Q:I have no idea of how to install and use this lock, what should I do?

A:first you need to hire a lock smith. The lock smith will read the installation diagram and dig holes in the door; Second, you need to install the Pro usb hotel card system in the computer (only supports  windows operation system).Then read the user manual to operate the software step by step. If still don’t know how to do,we communicate by teamviewer,we will teach you hand by hand


Q:Can our hotel doors be installed with your electronic hotel door locks?

A:If the doors meet the requests here, locks can be installed:

1. Door thickness 35-100mm(1.38-3.94inch)(if your door is thicker or thiner, please tell use before order,we will make the lock accordingly)

2. Door stile thickness over 120mm(4.72inch)

3. Wood door or steel door all ok


Q:What to do if customer lose their cards? Can the locks be unlocked if it’s found by another person?

A:If customer lost their cards, please make sure which room he stays-enter into the software-find the room-issue a new guest card(choose the option of “new check-in & cover cards before”). Use the new guest card to swipe the lock. Then the new guest is made successfully and the lost card can’t be used anymore


Q:My computer operation system is reinstalled, I can’t find the software, what should I do?

A:Don’t worry. From the time you installed the locks. Software auto creates a folder in Local Disk (D:)-Folder( proUSB_DBBak).All the software data will be kept as backup in this folder. After you reinstall the software, you can lead-in the backup data, then all data returns.


Q:Power outage is very common here, how can we issue cards for guests if it happens?

A:Our lock is powered by 4*AA battery, locks will keep working even if the hotel electric power is off. So you need to issue 2 cards each room from the time you finish the installation of hotel locks, valid for one year. Keep the cards in safe box or other security places.  When a sudden power outage happens, these two cards can be used as guest card, but requires you to use a pen to record the check-in and check-out time.


Q: Our Hotel has an entrance door, we require only the guests with card can open; Similarly, each floor has a communal door, we require only the same floor guest card can open, does your door lock has such function?

A: Yes. But you need to explain to us before order, we will made as request


Q: We do not want cleaners to bother the guests when they rest, cleaners card can not open the room door, how to achieve it?

A: Enter the software-card key for staff-floor card(cleaners card),do not choose the “unlock deadbolt locked” If guests turn the knob inside, cleaners can not unlock the lock.


Q: Our hotel's door is opened with mechanical keys, and now we want to replace by your hotel door locks, how will this be done?

A:First, send us photos and locks of the door, we will recommend the appropriate style accordingly; For example, the door is anti-theft style, we would recommend the hotel smart door lock security door that suitable for anti-theft door. You do not need to worry.


Q: We are using a very old hotel door locks, and now want to use your company's door lock, how do we do it?

A:First take photos of the door and lock to us, we will analyze the technical condition of the old locks and recommend appropriate style, try to avoid re-digging holes in the door ,help you save costs


Q: We are a large hotel, using the OPERA hotel management system, sauna, swimming pool, coffee shop are all integrated into this system, can your locks be integrated in?

A:Yes, we provide SDK interface functions, OPERA  engineer will make our software integrated into the system