Door hardware encompasses a range of metallic fittings and accessories crucial for door functionality, including door locks, handles, hinges, door closers, and peepholes. These components synergistically enhance both the aesthetic appeal and operational efficiency of doors while bolstering security measures. Here, we’ll explore the latest door hardware trends of 2024, covering exterior door design and safety advancements.

1. Door Locks:

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The style of door locks varies according to different application scenarios. Popular modern door locks include anti-theft door locks, hotel door locks, glass door locks, and magnetic door locks, among others. Different types of door locks have different installation methods, functions, and usage, so it’s essential to consider the installation location, users, and required security levels when selecting.

Furthermore, the quality of the door lock directly affects its effectiveness in locking the door and its long-term security. When purchasing a door lock, you can try to feel its texture, weight, and smoothness of operation.

2. Door Hinges:

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Door hinges are devices that allow the door to open and close smoothly. A door typically installs 2-3 hinges. Generally, hinges are divided into visible and concealed styles. Visible hinges are recommended for room doors due to their lack of rebound effect, whereas concealed hinges are suitable for smaller doors like those found on wardrobes, cabinets, and windows.

Common materials for hinges include iron, copper, stainless steel, and alloys. However, iron and copper can rust, making the door look bad. So, avoiding them and going for stainless steel or alloy hinges is better. Besides material, consider the hinge’s strength, durability, and ease of installation. Choose strong, easy-to-install, operate smoothly, and make no noise.

3. Door Stops:

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The role of door stops is to fix the door or prevent the door handle from hitting the wall, usually installed on the wall or floor. There are various door stop styles, including magnetic adsorption type, frictional latch type, and locking type.

When making a purchase, ensure to select the correct door stop to meet your requirements. For instance, aluminum alloy doors are best suited for floor-mounted stops equipped with magnetic adhesion.

4. Peepholes:

Also known as door viewers, peepholes are small optical devices installed on doors, allowing residents to observe outdoor conditions.

With a peephole, you can see all scenes from 120 degrees outside the door from inside, while from outside you cannot see anything indoors.

Installing peepholes in places like apartments or private residences is essential for theft prevention and security, making them indispensable household tools.

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5. Door Closers: 

Door closers are modern automatic door control devices increasingly utilized in various settings in recent years. Typically installed at the top or side of a door. It employs a series of mechanical or hydraulic mechanisms to regulate the speed and force of the door’s closing action.

This device finds widespread application in retail stores, commercial buildings, hospitals, schools, and residential spaces, among others. Its primary function is to ensure that doors close automatically after use, thereby enhancing safety, energy efficiency, and convenience.

Door closers can be adjusted to suit various environments and usage needs, ensuring precise control over the door’s closing speed and force, preventing it from closing too quickly or too slowly.

1. Simplified Door Handles

More and more homeowners are transitioning from spherical to lever-style door handles. These handles emphasize simplicity and clean lines, aligning well with modern interior decor styles. Designed with ergonomics in mind, they make opening and closing doors easier and smoother.

Traditionally, door handles were often made from metals such as brass, iron, or bronze. However, these materials are prone to corrosion and rust, making them less durable. In contrast, modern door handles tend to utilize durable materials like stainless steel or aluminum alloys. These materials boast clean, minimalist characteristics and offer higher durability.

Furthermore, some modern door handles may incorporate non-traditional materials like glass, ceramic, or plastic. Their creative shapes turn the door handle into a decorative art piece, emphasizing individuality and a sense of fashion.

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2. Color Trends in Door Locks

Traditional door locks are primarily composed of metal materials, often exhibiting metallic colors such as gold and bronze. Because these colors mostly stem from the raw materials themselves, without extensive color processing. These singular colors imbue traditional door locks with an antique and classic aesthetic, harmonizing well with traditional architectural styles.

With advancements in craftsmanship and technology, modern door locks offer a diverse range of color choices. Apart from traditional metallic tones, non-metallic colors like black, white, brown, and gray are gaining popularity.

Moreover, each color can branch out into more personalized shades, such as business-type deep space gray, matte black, or luminous silver. There are also classical-type options like coffee bronze or rose gold.

Additionally, some door lock design trends consider complementary color schemes, such as pairing black with white or black with copper. This variety in color combinations enriches the options for door lock aesthetics, ensuring a perfect match with different types of doors.

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3. Emphasis on Holistic Concept

The modern door hardware industry increasingly emphasizes a holistic concept, including appearance and functionality. Door hardware is no longer seen as merely individual components, but as integral parts of a building’s overall design.

Regarding holistic appearance, building owners choose hardware fittings that match the style of the door and home decor. They opt for hardware in coordinating colors to create a unified, harmonious effect. Because they believe doors can be functional architectural elements as well as decorative elements in the home.

In terms of holistic functionality, the development of modern door hardware transcends traditional lock functions. Today, door hardware integrates with smart devices, offering traditional lock functions and connectivity with smart home systems. It offers remote control capabilities, one-touch unlocking, biometric recognition, and other advanced features. By enhancing both the security and convenience of doors, it provides residents with a seamless entry into the realm of smart living.

