In the face of the increasingly fierce competition in the hotel industry, if a hotel wants to stand out from many competitors and be recognized by customers, it must improve its popularity and reputation, and continuously upgrade in safety, service, hygiene, environment, and other aspects. Among them, the most important part is the safety part. When people stay in a hotel, the most hope is that the safety of themselves and their belongings can be guaranteed. As one of the most important components of the entire hotel access control system, the elevator access control system is responsible for the safety of the hotel floor.

According to market research, it is found that hotels with elevator controllers will attract more customers than hotels without elevator controllers. After all, hotels with elevator controllers will have a higher safety factor. How much do you know about the elevator access control system? This article will introduce you from various aspects, hoping to help you.

It is well known that hotel is a place that provides people with temporary residence, which is a convenience for people on a business trip, travel, etc. It is one of the indispensable places in modern human life.

In the beginning, to attract more customers and provide customers with more convenient and efficient services, most hotels did not have many restrictions on hotel access. Later, some non-hotel customers seized this loophole of hotel safety and entered and exited the hotel at will, undermining the security and order of the hotel.



Many leafleteers sneak into the hotel by posing as hotel guests and slip the special services card into the hotel room, which causes harassment to real hotel customers.


Hotel elevators are often occupied by outsiders, causing inconvenience to customers.


Even criminals have a chance to pretend to be hotel guests and enter the hotel to steal.

Elevator access control system 1

Due to the above-mentioned situations, the hotel’s security system contains a lot of loopholes, so the safety of the hotel’s guests cannot be guaranteed. The emergence of elevator controllers can not only effectively limit the entry and exit of hotel personnel, but also effectively reduce hotel management expenses and improve management efficiency.

What is the elevator access control system?

Elevator access control system 2

Elevator security system is a kind of elevator control technology, it adds a system access device similar to the “access control” on the original elevator. The elevator installed with an elevator controller can only be used by swiping a card.

With the development of modern technology, the current way of using elevator controller is not only swiping card, but also has robot recognition elevator controller, face recognition elevator controller, fingerprint recognition elevator controller, mobile phone elevator controller, etc., which are more secure, and the back end of cloud elevator control has realized more connected features.

Common types of elevator access security system

RFID elevator access control system

Elevator RFID access control is one of the most widely used access control security solutions in the hotel industry today. Guests can activate the elevator by card swipe near the elevator card reader. This type of elevator controller can be further divided into the following two types:

  1. Users only need to swipe their room cards that can press any elevator floor button and go to any floor.
  2. User only needs to swipe the room card on the card reader, and the elevator access control card system will identify the floor where the room is and go directly to the floor without pressing any elevator buttons.

The second type effectively restricted floor access and can improve the safety of the hotel floor.

Elevator access control system 3

Elevator security keypad and PIN readers

The elevator keyboard requires guests to enter a correct elevator password or access code to use the elevator. Only need to enter the right pin code on the elevator keypad that can use the elevator. This type of lift access control allows users to take the elevator without a card or key, which is more convenient. However, this kind of elevator controller will have risks, such as the risk of password leakage.

Once the password is leaked, as long as the person who knows the password can use the elevator, no matter whether the person is related to the hotel or not, the level of security is low. In addition, this kind of elevator is not suitable for larger buildings or busy buildings (like large-scale hotels). It takes time for everyone to press the password. The more people wait, the longer the waiting time, so the efficiency will be very low.

Elevator access control system 4

Mobile elevator access control system

This type of access is a touchless solution that allows users to take the elevator without contact. After obtaining permission to use, the user can control the elevator through the corresponding APP or applet on the mobile phone.

At the moment of the epidemic, contactless technology is much-loved by people. Mobile smart elevator control not only facilitates the use of users but also effectively improves the safety factor of the hotel and effectively reduces the risk of the spread of the epidemic.

Elevator biometric scanner access control

The emergence of biometric technology has greatly improved people’s safety index. Due to the diversity of biological systems, the characteristics of each person are unique and difficult to copy, so the system can more accurately identify the identity of the individual, and the security is higher.

Elevator biometric scanning control system, usually faces recognition, fingerprint recognition, finger vein recognition, etc. The users only need to scan the corresponding part in front of the scanner, if the individual information matches with the system, the elevator can be used.

Elevator access control system 5

How does the elevator access control system work?

Step1: Binds the elevator control and the hotel management system to each other.

Step2: Hotel front desk staff enters the hotel guest information into the hotel system and room card and authorized users to take the hotel elevator and enter the hotel room.

Step3: Hotel guests can take the card to the corresponding elevator to take the elevator by swiping hotel room key card on the elevator card reader and pressing the elevator floor button. (Some elevator controllers also support mobile phone activation of elevators, after being authorized by the hotel access management software, the authorized person can control elevator through the corresponding applet or APP.)

Benefits of elevator security access control system 


You can reach the floor where the room is located by swiping the card, and it is more convenient to use.


Effectively reduce the use times of elevators, prolonging the elevator life.


After the elevator controller is installed, only hotel staff and hotel guests can enter the hotel area, which effectively restricts unauthorized person entry and exit of the hotel and enhances the hotel’s safety factor.


Elevator controller is one of the parts of the hotel access control solution system. A card can enter the hotel gate, access to elevator, enter the room, and other public areas in the hotel, which realizes real intelligence and humanization.


The separation of floors can be achieved, different floors are suitable for different management schemes, and the hotel can be divided into accommodation areas, service areas, living areas, entertainment areas, etc., which effectively improves the hotel management efficiency.

YGS-MF1 Elevator controller

Elevator access control system 6


  • Sharing same management software with hotel lock.
  • 3 control modes: uncontrolled mode, floor mode, floor & time control.
  • Access control to certain floors can be canceled during specific periods.
  • Support save and check using records, over 1000 records.
  • Elevator access control reader is available near the elevator control panel.
  • Uncontrolled mode and access control mode can be interchanged by reading cards.


Power supplier1200VDC
Card typesMifare card
Detecting distance10-50mm

16groups of normally – closed (NC) contacts

16groups of normally – opean (NO) contacts

Working environment

Working temperature: -10-70

storage temperature: -25-125

humidity: 5%-95%




All in all, a good elevator control access solution not only can enhance the security of your hotel but also reduce your business cost. And it is also suitable for office buildings, apartments, campuses, etc.
As a smart lock supplier with more than 20 years of industry experience, YGS has a complete hotel management system, cost-effective solutions for hotels, and customized hotel lock and hotel lock systems. If you are interested, please feel free to contact us.

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