In today’s highly security-conscious society, hotel door lock systems have become an essential part of hotel security management. These systems provide guests with a high level of security and offer effective check-in management and security control tools for hotel management. The following content will explore the best hotel door lock system of 2023, including its core components, essential features, and specific applications in hotels.

Hopefully, this article will help you better understand the importance and value of this critical technology, so you can make more accurate judgments.

Modern hotel door lock systems incorporate advanced technologies, including computer, electronics, precision manufacturing, and smart card tech, for efficient access control. These technologies swiftly and accurately identify cardholders’ identities, swipe times, and locations.

Upon successful verification, the door lock grants access, otherwise, it remains locked. Both successful unlock and fail unlock records will be recorded and uploaded to the system backend. 

This design effectively prevents unauthorized access while enhancing traceability in hotel management, which ensures clear tracking of all door-unlocking records. 

Over time, with the development of the internet, hotel door lock systems have shifted from traditional front desk check-ins to self-service reservations via the web. This eliminates the need for the traditional check-in process at the front desk.

After a successful booking, guests can simply check in at the hotel using a text message. These changes and innovations are driving rapid growth in the hotel industry.

The Essential Elements of the Advanced Smart Hotel Door Lock Systems

Unlike traditional hotel management systems, advanced hotel lock systems incorporate internet connectivity. Local server + cloud-based system framework, enabling hotels to operate persistently and providing more convenient and intelligent services.

The important components of an internet-connected hotel door lock system include:

Hotel Management Software System

This comprehensive smart hotel management solution combines functions like guest management, inventory management, room management, financial management, door lock management, and staff management. It features a user-friendly interface that simplifies hotel management.

Due to the development of the hotel industry, modern hotel door lock system software integrates more interface programs with perfect functions. Integrate and unify the management of many new businesses in modern hotels, thus simplifying the hotel management process.

Common interfaces in modern hotels such as PMS systems, third-party guest control systems, self-check-in kiosks, third-party facial recognition access control, and hotel surveillance systems.

Networked System Hotel Locks

Hotel door locks, the core of the entire system, essentially is an electronic lock with a gateway. Besides RFID cards, PIN codes, and mechanical keys, network system locks offer advanced features like Bluetooth unlocking and remote unlocking.

They also feature various automatic synchronization functions, such as synch key lists, synch access events, synch clocks, synch smart lock battery power levels, and real-time revocation of access permissions. These features enhance management efficiency and reduce costs.

Smart Gateway

A smart gateway is a crucial device that connects electronic door locks to the network. In the context of smart home devices’ interoperability, devices like smart door locks need to connect to a smart platform for automation, remote app control, and device coordination.

To realize all electronic devices within hotels interoperability and interconnect, both smart home devices, including smart door locks need to connect to the smart platform. Rely on the platform for automation, remote app control, and device coordination.

However, these smart electronic devices cannot usually access the internet directly, which necessitates a gateway device.

Local Server

The local server primarily manages and controls all hotel room locks. It ensures that the door lock system operates smoothly even without internet connectivity, enhancing system stability and control.

Additionally, it supports centralized control of multiple devices within the local network, such as networked system locks, gateways, card issuers, and access control systems. Ensuring timely device control and authorization.

Internet-Connected Card Issuer

A networked card issuer is a critical component of an internet-connected hotel door lock system for generating, managing, and distributing guest key cards.

Connects to the hotel’s central computer system or cloud server, facilitating the issuance, management, and control of key card permissions. It can create various types of key cards, manage permissions, record card usage, and provide remote control. Ensuring the safety and convenience of hotel guests and hotel staff.

Hotel Room Card

In networked hotel room lock systems, room cards are not always necessary since guests can use their mobile devices or biometric features to unlock.

However, many hotels retain RFID cards or magnetic cards for guests who prefer traditional unlocking methods.

Guests place their authorized cards on the card reader, and the door lock will automatically unlock. This technology can easily deactivate or reassign cards, enhancing security and management.

Bluetooth Hotel Access Control

Bluetooth hotel access control is an advanced access solution based on Bluetooth technology. Through Bluetooth signals, smartphones and access control devices can communicate and verify identity.

Users can easily establish connections with access devices by activating their smartphone’s Bluetooth, and effortless realize keyless access. 

As an alternative to traditional access systems, it offers greater convenience, since users do not need to carry physical keys and memorize complex passwords.

