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Keypad Door Lock
  • Material: Zinc alloy

  • Mortise: Stainless steel

  • Battery: 4 pieces AA alkaline batteries

  • Surface color:Gold/sliver

  • Access solution: Card, password, mechanical key

  • Residential electronic password keypad door locks manufacturer




     ▪  3 access solutions: Card, password, mechanical key

     ▪  Card users: ≤83

     ▪  Password users: ≤5

     ▪  A fake password can be made for security

     ▪  Anti-tampering alarm, passage mode, low power alarm

     ▪  A mechanical key can unlock in case of emergency

     ▪  Intelligent voice navigation is easy for lock setting

     ▪  System exits automatically after 8sec without any operation

     ▪  Secure latch can protect from any break-in attempts





  Setting   Voice navigation

  Double lock  Lift to extend
  Keypad type   Acrylic plate
  Mechanical key   3pcs/unit
  Remote control unlocking  Optional
  Hinge bolt   Optional
  Chip type  Mifare-1 card 
  FRR  <0.1%
  FAR  <0.0001%
  Low power alarm point  4.8V
  Emergency power supply  9V battery 
  Passage mode   Programmable
  Dual verification  Card+password
  Working temperature  -20℃~60℃
  Working humidity  20%~90%RH