Item No.: 8881
APP+Bluetooth+Fingerprint +Password+Smart Card+Mechanical key door lock features a multi-technology door lock in a unique modern design faceplate, with many innovative structures beyond your expectation



Technical Parameters

Access solution Fingerpritnt/Password/Mechnical key/card
Power supply  DC4.5V-6.5V, four 1.5V AA alkaline batteries
Battery life Over 14000 times
Static current < 20 uA
Dynamic current <150 mA
Storage temperature -20 - + 55℃
Storage humidity 10-90% RH
Working temperature -20- + 50℃
Working humidity 20-90% RH
Card reading distance 0-4cm
Reading & writing time <0.25s
Date keeping Over 10 years
Reading & writing way Non-touched closer induction

◊ 4 access solutions: Fingerprint, password, mechanical key,card;

◊ Finish: Silver, Black, Antique copper;

◊ Japanese “MABUCHI” motor with a durability of over 500 000 cycles;

◊ Anti-tamper trim handle with free moving clutch mechanism;

◊ Low power alarm, door ajar alarm; Anit-tampering alarm;

◊ System will be locked for 3mins after 5 continuous wrong input;

◊ 6 digits of password;

◊ User capacity: 500, fingerprints(120) + password + cards;

◊ Mechanical key unlocking is available for emergency.

smart biometric lock