Bluetooth Elevator Control

Bluetooth elevator control is primarily used in areas like staircases, elevators, or other restricted zones. It allows authorized users to use their Bluetooth devices, typically smartphones, to activate access devices.

Through Bluetooth connections, users can easily and conveniently access restricted areas, enhancing security and convenience.

Bluetooth-Connected Power Switch

Bluetooth-connected power switches use Bluetooth technology to connect to other smart devices or mobile applications for power control.

These switches are typically installed on electrical or lighting devices, allowing users to control power states in real-time via smartphones or other smart devices. It is on the basis of the normal power switch plus networking features, and support linkages with smart door locks.

Multiple power access ways are available, including card insertion for power, remote power supply and cutoff, and power access via activated deadbolt.

They also support integration with other smart home systems, enabling users to control electrical devices via mobile device apps or other Bluetooth-connected devices, promoting energy savings and convenience.

Common Types of Modern Hotel Electronic Door Locks

Various advanced technologies and hotel lock systems integration have diversified modern electronic locks in hotels. Different types of hotel door locks offer varying guest experiences and security levels for hotels. Therefore, it is essential to understand their types. Here is an introduction to some common types of locks:

Hotel Key Card Locks

Hotel key card locks are the most common door lock type in the modern hospitality industry, with a long history of development. With continuous technological advancements, key card locks have evolved from traditional recordable cards to contactless proximity cards. Currently, widely used key card locks include RFID key card locks, magnetic card locks, and NFC card locks.

The guest simply needs to place their key card into the lock reader as instructed to gain access to their room. These card lock systems combine modern technology, allowing staff to conveniently allocate and manage room access permissions for each guest.

Hotel Biometric Smart Locks

In today’s society, biometric recognition technology has become a popular access control method, widely applied in hotel lock systems. Common biometric methods used in smart hotel locks include facial recognition and fingerprint recognition.

  • Facial Recognition Smart Locks: Guests only need to stand near the smart lock, and the camera quickly captures their facial features, identifying them through highly accurate algorithms. Once verified successfully, the lock swiftly unlocks, providing a convenient access experience. Additionally, this technology can track check-in records, enhancing hotel security.

  • Fingerprint Recognition Smart Locks: Guests only need to place their finger on the lock’s sensor, which promptly verifies their identity. If the match is successful, the lock unlocks. Fingerprint recognition technology is highly precise and difficult to counterfeit, making it suitable for hotels with higher security requirements.

These biometric smart locks not only enhance guest experiences but also contribute to more efficient hotel management. 

Bluetooth Smart Locks

Bluetooth smart locks allow guests to turn their smartphones into digital keys, offering a more convenient and secure check-in experience. This smart solution fully utilizes Bluetooth technology. Through the hotel’s dedicated mobile application, guests can easily unlock their room doors without traditional key cards or keys. This not only enhances the smoothness of check-in but also reinforces security, as digital keys are encrypted and difficult to steal or duplicate.

Furthermore, Bluetooth smart locks offer additional features, such as remote door lock control, allowing hotel staff to relock doors after guests leave. Additionally, hotel management can monitor the status of room doors in real-time, ensuring worry-free stays for all guests.

Keypad Locks

Digital keypad door lock systems are highly secure access control solutions commonly used in hotel rooms. These advanced systems require guests to input a personal identification number (PIN) before entering their rooms. Compared to traditional key locks, keypad locks offer a convenient keyless access method, enhancing the guest check-in experience.

These systems are exceptionally flexible, allowing hotel administrators to easily assign unique PIN codes to each guest and change them at any time. If a user enters an incorrect PIN multiple times, the lock automatically locks. Both successful and unsuccessful access attempts are recorded in the system’s background data. This functionality not only enhances security but also effectively manages guest check-in and check-out processes.

Key Criteria for the Best Hotel Door Lock System

1. High-Security Level and Strong Encryption Algorithms

As the first line of defense safeguarding hotel room security, hotel door locks should possess the highest level of security. To fully protect valuable items inside hotel rooms and the privacy of guests. 

The security level of a door lock is a result of comprehensive considerations, including the type of lock core, the material of smart locks, and the quality of installation. 

Furthermore, network locks must also consider the security rating of their access management systems to resist potential cyberattacks. Ensuring that door lock systems use advanced encryption algorithms is essential to prevent unauthorized access and data breaches.

