The elevator card access system is a safety measure of hotel management. Usually used in hotels, apartments, office buildings, commercial buildings, or some high-rise buildings. Realizing a smart elevator system through a simple elevator access control panel is an effective way to strengthen building safety and access control.

Private Elevator VS Public Elevator

The elevator with the access card control system is different from the public elevator without the system in many aspects.

First, elevators with card access control require users to have a specific access card or key card in order to operate the elevator. This means that only authorized users with proper certificates can enter specific floors or areas, thus providing additional security protection. This card is equivalent to a mobile credential. As long as you carry this card, you can enter the elevator and reach the restricted floors.

In contrast, public elevators do not need any form of identity authentication, and anyone can enter and leave all floors in the building. This lack of control poses a security risk because unauthorized individuals may enter restricted areas.

What does the Elevator Card Access System Bring to Hotels?
Elevator access control system 2

The Elevator installed Card Access Control System

Why elevator card access system can heighten the level of security? What does the elevator card access system bring to hotels?


Access System Control Personnel In and Out


After installing the elevator control system, the public elevator becomes a private elevator; It is also equivalent to a smart elevator;

Private elevators have strict access control measures to ensure that only authorized individuals can use them. There are several types of elevator access. Access control is usually done by key card readers, elevator keypads, or biometric readers. Biometrics is a more advanced technology and certainly safer. It can verify the user’s identity and register in the security system before granting access rights to the user.

elevator card access system
elevator card access system

Limiting Floors Brings an Extra Layer of Protection


Private elevators usually have floor restrictions, and only certain personnel with corresponding valid cards can enter. This helps to maintain the safety and privacy of those who need to enter specific areas of the building.

Mobile Phone Use QR Code to Activate Elevator

Enhance the Security of Customers’ Access Experience


Compared with public elevators, smart and private elevators provide more safety measures. The whole access control management system includes a monitoring system, an emergency communication function, and a cloud-based access control system which allows managers can enter the elevator at any time for an audit trail.

elevator card access system

Public Elevator Without Card Access Equipment


Public elevators don’t have the same monitoring ability as smart elevators, which makes the security of hotels not high, and it is more difficult to identify individuals who may engage in suspicious behavior.

Open Access to  All

Public elevators are designed for general use and can be entered without any special certificates. Usually, anyone who needs to use them can access them, such as customers in shopping malls or visitors, guests, and employees of various enterprises in buildings.

Limited Security Measures Makes Security Breach

Public elevators may have basic security functions, such as emergency buttons and surveillance cameras, but they do not have the same level of elevator access control system. This means that unauthorized individuals can use the elevator at will and reach any floor without restriction.

elevator card access system
elevator card access system

Shared Space to Strangers Burden Access Workflow


Public elevators serve more people and are usually used by multiple tenants or visitors in a building. Compared with private elevators, this may lead to longer waiting times and overcrowding during peak hours.

In a word, private elevators provide enhanced safety measures and restrict specific individuals or groups from entering buildings, while public elevators are open to a wider range of users, but the safety control measures are limited. The choice between private elevators and public elevators ultimately depends on the safety requirements and functions of each specific building type.

How Does Elevator Card Access System Work?


At present, most elevator devices are control systems that use elevator cards to restrict access. Elevator card access technology works by using a card reader connected to the elevator control system. Provide users with access cards with specific permissions, such as floors that they are allowed to enter. When the user approaches the elevator and gives his access card to the card reader, the card reader will scan the card and verify the user’s mobile credentials.

Once the card reader verifies the user’s credentials, it will grant access to the designated floor or area according to the rights assigned to the specific card. If unauthorized individuals try to enter, the system will deny them access and the elevator will not work.

elevator card access system
elevator card access system

One-Card Swipe: Reaches All Parts Allowed in the Hotels

When you check into the hotel, the staff will register the information at the front desk and hand you a card. This card can not only be swiped on the panel installed on the elevator to reach the designated floor but also open the smart door lock of the room after inserting the power switch to obtain electricity. One card can connect all the places you need to go. The system provides convenient and safe access control for many areas of the hotel.

As a supplier focusing on smart door locks, YGS can not only provide all kinds of smart door locks from hotels to homes and apartments, but also provides a series of intelligent system products such as elevator controllers, power switches, and hotel management systems. YGS also provides quality assurance and high-quality after-sales service. YGS must be a good choice for you.

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What Does Elevator Card Access Control System Bring to Hotels?


In the long run of hotel management, the implementation of the elevator card access control system in buildings can greatly reduce the demand for manual management personnel and save money. Automatic access control through a centralized system can simplify security protocols, minimize the risk of unauthorized access, and optimize operational efficiency.

Reduce Manpower

Using an automatic elevator card access control system, there is no need for special staff to monitor the use of elevators, and there is no need for manual authorization to enter different floors. This can not only save labor costs but also avoid the embarrassment of meeting introverted customers who don’t want to be disturbed by others.

Efficient User Management

The elevator card access system allows staff or managers to easily add, delete, or modify user credentials as needed without physical key management.

This YGS-Access controller can be 100% compatible with most PMS and also can store 1000 audit trails, which is a large capacity. The access controller working with the access control system together can simplify the employee management process and reduce management costs.

What Does the Elevator Card Access System Bring to Hotels?



Only authorized individuals can enter specific floors, which makes residents and managers feel at ease and creates a safer and more secure environment for all. It also reduces the entry of irrelevant personnel, reduces noise, and creates a quiet living environment for customers.

Preventive Maintenance

Arranging regular maintenance inspections for intelligent elevator systems is helpful in finding potential problems as soon as possible and avoiding expensive maintenance costs. By actively carrying out maintenance tasks, the service life of the elevator can be prolonged, and unexpected downtime that may affect the operation can be avoided.

Want more details? Hoping this post can help you: Elevator access control system for hotel business

elevator card access system
elevator card access system

Generally speaking, investing in an elevator card access system not only improves safety and convenience but also provides significant cost-saving advantages for building owners and managers. By using advanced technology to automate the access control process, employee management practices can be optimized and long-term financial efficiency can be achieved in operation.

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