With the economic recovery and the rapid development of the tourism economy, tourism has attracted more and more attention from countries all around the world. On Labour Day this year, Chinese tourists can be seen everywhere in the world. 

Not only are hotel reservations full, but the demand for apartments in short rent has also increased greatly. Because of this, people pay more and more attention to the safety of apartments, so the demand for apartment door locks is also increasing.

Now let’s see how to choose the suitable apartment door lock.

1. Knob Lock

Knob lock is one of the most common traditional door locks in the past. They provide a high degree of security because they are not easily forced open. The locking tongue has two choices: single cylinder and double cylinders. The latter needs a key to unlock from the inside out.

However, with time, the heavy key and the need to reconfigure the same key because of the loss of the key make the use of the deadbolt lock troublesome and inconvenient.

Types of Door Locks and handles 1 -knob lock

2. Chain Lock

A chain lock is a simple and effective device, which can provide an extra layer of security when you gently open the door to talk with people outside without fully opening the door.

This should be an additional safety measure after installing the door lock. It is usually used with padlocks, slide latch locks, etc.

secure hotel door 3
types of door lock-padlock
types of door lock-slide latch lock

3. Keyless Entry Lock

Keyless access lock provides convenience and ease of use, allowing residents to use codes, fingerprints, biometric locks, or smartphone applications instead of traditional keys to enter the apartment.

These locks can also be easily programmed to provide temporary access codes for guests or service providers.


4. Smart Door Lock

Smart lock is an advanced type of keyless entry lock, which can be remotely controlled through smartphone applications or connected home systems. They usually include functions such as automatic locking, activity logs, or integration with other smart home devices.

door lock security-

How to Choose a Suitable Apartment door lock?

Apartment door locks play a vital role in maintaining the safety and privacy of your living space. With the development of technology, there are various types of apartment locks to choose from in the market.

When choosing an apartment door lock, a few key factors need to be considered to ensure that you choose the right option according to your own needs. Here are some considerations on how to choose a suitable and safe door lock for your apartment :

apartment door lock series
apartment door lock series-1

Assess your needs

Before choosing an apartment door lock, consider various factors, such as the security conditions in your area, and the required security level. If you live in a high crime area or value the highest security, you may choose a more advanced lock system, such as a smart lock with multiple authentication methods. The type of door you have and the budget constraints you may have.

According to the surrounding living environment, business circle, and tourist attractions, apartment owners can judge what kind of tenants are, to choose the appropriate apartment lock. If the local area is a place suitable for the elderly to travel, then an apartment lock that can provide a simple and convenient way to open the door is recommended.

When choosing an apartment door lock, you should also consider the thickness and material of the door. Not all locks fit all doors. If the door lock is too thick, it will not only waste time but also cause unnecessary troubles such as returning goods.

In addition, some doors (such as fence doors and glass doors) cannot be equipped with ordinary locks, so it is necessary to choose specific types of locks.

Study different types of locks

There are several types of apartment locks to choose from, including traditional key and latch locks, keyboard or smart locks, fingerprint, biometric, or multifunctional door locks. Each type has its advantages and disadvantages, so please study each option to determine which one best suits your needs.

unlocking your style - Types of Door Locks and Handles

Ease of use

When choosing an apartment door lock, it is important to consider how easy it is for your management and others who need to use it. Keyless entry locks can provide convenience, but make sure they are user-friendly and easy for everyone in your family to operate.

Consider various factors, such as the ease of programming codes or fingerprints, the ease of locking and unlocking doors, and any additional functions that may make it easier for everyone to use locks. It is important that all apartment residents can easily enter and ensure the door’s safety, so please choose to use a simple and intuitive lock.

Choose the best apartment lock within your budget.

Finally, when evaluating your budget constraints to determine the level of apartment locks, remember that high-quality locks are usually more expensive. Spending a little more money on a high-quality brand lock can provide long-term benefits in terms of safety and peace of mind. Brands can not only provide high-quality locks but also provide high-quality services and solutions to after-sales problems.

It is very important to strike a balance between budget constraints and the level of safety required for apartment doors. Brands can not only provide high-quality locks but also provide high-quality services and solutions to after-sales problems, but also can provide long-term benefits in terms of safety and peace of mind.