These algorithms should adhere to industry standards such as AES (Advanced Encryption Standard) to ensure data integrity and confidentiality.

2. Multi-Layered Identity Verification

To enhance the security of door lock systems, hotel door lock systems should provide various secure access methods. These can include hotel key card access, mobile access, biometric technologies unlock (such as fingerprint recognition or iris scanning), or PIN code access.

In addition to providing an extra layer of security, multilayered identity verification allows hotels to tailor settings to the needs and preferences of their guests.

3. Integration with Third-Party Hotel Management Systems

Popular hotel door lock systems should also have the capability to integrate seamlessly with third-party hotel management systems to enable more modern functionalities. These functionalities may include guest room automation, remote control, online reservations, keyless hotel entry, self-check-in, and more.

Additionally, integration should offer high configurability to meet specific hotel requirements and the ability to update data in real-time to ensure accuracy and security.

4. Centralized Control and Real-Time Monitoring

The system should be able to centrally manage all hotel rooms and floors and provide real-time access records. This allows hotels to easily track guest check-ins and check-outs and monitor guest activities. This improves hotel management efficiency and can serve as a basis for financial reconciliation and security incident tracking, keeping hotels and guests safe and secure.

Furthermore, hotel management personnel can check the status of all locks at any time, including which rooms are unlocked, locked, or experiencing anomalies. This real-time monitoring helps quickly identify and address potential security issues.

5. User-Friendly Interface

One of the key criteria for the best hotel door lock system is having a user-friendly access interface. This interface should have a clear and intuitive design, support multiple languages, clearly distinguish between client and hotel staff functions, and provide highly customizable options.

With the above features, customers can use the hotel door locks and systems easily and securely, and hotels can provide excellent customer experience.

6. Multi-Function Expansion

When seeking the best hotel door lock technology, multi-function expansion is crucial. This includes supporting one-card-for-multiple-use functionality, and the functions of seamless integration with other smart systems (such as smart room management, consumption management, membership management, and floor security patrol systems). This integration not only enhances overall hotel management efficiency but also elevates the level of customer service.

For this reason, it is crucial when choosing a door lock system to consider its scalability and integration capabilities to accommodate the hotel’s constantly changing requirements.

Best Hotel Door Lock System For 2023

HUNE Hotel Lock Solution

1. Integrated Smart Hotel Management System

– Provides a comprehensive hotel management simulation system, including functions such as reservation, check-in, room extension, room change, key replacement, and check-out.
– Offers fast hotel selection, room reservation, and check-in services, ensuring a win-win situation for both hotels and customers.
– Supports multiple platforms, including computer, mobile, hotel PMS system, and PC management terminal. Operators can remotely view performance, occupancy rates, customer complaint rates, and other information.

2. Hotel Smart Lock Card Classification Management

– Manages permissions for hotel staff and guests to access hotel rooms.
– Supports different permission combinations, including time-limited, hierarchical authorization, and smart cards.
– Provides various smart card functions, such as floor cards, cleaning cards, guest cards, and master cards, to meet different needs.
– Offers self-service check-in kiosks for contactless check-ins, improving the guest experience, especially during epidemic periods.

3. Door Access Data Recording and Query

– Built-in memory to store the history of door access, recording all door openings regardless of the method used.
– Provides a convenient access management backend for querying door access data, making management more efficient and secure.

In summary, HUNE’s smart hotel lock features include a comprehensive hotel management system, flexible permission management, contactless check-in, and door access data recording and query functions.

These features aim to improve hotel operational efficiency, enhance customer experiences, and ensure hotel security. Additionally, HUNE is committed to innovating more unlocking methods, such as mobile and facial recognition, as technology continues to evolve.

ADEL Hotel Lock Solution

1. Data Management and Security

– Uses the large relational database management software SQLServer for data management, ensuring large data volumes and fast operation.
– Separates data from software, so failures do not affect door lock data, enhancing system security and stability.
– Supports scheduled automatic backups of door lock database information, reducing management and maintenance workload.
– Offers query functions for exporting reports for hotel staff use.

2. User Interface

– Provides a user-friendly and intuitive interface, with multiple languages supporting such as Simplified Chinese, Traditional Chinese, and English.
– Offers detailed prompts to enable operators to easily complete various tasks, even for non-professionals.

3. Fingerprint Login

– Enhances security by replacing traditional password login with fingerprint authentication, making it convenient, secure, and quick.