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4. Balancing Durability and Aesthetics

Modern door hardware products increasingly prioritize a comprehensive consideration of durability, aesthetics, and functionality to meet the demand for high-quality, diverse, and long-lasting solutions. Materials such as stainless steel, aluminum alloys, and titanium alloys are commonly used for their corrosion resistance. These materials excel in various environmental conditions.

Moreover, modern entry door hardware products incorporate advanced processing techniques like anodizing, electroplating, and coating, along with precision manufacturing processes such as CNC machining and laser cutting. These advanced casting techniques further enhance product wear resistance, corrosion resistance, and aesthetics.

5. Fusion of Tradition and Modernity

In modern home design, while emphasizing simplicity, traditional styles are not entirely discarded. Some retro buildings incorporate elements of traditional style or antique craftsmanship in door hardware design, including handles, locks, doorbells, hooks, and other accessories. These accessories present in a retro style but utilize modern durable metal materials, often undergoing special treatment or antique processing to evoke a classical, nostalgic atmosphere.

Retro door hardware emphasizes manual craftsmanship, featuring carving, polishing, and other craft processes, showcasing unique artisanal touches. Although they are relatively expensive, you might find them in classical-style buildings, villas, hotels, etc. These items add a rustic and elegant atmosphere to rooms, highlight architectural styles, and reflect the owner’s taste in furniture.

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6. Smart and Automated Solutions

Smart and automated solutions have become significant trends in the door hardware industry. Modern door locks integrate smart technologies, providing users with keyless, automated, and efficient entry experiences.

Door automation is primarily achieved through electronic door locks, incorporating advanced smart technologies such as smartphones, facial recognition, and other authentication methods, enabling users to unlock doors easily.


Some door locks are also equipped with door closers. Once user authentication is successful, the door automatically opens and closes after passage, eliminating the risk of forgetting to lock the door.

Moreover, advanced smart locks integrate features such as doorbells, monitoring, and calling, offering multifunctional convenience. They not only simplify external devices on doors but also give doors a sleek, high-tech appearance.

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Commercial electronic door locks come in various types, driven by electricity to achieve automatic opening and closing. Detailed information about commercial electronic locks can be found in the following articles: Modern protection: Commerical electronic door lock system.

7. Eco-Friendly Materials for Door Hardware

In recent years, sustainable development has become a focal point across various industries, including the door hardware sector. Environmentally friendly materials in door hardware are becoming mainstream.

Common eco-friendly materials include stainless steel, aluminum alloys, organic glass, natural wood, and natural rubber. The adoption of these materials helps reduce natural resource consumption, lower environmental pollution, and protect the ecological environment.

As consumer demand for eco-friendly products increases, the market for environmentally friendly materials in door hardware will continue to expand. To meet market demands and drive sustainable development in the industry, door hardware providers need to concentrate on the environmental performance of materials and continually improve product performance and quality through innovative technologies and processes.


Common Door Hardware Styles

1. Modern Minimalist Style


In the modern style, minimalist door hardware typically features sleek and minimalist designs. Door locks and handles often adopt a subtle and compact style to ensure a clean facade and enhance the overall modern aesthetic. To further emphasize the simplicity of the design, use frameless doors or concealed door hinges.

Classic materials include stainless steel and aluminum alloy, with color palettes often leaning towards understated tones such as matte black or silver. This design style is suitable for various settings such as modern apartments, urban residences, commercial office spaces, and traditional homes, creating a fresh and minimalist modern atmosphere.

2. Vintage Style


In the vintage style, door hardware may feature handles, locks, and hinges adorned with classical patterns or carvings. The selection of these elements is crucial as they directly impact the overall appearance and atmosphere of the door.

Common choices include antique bronze or wrought iron black finish, evoking a sense of history that complements the door’s material, collectively creating a nostalgic vintage ambiance.

Pairing with rustic wooden door panels further accentuates the nostalgic vintage ambiance. This design style is widely used in historical buildings, antique house renovation projects, classical-style hotels, themed resorts, and private villas, injecting charming historical charm into the space.

3. Country Style


Country-style door hardware typically emphasizes using natural materials and clean, uncomplicated designs. Wooden or white door panels are commonly paired with wrought iron handles or brushed stainless steel locks. This combination is aimed at fostering a cozy and inviting countryside ambiance.

Door hinges often utilize antique wrought iron materials, designed with traces of time, complementing the overall style. This design style is common in farmhouse-style residences, vacation villas, country-style hotels, guesthouses, and even countryside cafes or restaurants, bringing a rustic and comfortable atmosphere to these places.

4. Artistic Style


In the artistic style, door hardware selection may focus on elements with unique shapes or artistic sensibilities to highlight the space’s personality and taste. Bold colors become a popular choice, such as iridescent silver or other vibrant hues, to create visual impact and tension.

The design of door handles and locks frequently prioritizes abstract or sculptural elements, often echoing artistic embellishments. By cultivating an artistic ambiance, this approach gives the space a sense of being a work of art. This design style is commonly applied in art galleries, exhibition spaces, design-oriented hotels, artistic restaurants, and personalized private residences, imparting a unique taste and atmosphere to the place.

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