Consider additional security measures

Usually, installing a door lock is not enough to meet the safety requirements. In addition to installing security locks, consider adding extra security functions, such as chain locks, door observers (peepholes), door closers and door stoppers, or installing a hidden lock to improve the protection level.

Consider additional security measures

Usually, installing a door lock is not enough to meet the safety requirements. In addition to installing security locks, consider adding extra security functions, such as chain locks, door observers (peepholes), door closers and door stoppers, or installing a hidden lock to improve the protection level.

Choose a lock with an appropriate appearance

The decoration styles of each apartment are similar or very different, so it is very important to choose a suitable apartment door lock according to the characteristics of the apartment. Door locks not only protect the safety of tenants but also add many colors to aesthetics. If a stainless steel door lock with a modern style is installed on a traditional classical wooden door, it is not only uncoordinated in color, but also incompatible with other decoration styles.

Types of Door Locks and handles 17
Types of Door Locks and handles 16
Types of Door Locks and handles 13

Maintenance Requirements

door lock maintenance-wipe-1
door lock maintenance-fix

Regularly maintaining apartment door locks is very important to ensure their normal operation and life. Here are some instructions on how to maintain apartment door locks:

  • Clean the lock: use a soft cloth or brush to remove any dirt, dust, or debris that may accumulate on the lock. Don’t scrub with detergent and other chemicals, otherwise, it will destroy the electroplating layer of the handle and cause the door lock to fade.
  • Lubricate the lock: Apply a small amount of lubricant specially designed for the lock to all moving parts of the lock, which will help keep the lock running smoothly and prevent rust or corrosion. If the key is difficult to insert or remove, do not lubricate it with oil. It would help if you sharpened the key with a pencil, or blow pencil scraps into the lock hole to lubricate it.
  • Inspection and testing: Check the screws and bolts on the door lock regularly to ensure that they are firmly fastened. If you find any loose screws, please tighten them immediately to prevent any problems in the operation of the locks.
  • Test the lock: Test the lock of your apartment regularly, insert the key, and turn it in two directions to ensure its smooth operation. When turning the key, make sure that the bolt or bolt is fully retracted.
  • Replace worn parts: If you find any signs of wear or damage to the door lock, such as worn keys or loose handles, please consider replacing these parts immediately. Using a faulty lock will endanger the safety of your home.
  • Keep the key properly: always keep the key in a safe and reliable place to prevent it from being lost or stolen. Avoid putting spare keys where they are easy to get. Mark the room number corresponding to the key to avoid confusing the keys of different rooms when you need to use the spare key.

By following these maintenance techniques, you can extend the life of apartment door locks and ensure that they can continuously and effectively protect your living space.

Smart Locks: The Future of Door Locks Security


Future Securityof Biometric Authentication

With the continuous progress of technology, smart locks are becoming more and more popular in the security of apartment doors. These keyless entry options offer a range of benefits, combining convenience with enhanced security measures.

One of the main advantages of smart locks is the ability to remotely control access through smartphone applications. This means that you can lock or open the door of the apartment anywhere, which will make you feel more at ease when you forget to lock the door when you go out or need to authorize others to enter.

Smart locks are usually equipped with functions such as activity logs so that you can monitor who comes in and out of your apartment when. This is especially useful for tracking maintenance personnel, cleaners, or other service providers who may need to enter your space.

In addition, many smart locks can be integrated with other smart home devices to create a comprehensive home security system. For example, you can connect the smart lock to the video doorbell camera, so that you can see who is at your door before deciding whether to unlock it.

In the future, smart locks may develop in the direction of multi-cameras, which is conducive to monitoring the situation outside the door in an all-around way and preventing some important information from being missed when dangerous situations occur.

When considering installing a smart lock for your apartment door, make sure to choose a smart lock that is compatible with your existing technology and provides the security function you want. Some options even include biometric authentication methods, such as fingerprint scanning to increase protection.

Generally speaking, smart lock represents the future of home security, which provides a convenient and high-tech solution for protecting apartment doors. Consider upgrading to a keyless entry option such as a smart lock to improve the security and convenience of your living space.

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