4. Secure Management Functions

– Implements a strict hierarchical permission management system, distinguishing different levels of operator permissions.
– Supports multiple types of smart keys for clear permissions, easy operation, and reliability.
– Supports spare cards to open door locks in case of system failure, ensuring normal operation.

5. Efficient Card Issuance and Reading

– Supports group card issuance, allowing the issuance of multiple guest cards at once, improving front desk efficiency.
– Offers quick card reading, allowing direct reading of card information and performing related operations such as room changes, extensions, and check-outs.

6. Multi-Workstation Setup

– Increases door lock data security by installing the door lock database on the server, reducing maintenance workload.
– Supports multiple computers to synchronize card issuance over the network, improving front desk efficiency.

7. Room Management Module 

– Allows the setup of room types, including bed counts and other information.
– Manages room areas, dividing them into supervisor areas, cleaning areas, etc.
– Generates room numbers automatically, supporting the management of up to 9000 rooms.
– Supports handling special room requests to meet personalized management needs.

These distinctive features make ADEL’s hotel smart lock management software secure, efficient, and user-friendly. Helps hotels improve management efficiency and customer service quality.


YGS Hotel Lock Solution

YGS Lock Solution is a highly professional and modern hotel management system. The system offers a range of advanced features to ensure smooth hotel management and optimize the guest experience in various ways.

1. Personalized Hotel Management Platform

– Provides hotels with complete control over displaying their brand identity on their management platform, including changing headlines and background images.

2. Simplified Room Status Management

– User-friendly room status interface design, ensuring that hotel staff can quickly and easily view all room status information. This includes clear insights into the current status of each room and overall hotel room statistics, making check-in and check-out processes efficient and straightforward.

3. Multiple Check-in Options

– Traditional key card mode: Maintains the traditional hotel business model, enabling hotel staff to grasp the operation method quickly. The hotel key card system can be put into operation immediately after installation. Even without an internet connection, front desk staff can easily issue key cards for door access.

– Hotel App Authorization Check-in: YGS Lock Solution incorporates modern mobile technology, allowing guests to check-in without physical contact. Even if the door locks are not connected to the internet, administrators can still add or remove guest access permissions in real-time.

– Password Unlock Check-in: Offers the option to generate real-time door access passwords for guests, which can be sent via SMS. This feature provides more contactless check-in options, enhancing security and convenience.

4. Convenient Hotel Management Operations

– Hotels can create departmental structures that suit their management requirements, with flexible allocation of departmental management permissions.
– Supports multiple employee accounts simultaneously logged into the management platform, with each account having access permissions based on their department and role. This hierarchical permission system ensures information security and compliance.

– Provides convenient “remote unlocking” in cases where guests have forgotten their key cards. This not only enhances the guest experience but also reduces the workload of maintenance personnel.

– Allows quick queries of occupancy information, door lock operation records, and check-in, extension, and check-out records for each room. This ensures that every event can be traced back to the operator.

– Comprehensive record queries and reporting functions, including check-in records, authorization operation records, import and maintenance file operation records, and abnormal check-in records. This enables hotel managers to analyze operations deeply and make informed decisions.

5. Simple Operations and Maintenance

– Allows hotels to quickly create buildings, room types, and rooms, simplifying the generation and maintenance of room status diagrams.
– Offers multiple card production options for normal maintenance operations, making it easy for hotel managers to handle the hotel room lock system.
– Supports remote door lock timing, eliminating the need for manual time card swiping at the door. Ensuring the accuracy of door lock times, thereby improving service efficiency.

In summary, YGS Lock Solution provides highly professional and modern management tools for hotel businesses, helping improve efficiency, security, and customer satisfaction.

YGS Hotel Lock System Cases 


The best hotel door lock system not only provides excellent security but also caters to the needs of the modern hotel industry. Emerging trends such as biometric authentication, IoT integration, and sustainability initiatives will shape the future of hotels. Bringing higher hotel management efficiency, improved customer experiences, and reduced environmental impact.

As a leading supplier of smart hotel locks, we are committed to helping hotels adapt to future challenges by providing cutting-edge security solutions. And making them become the preferred choice for accommodation.

It’s not just a lock; it’s the key to hotel success. Contact us now to get the latest hotel door lock solutions, providing customers with a safer, smarter, and more sustainable stay experience!

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