such as facial recognition, voice recognition, and vein recognition, which have been upgraded to prevent endless theft. Users can choose their own smart door locks according to their own security needs.

face recognition door lock

Time Limited Restricted Access Setting

Fingerprint door locks can provide users with temporary access while maintaining overall security and controlling who can enter your home. Enjoy the flexibility and convenience of granting limited access as needed.

First access the settings menu on the fingerprint door lock. Look for options related to limited or temporary access. Select the duration for which you want to grant access to specific users. This can be hours, days, or any other specified time range.

Select one or more users who have been granted limited access rights and enter their fingerprints into the system. Track who has been granted limited access and when their access expires. Ensure that access rights are revoked after a specified period of time

Built-in Alarm Technology in Fingerprint door locks

The built-in alarm technology of the fingerprint door lock adds an extra layer of security protection to the system. This technology usually includes sensors that can detect any unauthorized tampering or attempt to break into the door lock.

If you shake or hit the door lock, try to pry it open without authorization, or enter incorrect fingerprints many times, the fingerprint door lock will trigger the alarm.

The user needs to know which alarm signal indicates that an alarm has been triggered. Alerts may include audible alerts, flashing lights, notifications sent to smartphones, or alerts for monitoring services. When the alarm is triggered, it may scare away people who want to break in.

Adjust the sensitivity level of alarm technology to meet your safety requirements. You can choose how easy it is to trigger the alarm, for example, by detecting vibration, trying hard, or repeating the wrong fingerprint scan.

multiple alarm

Installation Insturctions

It is relatively easy to install fingerprint door locks, but it is important to carefully follow the manufacturer’s instructions to ensure correct installation and function. Here are some general steps to guide you through the process.


Choosing the Correct Lock for Different Doors

Identify the type of door: Make sure your door is a standard wooden door, glass door, metal door, or other type. This will help you choose the right lock according to the specific door material. For conventional wooden doors and metal doors, glass doors are more special. This smart glass door lock, which is specially designed for glass door locks, is a good choice.


Types of Door Locks and handles 6

Remove any existing locks

If you already have a traditional key lock on your door, please remove it before installing the fingerprint lock. Remove the old lock according to the manufacturer’s instructions.  Measure the size and thickness of your door to ensure that the fingerprint lock you choose is suitable. If a small door is fitted with a big lock, it doesn’t look right, and vice versa.


Install the mounting plate

The mounting plate is used as the base for installing the fingerprint lock on the door. Fix the mounting plate in place with the screws provided by the manufacturer, so as not to miss the screws, otherwise, the stability of the door lock will be affected.


Connect the wire

Depending on the model of the fingerprint door lock, you may need to connect the wire of the door lock to the power supply or control panel. Connect all components correctly according to the wiring diagram provided in the manual.

Connect the fingerprint reader

After all connections are in place, connect the fingerprint reader to the mounting plate with the screws provided by the manufacturer. When reaching for it, please make sure it is firmly fixed and properly aligned with your fingers.


fingerprint recognition

Test function

Before installation, register your fingerprint according to the instructions provided by the manufacturer to test the function of your new fingerprint door lock. Make sure that you can successfully unlock and lock the door with the registered fingerprint.


Additional security functions (if applicable)

Some fingerprint locks have additional functions, such as mobile application integration or keyboard input options. Please follow the manufacturer’s instructions to set up any additional features that come with a specific model.

Consulting professional installation service

At present, the installation of many fingerprint locks is very simple, so you can install them yourself according to the instructions. However, if you are not sure whether you can install the fingerprint door locks, you can consider hiring a professional locksmith or technician to ensure the correct installation and normal operation of the door lock.

online consult
reading manual

By following these general steps and carefully reading and following the instructions provided by the manufacturer, you can successfully install fingerprint door locks at home to increase safety and convenience. Rest assured, because only authorized individuals can use their unique fingerprints to enter your home!

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