The concept of “contactless check-in hotel” came with COVID-19. Now, although the global epidemic is calming down, this “contactless” demand has not weakened, but has an upward trend. Because “contactless checkin” not only helps hotels save operation costs, and upgrade service quality, but it also increases guest confidence and satisfaction.

However, taking in to consideration of the service type and renovation cost, contactless hotel upgrade is actually not suitable for many hotels. This article recommend a more workable way between traditional and contactless solution.

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In a traditional hotel, front desk check-in is a key stage of the entire checking. When the guests arrive at a hotel, they need to go to the hotel reception desk to check-in. The reception desk staff will register the guest’s ID card number, contact details, and check-in period, and arrange a room for the guest. After all the check-in information is entered into the hotel key card entry system, the hotel front desk staff will issue a room card to the guest.

Some hotels will arrange a servicer to guide the guests to find their room and give an introduction to the hotel. If the guest has other needs, they can call the front desk agents through the telephone in the room.

How about the contactless check-in process?

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A contactless hotel check-in combines intelligent technology and the Internet of Things (IoT) to provide customers with an innovative type of self-check-in hotel experience.

In a contactless hotel, guests can complete the entire process of staying by themselves. Guests only need to upload their checking information like their ID card number, and contact details on the online check-in platform, or hotel kiosk that can finish booking. And then the hotel staff will confirm with the guest by phone or message, and send the room number and access code to the guest.

Then the guest can pass the key code to enter the hotel room without a key card, and does not need to register at the hotel front desk. So the contactless hotel is also named the keyless entry hotel.

Hotels with rich strength will also use robots to replace humans to complete room service delivery jobs. With non-human contact technology, guests can also complete hotel payments online, contactless activate the elevator, self-checkout or renewal, online food ordering, etc. through their phone.

The Advantages and Disadvantages between Traditional check-in hotels and Contactless check-in hotels

Traditional check-in

Advantages of traditional check-in:


The traditional hotel is the best choice for people who are not familiar with self-service (like the elderly or children), because the staff will guide them through the check-in and check-out process.


Traditional check-in hotels can provide hotel guests with a sweet smile or a warm greeting, it will make guests feel warm welcome and increase the hotel’s likability.


Hotels can get more genuine feedback by contact with the guests, which can improve the hotel services.


Although traditional hotels also incur maintenance costs, they are still not as many as contactless hotels.

Disadvantages of traditional check-in:


During the pandemic, the risk of the spread of the epidemic in traditional check-in hotels will be higher than in contactless check-in hotels.


It will cause guests to time waste in the front desk check-in when there is front desk traffic.


The traditional check-in process is rather cumbersome and has a lower service efficiency.


Traditional check-in means more labor costs, which management cost higher than contactless check-in.

Contactless check-in

Advantages of Contactless check-in:


Contactless hotel allows guest to finish the contactless check-in process by themselves without contact with staff, which accord with the requirement in line with the one-meter distance between people under the epidemic and can reduce the risk of epidemic transmission.


Guests do not have to queue up at the hotel check-in desk to check in, saving the time and energy spent at the front desk.


The check-in system components save staff time from many repeatly paperwork. And the door lock remote control functions enable the front desk change rooms or check lock status remotely, without going to each room.


A smartphone app can achieve the function of unlocking, no longer need for physical keys and cards, which reduces the expenditure of the hotel.


Increase unit price from each guest. The APP will offer more information of the hotel: hotel facility, exclusive offers, bonuses, etc.


Powerful ekey experience. Guests can checkin from anywhere. And the APP can also access the parking lot, gym center, meeting room, etc other areas of the hotel. They also can share room keys securely.


Even without an epidemic, contactless tech can simplify the guest check-in process, makes it more convenient for the guest, and enrich the guest experience, which more attractive.

Disadvantages of Contactless check-in:


Reduce human interaction which plays the most important role of hospitality.


Staff might feel threatened by being replaced by machines or systems.


Less control of some guests: reach unexpectedly, or feel uncomfortable with digitalization.

Based on the above analysis, we recommend hotel to keep the contact check-in to provide the best service to guests and staff. And use new technology to improve internal management efficiency.

Some Features to Make Management Easy

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 Some Features to Make Management Easy 2
 Some Features to Make Management Easy 3
 Some Features to Make Management Easy 4
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Software Interface

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