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Our apartment door lock system solution covers door lock circuit boards, smart gateways (Sub-1G/BLE), 4G smart gateways, Sub-1G modules, NB-IoT modules, WiFi modules, apartment management app, tenant app, cloud management system, and other hardware and software components. Widely applicable to apartments, guesthouses, public rental housing, hotels, schools, and many other settings. 

YGS Apartment Smart Lock

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Wisapartment System Accessories

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Apartment Smart Lock System Solution

We offer our customers a complete apartment door lock system solution, including apartment smart locks, smart cards, smart gateway, apartment lock management system software, APP(guest version/ admin version), and more.

apartment smart lock solution


Apartment Lock System Functions

YGS offers a tailored smart apartment solution for your buildings, ensuring stable signals, high sensitivity, and multifunctional modules. Our system provides diverse management, covering apartment viewing, contract signing, payments, unlocking, cleaning, and more. 

system function
icon: APP


  • Tenant APP: House viewing/signing contract/payment/unlock.
  • Operator APP: House management /equipment management /authorized unlocking.
icon: Apartment Operation Platform

Apartment Operation Platform

  • Full life cycle management: Realizing all functions of apartment management.
icon: apartment smart lock

Apartment Smart Lock

  • Password unlock/remote authorization.
icon: ZigBee gateway

ZigBee Gateway

  • Strong signal penetration/anti-interference ability.
  • Free-turning antenna: Allows external antennas to be plugged in and can be adjusted according to the environment at the construction site.


Apartment Lock System Management Methods

Primarily comprised of apartment management app and apartment management PC. Both platforms automatically sync information, which enables seamless management across multiple platforms.  

apartment management PC


A mobile application designed specifically for apartment management operators. Empowers administrators with comprehensive management capabilities through a mobile application, covering the following key features:
  • Device Management: Assist administrators in binding devices such as door locks and gateways. Manage all devices seamlessly through the app in real time.
  • Check-in Processing: Custom check-in and offline check-in are available. Admins can quickly process check-in procedures for customers directly through the app.
  • Tenant Management: Intuitively view tenant occupancy details through the app, including check-in time, expiration time, permissions, and other detailed information.
  • Access Permission Management: Include various unlocking methods such as WeChat authorization, tenant app unlocking, fingerprint authorization password authorization, and more.
  • Employee Management: Flexibly add employees and set positions. Different positions have different permissions, achieving detailed employee permission management.
  • Automatic Notifications: Automatically push relevant notifications (such as tenant expiration, check-in, and door ownership changes), enhancing management efficiency.
apartment management app


A specialized apartment system meticulously designed for front desk management. It is equipped with a diverse range of key features, encompassing but not limited to the following:
  • Room Status Management: Displays current housing status information, along with support for housing search, card number search, and housing addition.
  • Equipment Management: Supports viewing gateway and door lock status, battery levels, associated rooms, and associated card issuers/fingerprint collectors, etc.
  • Check-in Processing: Supports customized check-in processing as well as offline password /card check-in.
  • One-Click Check-out: Supports one-click check-out for door locks bound to gateways through the system.
  • Remote Unlocking: Remotely unlock network-connected door locks.
  • Employee Management: Includes position management and employee list. Positions and corresponding employees can be assigned different permissions based on requirements.
  • Tenant Management: Provides viewing, editing, adding, or deleting functions for tenant information.
  • Message Management: Allows online editing of messages and sending them to employees or tenants.


Apartment Lock System Advantages

Elevate security with YGS Apartment Lock – a multifaceted system offering diverse authentication methods, seamless integration, flexible networking, and convenient multi-terminal management for property owners. 

Multi-terminal Management Support

Multi-terminal Management Support

  • Supporting APP management terminal, PC management terminal, tenant APP terminal, tenant applet terminal, and other management terminals.
  • Offering convenient and versatile management options for small and medium-sized business property owners.
Multiple Authentication Methods Support

Multiple Authentication Methods Support

  • Utilizing a Bluetooth-enabled door lock circuit board with versatile authentication methods such as passwords, cards, and fingerprints.
  • Manages up to 899 online keys, boosting system flexibility and security.
  • Additional features include fingerprint issuance, master card function, admin password, and offline card issuance support.
Diverse Networking Solutions<br />

Diverse Networking Solutions

  • Various networking modes are supported: Bluetooth gateway, Sub-1G (433) gateway, NB-IoT, WIFI, and other flexible door lock networking modes.
  • It simplifies the implementation process to adapt to different network environments and scenarios.
Third-party Integration and API Interface

Third-party Integration and API Interface

  • Supports a comprehensive third-party open API interface, facilitating seamless integration with other systems such as SaaS.
  • This feature effectively reduces development costs while improving the system’s integrative and scalable capabilities.


Apartment Lock System Successful Cases

Engaged in over 1500 real estate ventures, exceeding 200,000 hotel projects, and contributing to over 100 university projects nationwide. Our products have reached markets in over 80 countries and regions worldwide.

Multi-terminal Management Support
apartment case 3
apartment case 4
Multi-terminal Management Support
apartment case 3
apartment case 4


What Our Customers Say

We opted for this smart lock system to enhance apartment security. Its simple installation, modern design, and remote management features contribute to an outstanding overall experience.

Our residents enjoy keyless entry while we ensure the apartment’s security by monitoring apartment lock status from anywhere, anytime.

- Brandon Lee -

This system is incredibly user-friendly for new users, with virtually no learning curve to get started. It offers a rich array of features including time control, multiple unlocking methods, temporary passwords, and more, providing users with extensive options and convenience.

We’re highly satisfied with this upgrade and confident that it will continue to deliver ongoing value to users.

- Jennifer Davis -


Frequently Asked Questions

1. What is the hotel smart lock?

Hotel smart lock is a kind of lock that compose of the smart lock and the hotel smart management systems. And the management of the hotel door lock system, there are online and offline two systems can choose.

2. How do online hotel locks work?

When the guest holds the card near the sensor of the door lock, the smart lock will identify the card immediately, the lock will open when the user information is correct. If you use the mobile phone Bluetooth to unlock, just turn on the Bluetooth and click the one-key unlock on the app to open the door.

3. How can I open my Bluetooth hotel lock with my phone?

Firstly, open the Bluetooth function of your mobile phone, and then open the app, the system will automatically find the nearby lock, you just click the open-key icon, and the lock can be unlocked.

4. Can I issue card if network is not working?

Yes, our Bluetooth hotel lock system is with local server, not cloud base, you can issue card without internet.

5. What if I don't know how to operate your software?

We could show you step by step by teamviewer.

6. Could your software interface with Fidelio/Opera?

Yes, in addition to Fidelio and Opera, we can interface with any PMS that can integrate with Salto.

7. Can you customize the hotel lock system?

Yes, we can customize the hotel lock system according to your requirements. Click here for more detail.

8. Can I use energy saving switch from other suppliers?

Yes, as long as switch works with 13.65M Hz cards, that’s ok.

9. Can I use cards from other suppliers?

Yes, with our encryption quota and software, you could use cards from other suppliers. Each quota costs US$0.17. Buying 500 quotas can encrypt 500pcs cards.

10. Are you a trade company or a manufacturer?

We are an ISO, CE, RoHS approved manufacturer in smart door locks. OEM & ODM service are available.

11. What is your MOQ?

No MOQ for stand items. OEM order MOQ is 100pcs.

12. Can you send free samples?

We send out hundreds of samples out every month. I am afraid we cannot provide them free of charge. But after mass production order is placed, we can deduct the sample charge from total amount.

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